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Mark Ingram, Jr., one of the Saints' two first-round draft picks in 2011

The New Orleans Saints joined the National Football League (NFL) as an expansion team in 1967 and first participated in the 1967 NFL Annual Player Selection Meeting, more commonly known as the NFL Draft.[1] In the NFL Draft, each NFL franchise annually seeks to add new players to its roster. Teams are ranked in inverse order based on the previous season's record, with the worst record picking first, and the second-worst picking second and so on. The team which wins the Super Bowl receives the last pick in the subsequent Draft, with the penultimate pick going to the losing team. Teams have the option of trading away their picks to other teams for different picks, players, cash, or a combination thereof. Thus, it is not uncommon for a team's actual draft pick to differ from their assigned draft pick, or for a team to have extra or no draft picks in any round due to these trades.[2]

In the 1967 NFL Draft, the Saints had two first-round picks; first and last. They traded away the first overall pick to the Baltimore Colts,[3] while with the 26th pick, they selected Leslie Kelley, a running back from Alabama.[4] The Saints have selected first overall once, drafting George Rogers in 1981,[5] second overall twice, drafting Archie Manning in 1971 and Reggie Bush in 2006,[6] and third overall once, drafting Wes Chandler in 1978.[4] The team's most recent first-round selections were Cameron Jordan, a defensive end from California and Mark Ingram, Jr., a running back from Alabama in the 2011 NFL Draft.

Player selections

 *  Selected number one overall
= Pro Bowler[7]

Reggie Bush, the Saints first-round draft pick in 2006

Deuce McAllister, a 2001 first-round pick

Year[A] Pick Player name Position College Notes
1967 &000000000000002600000026 Kelley, LeslieLeslie Kelley Running back Alabama [a]
1968 &00000000000000070000007 Hardy, KevinKevin Hardy Defensive end Notre Dame [b]
1969 &000000000000001700000017 Shinners, JohnJohn Shinners Guard Xavier [c]
1970 &000000000000001000000010 Burrough, KenKen Burrough Wide receiver Texas Southern
1971 &00000000000000020000002 Manning, ArchieArchie Manning Quarterback Mississippi
1972 &00000000000000080000008 Smith, RoyceRoyce Smith Guard Georgia
1973 No pick [d]
1974 &000000000000001300000013 Middleton, RickRick Middleton Linebacker Ohio State [e]
1975 &00000000000000070000007 Larry Burton Wide receiver Purdue
1975 &000000000000001200000012 Schumacher, KurtKurt Schumacher Offensive tackle Ohio State [f]
1976 &00000000000000030000003 Muncie, ChuckChuck Muncie Running back California
1977 &00000000000000070000007 Campbell, JoeJoe Campbell Defensive end Maryland
1978 &00000000000000030000003 Chandler, WesWes Chandler Wide receiver Florida
1979 &000000000000001100000011 Erxleben, RussellRussell Erxleben Placekicker Texas
1980 &000000000000001200000012 Brock, StanStan Brock Offensive tackle Colorado
1981 &00000000000000010000001 Rogers, GeorgeGeorge Rogers *† Running back South Carolina
1982 &000000000000001300000013 Scott, LindsayLindsay Scott Wide receiver Georgia [g]
1983 No pick [h]
1984 No pick [i]
1985 &000000000000002400000024 Toles, AlvinAlvin Toles Linebacker Tennessee [j]
1986 &00000000000000060000006 Dombrowski, JimJim Dombrowski Offensive tackle Virginia [k]
1987 &000000000000001100000011 Knight, ShawnShawn Knight Defensive tackle Brigham Young
1988 &000000000000002400000024 Heyward, CraigCraig Heyward Running back Pittsburgh
1989 &000000000000001900000019 Martin, WayneWayne Martin Defensive end Arkansas
1990 &000000000000001400000014 Turnbull, RenaldoRenaldo Turnbull Defensive end West Virginia
1991 No pick [l]
1992 &000000000000002100000021 Dunbar, VaughnVaughn Dunbar Running back Indiana
1993 &00000000000000080000008 Roaf, WillieWillie Roaf Offensive tackle Louisiana Tech [m]
1993 &000000000000002000000020 Smith, IrvIrv Smith Tight end Notre Dame [n]
1994 &000000000000001300000013 Johnson, JoeJoe Johnson Defensive end Louisville [o]
1995 &000000000000001300000013 Fields, MarkMark Fields Linebacker Washington State
1996 &000000000000001100000011 Molden, AlexAlex Molden Defensive back Oregon
1997 &000000000000001000000010 Naeole, ChrisChris Naeole Guard Colorado [p]
1998 &00000000000000070000007 Turley, KyleKyle Turley Offensive tackle San Diego State
1999 &00000000000000050000005 Williams, RickyRicky Williams Running back Texas [q]
2000 No pick [r]
2001 &000000000000002300000023 McAllister, DeuceDeuce McAllister Running back Mississippi
2002 &000000000000001300000013 Stallworth, DontéDonté Stallworth Wide receiver Tennessee
2002 &000000000000002500000025 Grant, CharlesCharles Grant Defensive end Georgia [s]
2003 &00000000000000060000006 Sullivan, JohnathanJohnathan Sullivan Defensive tackle Georgia [t]
2004 &000000000000001800000018 Smith, WillWill Smith Defensive end Ohio State
2005 &000000000000001300000013 Brown, JammalJammal Brown Offensive tackle Oklahoma [u]
2006 &00000000000000020000002 Bush, ReggieReggie Bush Running back Southern California
2007 &000000000000002700000027 Meachem, RobertRobert Meachem Wide receiver Tennessee
2008 &00000000000000070000007 Ellis, SedrickSedrick Ellis Defensive tackle Southern California [v]
2009 &000000000000001400000014 Jenkins, MalcolmMalcolm Jenkins Defensive back Ohio State
2010 &000000000000003200000032 Robinson, PatrickPatrick Robinson Cornerback Florida State
2011 &000000000000002400000024 Jordan, CameronCameron Jordan Defensive end California
2011 &000000000000002800000028 Ingram, Jr., MarkMark Ingram, Jr. Running back Alabama [w]


  • l The Saints traded their #14 overall pick to the Dallas Cowboys. [18]
  • m The Saints acquired this pick from the Detroit Lions.[19]
  • n The Saints acquired this pick from the San Francisco 49ers.[19]
  • o The Saints acquired this pick from the New York Jets.[20]
  • p The Saints acquired this pick from the Oakland Raiders.[21]
  • q The Saints traded their #12 overall pick to the Washington Redskins as well as their 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th round picks, and their 1st and 3rd round picks in 2000 for this pick.[22]
  • r The Saints traded their #2 overall pick to the Washington Redskins as part of a trade during the 1999 Draft.[22]
  • s The Saints acquired this pick from the Miami Dolphins as well as a 4th round pick and a 1st round pick in 2003, for Ricky Williams and a 3rd round pick.[23]
  • t The Saints acquired this pick from the Arizona Cardinals along with a 2nd and 4th round picks, for their #17 and #18 overall picks and a 2nd round pick.[24]
  • u The Saints traded their #16 overall pick to the Houston Texans as well as a 3rd round pick in 2006 for this pick.[24]
  • v The Saints traded their #10 overall pick to the New England Patriots as well as a 3rd round pick for this pick.[25]
  • w The Saints acquired this pick from the New England Patriots for a 2nd round pick and a 1st round pick in 2012.[26]


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