The North Carolina Tar Heels college football team competes as part of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS), and represents the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the Coastal Division of the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC). All-America selections are individual player recognitions made after each season when numerous publications release lists of their ideal team. The NCAA recognizes five All-America lists: the Associated Press (AP), American Football Coaches Association (AFCA), the Football Writers Association of America (FWAA), Sporting News (TSN), and the Walter Camp Football Foundation (WC).[1] In order for an honoree to earn a "consensus" selection, he must be selected as first team in three of the five lists recognized by the NCAA, and "unanimous" selections must be selected as first team in all five lists.[1]

Since the establishment of the team in 1888, North Carolina has had 68 players honored a total of 85 times as an All-American for their performance on the field of play. Included in these selections are fourteen consensus selections, three of which were unanimous selections. The most recent All-Americans from North Carolina a came after the 2013 season, when Eric Ebron and Ryan Switzer were each named First Team All-America by various selectors.

Key Edit

dagger Consensus selection
double-dagger Unanimous selection
B Back[A 1] K Kicker NT Nose tackle
C Center LB Linebacker FB Fullback
DB Defensive Back P Punter HB Halfback
DE Defensive End QB Quarterback WR Wide receiver
DT Defensive Tackle RB Running Back G Guard
E End T Tackle TE Tight End
PR Punt Returner NG Nose Guard FS Free Safety
TB Tailback


AAB All-America Board AFCA American Football Coaches Association AP Associated Press APT All-Players Team
AR Albert Richard ATH Athlon BCT Bill Cunningham Team BST Bill Stern Team
BOS Boston Record CBS CD Collegiate Digest CF Complete Football
CFI College Football Illustrated (Sports Review) CH College Humor CHPT Charles Parker Team CNB Collyer’s News Bureau
CPFN College and Pro Football Newsweekly CNNSI CNN/Sports Illustrated CP Central Press Association CS College Sports
CSW College Sports Writers DBT Dr. L.H. Baker Team DHT Deke Houlgate Team EDT Eddie Dooley Team
FC Football Coaches FD Football Digest FN Football News FWAA Football Writers Association of America
GR Gridiron Record GRCE Grantland Rice GW Gridiron Weekly HLMS Helms
HST Hearst INS International News Service JCT Jim Crowley Team JB Joel Buschbaum
LLT Lou Little Team ILA Illustrated Football Annual MZLU Mizlou NEA Newspaper Enterprise Association
NSWK Newsweek NYN New York News NYS New York Sun NYWT New York World-Telegram
PFW Pro Football Weekly PG Police Gazette PIC PIC Scouts PMT Paramount
PW Pop Warner RGT Red Grange Team RST Ray Scott Team RVLS
SCT SH Scripps-Howard SLGD St. Louis Globe-Democrat SR Sports Review
SW Sports Week Time Time Magazine TSN The Sporting News TTT Tom Thorp Team
USA USA Today UP United Press UPI United Press International WC Walter Camp
WILL Paul Williamson WWF What’s What in Football


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An American football player looking at the camera while wearing a blazer.

Lawrence Taylor was named a consensus First-team All-American in 1980.

