This is a list of Michigan Wolverines football players who have attained notability through their performance in the sport of American football and other endeavors. The list includes over 700 players, including more than 50 All-Americans, three Heisman Trophy winners (Tom Harmon, Desmond Howard and Charles Woodson), six U.S. Congresmen, and a President of the United States (Gerald Ford). The list is presented in alphabetical order but is sortable by the years and positions at which they played.

Sortable listEdit

Name Start Year Last Year Position(s) Notes
Howard Abbott 1889 1890 QuarterbackCaptain and quarterback of first Minnesota football team in 1886; played for Michigan as a law student
Bobby Abrams 1986 1989 LinebackerPlayed 6 years in the NFL with the Giants, Browns, Cowboys, Vikings and Patriots
Jamar Adams 2004 2007 SafetyPlayed 3 years in the NFL for the Seahawks
Derrick Alexander 1990 1993 Wide receiverAll-American, 1992; Played 9 years in the NFL with the Browns, Ravens, Chiefs and Vikings
Earl Allen1981 1982 Wide receiver, Defensive back Played 1 year in the NFL with the Oilers
Frank Gates Allen18791880Forward Later became president of the Moline Plow Company and president of the Moline State Trust & Savings Bank
William Allen18981898GuardServed as head football coach, Washington State, 1900, 1902
Dave Allerdice 1907 1909 HalfbackAll-American 1909; Head coach for Texas 1911-1915
Harry Allis 1948 1950 End, PlacekickerBig Ten scoring leader, 1948
Ernest Allmendinger 1911 1913 GuardAll-Western 1913; All-Service Team 1917
Erick Anderson 1988 1991 Linebacker1991 Butkus Award winner; 1991 All-American; Played 5 years in the NFL with the Chiefs and Redskins
John Anderson 1975 1977 LinebackerPlayed 12 years in the NFL with the Packers; Became the Packers' all-time leader in tackles (1,020)
Mel Anthony 1962 1964 FullbackMVP 1965 Rose Bowl; Played 2 years in the CFL with the Tiger-Cats and Alouettes
David Arnold 1985 1988 CornerbackAll-Big Ten 1988; Played 1 year in the NFL with the Steelers
Adrian Arrington 2004 2007 Wide receiverPlayed in the NFL for the Saints from 2008 to 2010
B. J. Askew 1999 2002 FullbackMVP 2002 Michigan football team; Played 7 years in the NFL with the Jets and Buccaneers
Howie Auer 1929 1931 TackleAll-Big Ten, 1931; Played 1 year in the NFL for the Eagles
Jason Avant 2002 2005 Wide receiverMVP 2005 Michigan team; Played in the NFL for the Eagles, 2006 to 2010
David Baas 2004 2004 Center, guard2004 Rimington Trophy co-recipient; 1994 All-American; Played in the NFL for the 49ers 2005 to 2010
Dick Babcock 1922 1925TackleLater served as head football coach at Akron and Cincinnati
Jeff Backus 1997 2000 Offensive tackleAll-Big Ten, 1999 and 2000; Played in the NFL with the Lions 2001 to present
Fred Baer 1952 1954 FullbackMVP, 1954 Michigan football team
Donald A. Bailey 1964 1966 GuardU.S. Congress, 1979–1983; Auditor General of Pennsylvania, 1985–1989; Awarded Silver Star, 3 Bronze Stars, and Army Air Medal for service in Vietnam War
James Baird 1892 1895 QuarterbackDirected the construction of the Flatiron Building, Lincoln Memorial, Arlington Memorial Amphitheater, and Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Lou Baldacci 1953 1955 Quarterback, FullbackSet Michigan record for longest field goal, 1953; Played 1 year in the NFL with the Steelers
Ted Bank 1919 1921 QuarterbackHead football coach at Idaho, 1935–1940; chief of U.S. Army athletic operations during World War II; president of the Athletic Institute of American from 1945–1966
Edmond H. Barmore 1879 1880 Halfback, QuarterbackLater became a steamship builder and founder of the Los Angeles Transfer Co.
