Historical Record for Newcastle Maxwell-Briscoes

1909 Newcastle Maxwell-Briscoes seasonEdit

Day Date at Opponent Score W/L Location Venue Attendance Notes
Su O17 H Muncie South Side AC 25- 0 W Harveys Park
Su O24 H Alexandria Tigers (IN) 11- 6 W Harveys Park
Su O31 A Cambridge City (IN) 40- 0 W
Su N07
Su N14
Su N21
Th N25 A Wabash AA 0- 0 T Carroll Street Field 2500
Su D05 H Cincinnati Gym 6- 0 W Harveys Park


 O24 Alexandria arrived late                                                    
 N07 no game?                                                                   
 N14 no game?                                                                   
 N21 no game?                                                                   
 N25 game 7 of 7                                                                
         Record for Year:    4-0-1   1.000       Points: 82-6

1910 Newcastle Maxwell-BriscoesEdit

   Year: 1910     Newcastle (IN) Maxwell-Briscoes           State Ranking: 2 
Day Date at Opponent Score W/L Location Venue Attendance Notes
Sun 9/25/1910 A Anderson Brocks 6-5 W Anderson, IN Fairgrounds
Sun 10/2/1910 H Anderson Brocks 0-0 T Newcastle, INHarveys Park
Sun 10/9/1910 H Cincinnati Celts 3-6 L Newcastle, IN Harveys Park
Sun 10/16/1910 H Indianapolis Marion Club 12-0 W Newcastle, IN Harveys Park
Sun 10/23/1910 A Anderson Brocks - Anderson, IN Fairgrounds Canceled
Sun 10/30/1910 A Dayton Oakwoods 0-6 L Dayton, OH Fairview Park
Sun 11/13/1910 A Knightstown Shamrocks 0-0 T Knightstown, IN
Sat 11/19/1910 A Wabash A.A. 0-17 L Wabash, IN
Thu 11/24/1910 A Anderson Brocks 12-5 W Anderson, IN Fairgrounds
Sun 11/27/1910 H Anderson Brocks

Su O02 H Knightstown (IN) Shamrocks Su O23 A Cincinnati Celts 0- 11 L Su O30 Richmond (IN) Su N06


 O02 scheduled                                                                  
 O23 cancelled by Newcastle                                                     
 O30 tentative                                                                  
 N06 no game?                                                                   
 N19 44 wins against IN teams                                                   
 N27 Anderson-no show                                                           
         Record for Year:    3-4-2   .429        Points: 33-50

Year: 1911 Newcastle (IN) Maxwell-Briscoes State Ranking: 6

Su Cincinnati Celts 0- 0 T Su O08 A Fairmount (IN) AC 0- 2 L Su O08 H Anderson (IN) Brocks Maxwell Park Su O15 A Cincinnati Christ Church 4- 0 W Su O22 A Muncie City Team 8- 5 W McCulloch Park Su O29 Newcastle (IN) Dan's Smokers 37- 0 W Maxwell Park Su O29 H Fairmount (IN) AC Maxwell Park Su N05 A Fort Wayne Friars 0- 0 T 1500 League Park Su N12 H Dayton Stoddard-Shamrocks 2- 0 W 100 Maxwell Park Su N19 H Newcastle (IN) Company K 21- 0 W Maxwell Park Su N26 Anderson (IN) Brocks Th N30 A Wabash AA 3- 42 L 1200 Carroll Street Field


     before 11/05-unsure of this game                                           
 O08 cancelled by Anderson                                                      
 O29 tentative                                                                  
 N12 driving snow                                                               
 N26 cancelled by Newcastle to prepare for Wabash game                          
 N30 game 6 of 6/maybe 45-3                                                     
         Record for Year:    5-2-2   .714        Points: 75-49

Year: 1912 Newcastle (IN) Maxwell-Briscoes State Ranking: 9

Su O20 H Indianapolis Mickey AC 21- 13 W Harveys Park Su O27 A Fort Wayne Friars 6- 18 L Central League Park Su N03 H Gas City (IN) Tigers 0- 20 L Harveys Park Su N03 H Anderson (IN) Brocks Harveys Park Su N10 H Middletown (IN) Independents 0- 0 T Harveys Park Su N17 H Indianapolis All-Stars Harveys Park Su N24 Middletown (IN) Independents Su N24 A Dayton Oakwoods Th N28 A Rushville (IN) Independents 26- 0 W