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List of All-Americans showing the year won, player, position and selectors[A 2]
Year Player name Position Selector(s)
1929 Farris, RayRay Farris G NEA-2; AP-3
1933 Barclay, GeorgeGeorge Barclay G AP-3; CP-3
1934 Barclay, GeorgeGeorge Barclay G AP-1; CP-2; NEA-1; NANA-1; WC-1; CSW-2; GR-1; AAB-1; NYWT-1; CD-2; AR-1; ILA-1
HST-1; LLT-1; WILL-1; NYS-1; CHPT-2; UP-2; TTT-2; APT-2; RGT-2; BCT-2
1934 Hutchins, JimJim Hutchins B AAB-HM
1935 Jackson, DonaldDonald Jackson B AP-2; CP-2; NEA-2
1936 Bershak, AndyAndy Bershak E AP-2;
1937 Bershak, AndyAndy Bershakdagger E AP-3; UP-2; COL-1; INS-3; NEA-1; CP-1; CE-1
1938 Maronic, SteveSteve Maronic T CP-1; UP-2; NEA-2; AP-3. EDT-1; NSWK-2; WWF-2; CH-3
1939 Stirnweiss, GeorgeGeorge Stirnweiss B CP-2; NEA-3; BCT-3
1939 Lalanne, JimJim Lalanne B BST-2; INS-2; NEA-3; HST-3; WILL-3
1939 Severin, PaulPaul Severin E AP-1; WILL-1; NEA-2; DBT-3; UP-3; WWF-3
1940 Severin, PaulPaul Severin E AP-1; WILL-1; NEA-1; DBT-1; UP-2; WWF-2; NYN-1; BOS-1; NSWK-1; CNB-1; BST-2; CSW-2
CP-2; INS-2; NYS-2; BCT-2; JCT-2
1943 Poole, RayRay Poole E BST-3
1946 Justice, CharlieCharlie Justice TB AP-3; UP-2; NEA-2; FC-3; SW-3; GW-2; PIC-2
1947 Justice, CharlieCharlie Justice TB AP-2; NEA-2; INS-3; CP-3;
1947 Pupa, WaltWalt Pupa FB APT-3
1948 Justice, CharlieCharlie Justicedagger TB AP-1; UP-2; NEA-1; FC-1; SW-1; INS-1; CP-1; AAB-1; WILL-1; APT-1; TSN-1; PMT-1
BST-1; PG-1; FD-1; BOS-1; CFI-1; NYN-1; CF-1; DHT-1; FWAA-2
1948 Szafaryn, LenLen Szafaryn T FWAA-2
1948 Weiner, ArtArt Weiner E FWAA-1; NYS-1; TSN-2; APT-2; CP-3; NEA-2
1949 Justice, CharlieCharlie Justice TB AP-1; UP-2; FC-1; INS-1; CP-1; AAB-1; WILL-1; APT-1; TSN-1; PMT-1; PG-1; FD-1
1949 Powell, KenKen Powell E NEA-1
1949 Weiner, ArtArt Weiner E FWAA-2; UP-1; TSN-1; NYN-1; SR-1; SLGD-1; DHT-1; APT-2; CP-2; NEA-3; INS-2; FD-2
1950 Holdash, IrvIrv Holdash C, LB AP-1; NEA-1; APT-1; AAB-1; FD-1; BST-1; BOS-1; GR-1; PG-1; HLMS-1; UP-2; CP-2
1958 Blazer, PhilPhil Blazer T FD-2; CP-3
1958 Goldstein, AlAl Goldstein B FWAA-1; NEA-1
1961 Lecompte, JimJim Lecompte G NEA-3
1963 Lacey, BobBob Lacey E AP-1; FWAA-1; NEA-2
1964 Willard, KenKen Willard FB FC-2
1969 Chalupka, EdEd Chalupka G AP-3
1970 McCauley, DonDon McCauleydagger TB AP-1; FWAA-1; FC-1; CP-1; WC-1; FN-1; UP-2
1972 Rusnak, RonRon Rusnak G AP-1; UP-2; FWAA-2; FC-1; FN-2
1972 Sain, JerryJerry Sain T FN-2
1974 Huff, KenKen Huffdagger G AP-1; FC-1; NEA-1; TSN-1; WC-1; Time-1; PW-1; FN-2; UP-2
1974 Waddell, CharlesCharles Waddell TE TSN-1
1976 Cantrell, MarkMark Cantrell C FN-2
1976 Voight, MikeMike Voight TB AP-2; UPI-2
1977 Hardison, DeeDee Hardisondagger DT AP-1; FWAA-1; FC-1; UP-2; NEA-2; CPFN-2
1977 Salzano, MikeMike Salzano G FN-3
1979 Barden, RickyRicky Barden DB RST-1; FN-2