Terry Barr 1954 1956 HalfbackPlayed 9 seasons in the NFL with the Lions; Two-time Pro Bowl selection
Antonio Bass 2005 2005 Wide receiverTop-rated high school player in Michigan, 2003; Suffered career-ending knee injury in 2006
Mike Bass 1964 1966 Defensive backPlayed 8 seasons in the NFL with the Lions and Redskins; 30 NFL interceptions; Scored Redskins' only points in Super Bowl VII
Elmer Beach 1882 1883 QuarterbackFounder of the Beach & Beach law firm in Chicago; brother of novelist Rex Beach
Kurt Becker 1978 1981 Guard1981 All-American; Played 9 years in the NFL for the Bears and Rams
Tom Beckman 1969 1971 Defensive end, LinebackerPlayed 1 season in the NFL with the Cardinals; 2 seasons in the WFL with Memphis
Roy Beechler 1904 1904 Center, tackleCoached Mt. Union in 1905; co-founded Vulcan Motor Axle Co. in 1920
Gordon Bell 1973 1975 TailbackSet Michigan's single-season all-purpose yardage record with 1,714 yards in 1974; Played 3 years in the NFL with the Giants and Cardinals
Ronald Bellamy 1999 2002 Wide receiverPlayed in the NFL for the Dolphins, Ravens and Lions
Albert Benbrook 1908 1910 GuardInducted into the College Football Hall of Fame, 1971; All-American, 1909 and 1910
John W. F. Bennett 1896 1898 Guard, EndSupervised construction of Algonquin Hotel in New York and the Ritz and Waldorf Hotels in London
Chuck Bernard 1931 1933 CenterAll-American 1932 and 1933; Played 1 year in the NFL for the Lions; Gerald R. Ford was his back-up
Jim Betts 1968 1970 Quarterback, safety
Tshimanga Biakabutuka 1993 1995 TailbackBorn in Zaire; Rushed for 313 yards against Ohio State, 1995; Set Michigan single season rushing record in 1995 with 1,818 yards; Played 6 seasons in the NFL with the Panthers
Rolla Bigelow 1902 1903 Halfback, Fullback, TackleSubsequently founded the Bigelow & Co investment banking firm and Eastern Exchange Bank, both in New York
John A. Bloomingston 1894 1895 FullbackLeading scorer on the 1895 team that won Michigan's first Western football championship.
Jack Blott 1922 1923 CenterAll-American, 1923; Played Major League Baseball for the Reds in 1924; Head football coach at Wesleyan, 1934–1940; Assistant football coach at Michigan for 23 years
Marion Body 1979 1982 CornerbackPlayed in the USFL for the Michigan Panthers
Thomas A. Bogle, Jr. 1910 1911 Center, Guard, TackleHead coach at DePauw, 1913–1914
Tony Boles 1987 1989 TailbackMVP, 1989 Michigan football team; All-Big Ten, 1988 and 1989; Played 2 years in the NFL for the Cowboys and Raiders
Justin Boren 2006 2007 Guard, CenterTransferred to Ohio State in 2008; All-Big Ten, 2009; Son of Mike Boren
Mike Boren 1980 1983 LinebackerHis 212 career tackles ranks 6th in Michigan history
William F. Borgmann 1932 1934 Tackle, GuardPlayed on back-to-back undefeated national championship teams
Stanley Borleske 1908 1910 EndLater served as he football, basketball, and baseball coach at North Dakota State and Fresno State
Keith Bostic 1980 1982 SafetyPlayed 7 years in the NFL with the Oilers and Bears; All-Pro and Pro Bowl, 1987
Alan Bovard 1926 1929 CenterAll-Big 10, 1929; Later served as head football coach and athletic director at Michigan Tech
David Bowens 1995 1996 LinebackerLater played 12 years in the NFL with 7 teams, including 6 years with the Dolphins
Don Bracken 1980 1983 PunterLater played 8 seasons in the NFL with the Packers and Rams
Tom Brady 1996 1999 QuarterbackPlayed in the NFL with the Patriots starting 2000; 3-time Super Bowl champion; 2-time Super Bowl MVP; 2-time Sporting New Sportsman of the Year