 N03 cancelled by Newcastle                                                     
 N17 cancelled by Newcastle/too many injured players                            
 N24 tentative                                                                  
 N24 Dayton cancelled day of game                                               
         Record for Year:    2-2-1   .500        Points: 53-51

Year: 1913 Newcastle (IN) Maxwell-Briscoes State Ranking: 14

Su O12 A Dayton St. Mary's Cadets 2- 66 L Highland Park Su O19 H Portland (IN) AC 77- 0 W Maxwell Park Su O26 A Richmond (IN) Su N02 Su N09 A Wabash AA 0- 46 L Carroll Street Field


 O12 maybe 65-0                                                                 
 O26 Richmond-Quaker City                                                       
 N02 no game?                                                                   
 N09 Newcastle says 38-0                                                        
         Record for Year:    1-2-0   .333        Points: 79-112

Year: 1914 Newcastle (IN) Maxwell-Briscoes State Ranking: 15

Su O18 Su O25 H Eaton (IN) 7- 0 W Maxwell Park Su N01 Richmond (IN) Su N08 H Muncie Industry AC Maxwell Park Su N15 H Rushville (IN) Kappa Alpha Phi 13- 0 W Maxwell Park Su N22 H Muncie Industry AC 14- 6 W Maxwell Park Su N29 A Anderson (IN) Big Four Tigers 0- 31 L North Anderson Park


 O18 no game?                                                                   
 N01 scheduled                                                                  
 N08 cancelled - bad weather                                                    
 N15 aka Rushville Kappa Independents/called at end of 3rd quarter-darkness/rain
         Record for Year:    3-1-0   .750        Points: 34-37

Year: 1915 Newcastle (IN) Maxwell-Briscoes State Ranking: 14

Su S26 H Wilkinson (IN) AA Maxwell Park Su O03 H Muncie Congerville Flyers 0- 20 L Maxwell Park Su O10 A Fort Wayne Friars 0- 79 L Central League Park Su O17 A Muncie Industry Linebuster AC Haughey Park Su O24 A Anderson (IN) Remys 0- 7 L North Anderson Park Su O31 A Greenfield (IN) AC 7- 0 W Randall Field Su O31 A Muncie Congerville Flyers Haughey Park Su N07 A Indianapolis Marion Club Federal League Park Su N07 H Eaton (IN) Linebusters 52- 0 W 250 Maxwell Park Su N14 H Su N21 H Elwood (IN) AC 30- 0 W 75 Maxwell Park Th N25 A Muncie Congerville Flyers 13- 7 W Westside Park Su N28 A Hagerstown (IN) Hubs 6- 0 W Su D05 H Hagerstown (IN) Hubs 34- 7 W 100 Maxwell Park


 S26 probably cancelled - rain                                                  
 O10 Newcastle says 60-0                                                        
 O17 scheduled                                                                  
 O31 maybe 10-0                                                                 
 O31 scheduled                                                                  
 N07 scheduled                                                                  
 N14 no game?                                                                   
 N21 aka Elwood Tigers                                                          
 N25 maybe 13-6                                                                 
         Record for Year:    6-3-0   .667        Points: 142-120

Year: 1916 Newcastle (IN) Maxwell-Briscoes State Ranking: 8

Su O01 A Hagerstown (IN) Hubs 0- 0 T Su O08 A Muncie Avondale AA 0- 27 L Haughey Park Su O15 A Hagerstown (IN) Hubs 0- 6 L Su O22 H Hagerstown (IN) Hubs 17- 0 W Maxwell Park Su O29 H Elwood (IN) Maroons 31- 0 W Maxwell Park Su N05 H Muncie Congerville Flyers 15- 0 W Maxwell Park Su N12 A Anderson (IN) Remys 7- 0 W Su N19 A Indianapolis Capital City Federal Park Su N26 A Anderson (IN) Remys 3- 0 W Th N30 A Indianapolis Capital City Federal Park


 N19 cancelled on 11/17                                                         
 N26 Newcastle says 6th st shutout                                              
 N30 tentative                                                                  
         Record for Year:    5-2-1   .714        Points: 73-33

Historical Record:

    29-16-7             8 Years        Points: 571-458
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