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This is a list of first-round draft picks made by the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League. The Pittsburgh Pirates, a professional American football team based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, participated in the first NFL Draft prior to the 1936 season. The franchise changed its name to the Steelers prior to the 1940 season, to represent the city's heritage of producing steel.[1]

The event, which is officially known as the "Player Selection Meeting",[2] is held each April. The draft is used as the primary means to distribute newly-available talent (primarily from college football) equitably amongst the teams. Selections are made in reverse order based on the previous season's record, i.e. the club with the worst record from the previous season selects first. Through 2009, only two exceptions were made to this order: the Super Bowl champion always selects last (32nd), and the Super Bowl loser is awarded the penultimate (31st) pick. Beginning in 2010, teams making the playoffs will be seeded in reverse order depending upon how far they advance.[3] The draft consists of seven rounds. Teams have the option of trading selections for players, cash and/or other selections (including future year selections). Thus, it is not uncommon for a team's actual draft pick to differ from their assigned draft pick, or for a team to have extra or no draft picks in any round due to these trades.[4] The Steelers have traded away their first-round pick eight times; they have had two first-round selections in two drafts.

The Steelers' first selection in the inaugural NFL draft was William Shakespeare, a halfback from Notre Dame.[5] The Steelers have selected first overall three times, drafting Bill Dudley in 1942, Gary Glick in 1956 and Terry Bradshaw in 1970. The team has selected second overall once, and third overall four times.[5] Through 2009, seven Steeler first-round picks have gone on to have playing careers deemed worthy of enshrinement into the Pro Football Hall of Fame: Dudley, Len Dawson, Joe Greene, Bradshaw, Franco Harris, Lynn Swann and Rod Woodson.[6] The team's most recent first-round selection was David DeCastro, a guard from Stanford.[7]


= Admitted to the Pro Football Hall of Fame
* = Selected number one overall
Positions key
C Center CB Cornerback DB Defensive back DE Defensive end DL Defensive lineman
DT Defensive tackle FB Fullback FS Free safety G Guard HB Halfback
K Placekicker KR Kick returner OT Offensive tackle OL Offensive lineman LB Linebacker
LS Long snapper P Punter PR Punt returner QB Quarterback RB Running back
S Safety SS Strong safety TB Tailback TE Tight end WR Wide receiver