Alan Branch 2004 2006 Defensive tackleESPN All-American 2006; Played in the NFL with the Cardinals starting in 2007
David Brandon 1971 1973 Defensive end, QuarterbackLater became CEO of Domino's Pizza; University of Michigan athletic director since 2010
Jim Brandstatter 1969 1971 Offensive tackleAll-Big Ten 1970; Later became a sportscaster for Detroit Lions and Michigan Wolverines football
David Brandt 1998 2000 CenterLater played 4 years in the NFL with the Redskins and Chargers
Tony Branoff 1952 1955 HalfbackMVP 1953 Michigan football team; Leading rusher for Michigan, 1953 and 1955
Steve Breaston 2003 2006 Wide receiver, Return specialistHolds Michigan record for punt and kickoff return yards; Played in the NFL with the Cardinals starting 2007
John Brennan 1936 1938 GuardVoted "queen" of UM's 1939 ice festival; Played in the NFL for the Packers
Jim Brieske 1942 1947 Placekicker, centerSet collegiate, Big Ten, Rose Bowl, and Michigan placekicking records
Kevin Brooks 1982 1984 Defensive tackleFirst round draft pick by Cowboys; played 6 years in the NFL
Carlos Brown 2006 2009 Tailback1,091 career rushing yards for Michigan
Corwin Brown 1989 1992 SafetyAll-Big Ten 1992; Played 8 years in the NFL for the Patriots, Jets and Lions; Later served as defensive coordinator for Notre Dame and defensive backs coach for Jets and Patriots
Dave Brown 1972 1974 SafetyAll-American 1974; Inducted into College Football Hall of Fame in 2007; Played 15 years in NFL for Steelers, Seahawks and Browns; 2-time All-Pro
Dennis Brown 1966 1968QuarterbackAll-Big Ten 1968; Broke Big Ten single game record for total offense in his first start; Broke most Michigan passing records; Later an assistant coach at Michigan, West Virginia, Arizona State
Robert J. Brown 1923 1925 CenterAll-American 1925; Part of the only father and son Michigan football captains (925 and 1962)
Stevie Brown 2006 2009 SafetyCo-captain 2009 Michigan team; Meyer Morton Award 2008; Roger Zatkoff Award 2009
Jarrod Bunch 1987 1990 FullbackPlayed 4 years in the NFL for the Giants and Raiders
Prescott Burgess 2003 2006 LinebackerPlayed in the NFL for the Ravens and Patriots starting in 2007
Jerry Burns 1947 1950 QuarterbackLater became head coach at University of Iowa and in NFL for the Packers and Vikings
Carson Butler 2006 2008Tight end 429 receiving yards at Michigan
William Caley 1896 1898Guard, halfback, fullback Also played at Colorado, 1893–1895
Bob Callahan 1945 1946 Center, TacklePlayed 1 year in the AAFC for the Buffalo Bills
Chris Calloway 1987 1989 Wide receiverPlayed 11 years in the NFL for the Steelers, Giants, Falcons and Patriots
Charles H. Campbell 1879 1879 HalfbackBecame a prominent Detroit lawyer and president of the Detroit Board of Commerce
Mark Campbell 1995 1998 Fullback, Tight endPlayed 10 years in the NFL with the Browns, Bills and Saints
Will Campbell 2009 2012 Defensive tackle
Andy Cannavino 1977 1980 LinebackerAll-Big Ten 1980; Played 2 years in the USFL for the Panthers and Blitz
Franklin Cappon 1920 1922 Fullback, Halfback, End, TackleAll-Western, 1921; 2nd-team All-American 1922; Later served as head football coach at Kansas and head basketball coach at Michigan and Princeton (1938–1961); Inducted into the Helms Foundation College Basketball Hall of Fame in 1957
Martin H. Carmody 1899 1899 GuardServed as the Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus from 1927 to 1939.