1979 Wooten, RonRon Wooten G FN-2
1980 Donnalley, RickRick Donnalley C AP-2; FN-3
1980 Lawrence, AmosAmos Lawrence TB FN-3; CPFN-3
1980 Taylor, LawrenceLawrence Taylordouble-dagger LB AP-1; UP-1; FC-1; FWAA-1; TSN-1; FN-1; CPFN-1; NEA-2
1980 Thompson, DonnellDonnell Thompson DT FN-3
1980 Wooten, RonRon Wooten G FN-1; WC-1; NEA-1; MZLU-1; UP-2; CPFN-2; AP-3
1981 Drechsler, DavidDavid Drechsler G FWAA-1; FN-2
1981 Poole, GregGreg Poole DB FN-3
1982 Drechsler, DavidDavid Drechsler G FWAA-1; FN-1; WC-1; MZLU-1; AP-2; UP-2; NEA-2; CPFN-2
1982 Fuller, WilliamWilliam Fuller DT FWAA-1; FN-1; CPFN-1; AP-2
1983 Blados, BrianBrian Blados T AP-1; NEA-1; UP-2; CPFN-2; FN-3
1983 Fuller, WilliamWilliam Fullerdagger DT FN-1; CPFN-1; FC-1; WC-1; TSN-1; AP-2; UP-2; NEA-2
1983 Horton, EthanEthan Horton TB FN-3
1984 Horton, EthanEthan Horton TB AP-3; UPI-2
1986 Barton, HarrisHarris Barton T AP-1; NEA-1; ATH-1; JB-1; TSN-2; FN-3
1986 Fenner, DerrickDerrick Fenner RB CPFN-3
1987 Bailey, CarltonCarlton Bailey NG NEA-2
1988 Garnica, JeffJeff Garnica C AP-3
1989 Crowley, PatPat Crowley G MZLU-1; FN-3
1990 Donnalley, KevinKevin Donnalley T CPFN-3
1992 Means, NatroneNatrone Means TB FN-3
1992 Parsons, RandallRandall Parsons C AP-3
1993 Walker, BracyBracy Walker FS FC-1; FWAA-1; SH-1; AP-2; UP-2; TSN-2; FN-3
1994 Jones, MarcusMarcus Jones DE, DT AP-3
1995 Jones, MarcusMarcus Jonesdagger DE, DT AP-1; FC-1; WC-1; UP-1; CS-1; TSN-2
1996 Jones, FreddieFreddie Jones TE FN-3
1996 Bly, DréDré Blydagger CB AP-1; WC-1; FWAA-1; TSN-1; FN-2
1996 Ellis, GregGreg Ellis DE TSN-2; AP-3; FN-3
1996 Simmons, BrianBrian Simmons LB AP-2; TSN-2
1997 Bly, DréDré Blydagger CB AP-1; WC-1; FWAA-1; FN-1; TSN-3
1997 Ellis, GregGreg Ellisdagger DE AP-1; WC-1; FC-1; FN-1; TSN-2
1997 Mays, KivuusamaKivuusama Mays LB AP-3
1997 Simmons, BrianBrian Simmonsdagger LB AP-1; WC-1; FN-1; TSN-3
1998 Bly, DréDré Bly CB WC-1; FN-3
1999 Schmitz, BrianBrian Schmitz P TSN-1
2000 Peppers, JuliusJulius Peppers DE AP-2; WC-2; FN-2; CNNSI-1
2001 Sims, RyanRyan Sims DT AP-3
2001 Peppers, JuliusJulius Peppersdouble-dagger DE AP-1; WC-1; FN-1; TSN-1; FWAA-1; FC-1; CNNSI-1
2004 Brown, JasonJason Brown C PFW-1
2008 Goddard, TrimaneTrimane Goddard DB AP-2; WC-2; RVLS-3
2010 Coples, QuintonQuinton Coples DE SCT-2
2012 Bernard, GiovaniGiovani Bernard RB AP-3
2012 Cooper, JonathanJonathan Cooperdouble-dagger G AP-1; WC-1; FWAA-1; AFCA-1; TSN-1; PFW-1
2012 Williams, SylvesterSylvester Williams DT PFW-1
2013 Ebron, EricEric Ebron TE ESPN-1; AP-2; ATH-2; CBS-2; CNNSI-2; USA-2; WC-2
2013 Switzer, RyanRyan Switzer WR, PR FWAA-1; ESPN-1; ATH-1; CBS-2; USA-2
2015 Turner, LandonLandon Turner G AP-1; ATH-1; FWAA-2; CBS-2
2015 Switzer, RyanRyan Switzer APB AFCA-1


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