Player selections

Year Pick Player Position College Notes
1936 3 Shakespeare, WilliamWilliam Shakespeare RB Notre Dame
1937 5 Basrak, MikeMike Basrak RB Duquesne
1938 4 White, ByronByron White RB Colorado
1939 99 ZZZNo pick ZZZ ZZZ [a]
1940 3 Eakin, KayKay Eakin RB Arkansas
1941 99 ZZZNo pick ZZZ ZZZ [b]
1942 1 Dudley, BillBill Dudley*† RB Virginia
1943 7 Daley, BillBill Daley FB Minnesota
1944 10 Podesto, JohnnyJohnny Podesto RB St. Mary's (CA)
1945 2 Duhart, PaulPaul Duhart RB Florida
1946 3 Blanchard, DocDoc Blanchard FB Army
1947 5 Bechtol, HubHub Bechtol WR Texas
1948 9 Edwards, DanDan Edwards WR Georgia
1949 6 Gage, BobbyBobby Gage RB Clemson
1950 8 Chandnois, LynnLynn Chandnois RB Michigan State
1951 9 Avinger, ButchButch Avinger FB Alabama
1952 6 Modzelewski, EdEd Modzelewski FB Maryland
1953 5 Marchibroda, TedTed Marchibroda QB Detroit
1954 7 Lattner, JohnnyJohnny Lattner RB Notre Dame
1955 6 Varrichione, FrankFrank Varrichione OT Notre Dame
1956 1 Glick, GaryGary Glick* QB Colorado State [c]
1956 5 Davis, ArtArt Davis RB Mississippi State
1957 5 Dawson, LenLen Dawson QB Purdue
1958 99 ZZZNo pick ZZZ ZZZ [d]
1959 99 ZZZNo pick ZZZ ZZZ [e]
1960 6 Spikes, JackJack Spikes FB Texas Christian
1961 99 ZZZNo pick ZZZ ZZZ [f]
1962 5 Ferguson, BobBob Ferguson RB Ohio State
1963 99 ZZZNo pick ZZZ ZZZ [g]
1964 10 Martha, PaulPaul Martha RB Pittsburgh
1965 99 ZZZNo pick ZZZ ZZZ [h]
1966 3 Leftridge, DickDick Leftridge RB WVU
1967 99 ZZZNo pick ZZZ ZZZ [i]
1968 10 Taylor, MikeMike Taylor OT USC
1969 4 Greene, JoeJoe Greene DT North Texas
1970 1 Bradshaw, TerryTerry Bradshaw*† QB Louisiana Tech
1971 8 Lewis, FrankFrank Lewis WR Grambling
1972 13 Harris, FrancoFranco Harris RB Penn State
1973 4 Thomas, J. T.J. T. Thomas DB Florida State
1974 21 Swann, LynnLynn Swann WR USC
1975 26 Brown, DaveDave Brown DB Michigan
1976 28 Cunningham, BennieBennie Cunningham TE Clemson
1977 21 Cole, RobinRobin Cole LB New Mexico
1978 22 Johnson, RonRon Johnson DB Eastern Michigan
1979 28 Hawthorne, GregGreg Hawthorne RB Baylor
1980 28 Malone, MarkMark Malone QB Arizona State
1981 17 Gary, KeithKeith Gary DE Oklahoma
1982 12 Abercrombie, WalterWalter Abercrombie RB Baylor
1983 21 Rivera, GabrielGabriel Rivera DE Texas Tech
1984 23 Lipps, LouisLouis Lipps WR Southern Mississippi
1985 20 Sims, DarrylDarryl Sims DE Wisconsin
1986 9 Rienstra, JohnJohn Rienstra G Temple
1987 10 Woodson, RodRod Woodson DB Purdue
1988 18 Jones, AaronAaron Jones DE Eastern Kentucky
1989 7 Worley, TimTim Worley RB Georgia
1989 24 Ricketts, TomTom Ricketts OT Pittsburgh [j]
1990 21 Green, EricEric Green TE Liberty [k]
1991 15 Richardson, HueyHuey Richardson DE Florida
1992 11 Searcy, LeonLeon Searcy OT Miami
1993 23 Figures, DeonDeon Figures DB Colorado
1994 17 Johnson, CharlesCharles Johnson WR Colorado
1995 27 Bruener, MarkMark Bruener TE Washington
1996 29 Stephens, JamainJamain Stephens OT North Carolina A&T
1997 24 Scott, ChadChad Scott DB Maryland
1998 26 Faneca, AlanAlan Faneca G LSU
1999 13 Edwards, TroyTroy Edwards WR Louisiana Tech
2000 8 Burress, PlaxicoPlaxico Burress WR Michigan State
2001 19 Hampton, CaseyCasey Hampton DT Texas [l]
2002 30 Simmons, KendallKendall Simmons G Auburn
2003 16 Polamalu, TroyTroy Polamalu DB USC [m]
2004 11 Roethlisberger, BenBen Roethlisberger QB Miami (OH)
2005 30 Miller, HeathHeath Miller TE Virginia
2006 25 Holmes, SantonioSantonio Holmes WR Ohio State [n]
2007 15 Timmons, LawrenceLawrence Timmons LB Florida State
2008 23 Mendenhall, RashardRashard Mendenhall RB Illinois
2009 32 Hood, EvanderEvander Hood DT Missouri
2010 18 Pouncey, MaurkiceMaurkice Pouncey C Florida
2011 31 Heyward, CameronCameron Heyward DE Ohio State
2012 24 Decastro, DavidDavid DeCastro G Stanford


  • a The Steelers traded their 1939 pick (2nd overall) to the Chicago Bears.[9]
  • b The Steelers traded their 1941 pick (3rd overall) to the Chicago Bears (3rd overall)[10]
  • c This was a lottery bonus pick.[11]
  • d The Steelers traded their 1958 pick (8th overall) to the San Francisco 49ers.[12]
  • e The Steelers traded their 1959 pick (8th overall) to the San Francisco 49ers.[13]
  • f The Steelers traded their 1961 pick (6th overall) to the San Francisco 49ers.[14]
  • g The Steelers traded their 1963 pick (11th overall) to the Chicago Bears.[15]
  • h The Steelers traded their 1965 pick (3rd overall) to the Chicago Bears.[16]
  • i The Steelers traded their 1967 pick (9th overall) to the Green Bay Packers.[17]
  • j The Steelers acquired the 1989 pick (24th overall) from the Minnesota Vikings.[18]
  • k The Steelers traded their 1990 pick (17th overall) to the Dallas Cowboys for Dallas' 1990 pick (21st overall, obtained from Minnesota Vikings) and a third-round pick (82nd overall, obtained from San Francisco 49ers).[5]
  • l The Steelers traded their 2001 pick (16th overall) to the New York Jets for their first-round pick (19th overall), their fourth-round pick (111th overall) and their sixth-round pick (181st overall).[19]
  • m The Steelers traded their first-round pick (27th overall), third round pick (92nd overall) and sixth round pick (200th overall) to obtain the 2003 pick (16th overall).[20]
  • n The Steelers obtained the 2006 pick from New York Giants by trading their first-round pick (32nd overall), their third round pick (96th overall) and their fourth round pick (129th overall).[21]


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