Otto Carpell 1909 1912HalfbackOne of three Michigan football players killed in World War I
Brian Carpenter 1978 1981 CornerbackPlayed 3 years in the NFL with the Giants, Redskins and Bills
Jack Carpenter 19461946 TacklePlayed 3 years in the AAFC with the Bills and 49ers and 5 years in the CFL with the Tiger-Cats and Argonauts
Bert Carr 1894 1896 Guard, CenterSelected in 1896 by the Chicago Tribune as "the best center in the West"; named the greatest guard in Michigan history in 1902
Anthony Carter 1979 1982 Wide receiver Big Ten MVP 1982; 3-time All-American 1980-1982; Played 3 years in the USFL with the Panthers and Invaders and 11 years in the NFL with the Vikings and Lions; Inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2001
Charles B. Carter 1902 1904 GuardLater served in the Maine Senate
Milt Carthens 1980 1983 Tight endPlayed 1 year in the NFL with the Colts
Tom Cecchini 1963 1965 LinebackerHead coach at Xavier, 1972–73; defensive line coach for Minnesota Vikings, 1980–83
George Ceithaml 1940 1942 QuarterbackAll-Big Ten 1932; Crisler called him "the smartest player he ever taught"; Later served as an assistant coach at Michigan and USC
Thomas Chadbourne 1890 1890 CenterFounded the New York law firm Chadbourne & Parke
Gil Chapman 1972 1974 Fullback, Return specialist, Tailback, Split endSet Michigan records for career and single-game kickoff return yards; Played 1 year in the NFL for the Saints; First African-American elected to office in Elizabeth, N.J.
Bob Chappuis 1946 1947 HalfbackAll-American 1947; Finished 2nd in 1947 Heisman Trophy voting; Played in the AAFC for the Dodgers and Hornets; Shot down over Italy in WWII
John Chase18791880 Rusher, forwardCommander of the Colorado National Guard in confrontations with organized labor, including the Colorado Labor Wars of 1903-1904 and Ludlow Massacre of 1914
Larry Cipa 1971 1973 QuarterbackPlayed 2 years in the NFL for the Saints
Jack Clancy 1963 1966 Wide receiverAll-American 1966; Set Michigan career, season and single-game records for receptions and receiving yards; Still holds record for receiving yards (197) in a game; Played 4 years in the NFL with the Dolphins and Packers
William Dennison Clark 1903 1905 Halfback, Fullback, EndTackled for a safety in a 2-0 loss to Chicago in 1905, ending a 56-game unbeaten streak; committed suicide in 1932, reportedly to "atone" for the error
Ralph Clayton 1976 1978 Wing backPlayed 1 year in the NFL with the Cardinals
Brad Cochran 1983 1985 CornerbackAll-American, 1985
William D. Cochran 1913 1915 Tackle, GuardServed as director of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis from 1936 to 1950
Joe Cocozzo 1989 1992 GuardPlayed 5 years in the NFL with the Chargers
Abe Cohn 1917 1920 Halfback, Fullback, EndLater coached football and basketball at Whitworth College and Spokane University
William C. "King" Cole 1902 1902 Tackle, EndPlayed for "Point-a-Minute" teams; Later served as head football coach at Virginia and Nebraska
Donald A. Coleman 1971 1973 Defensive endBecame the founder, president and CEO of GlobalHue, the largest advertising agency focused on minority communities
Todd Collins 1991 1994 QuarterbackBest career completion percentage (64.28%) in Michigan history; Played in the NFL starting in 1995 for the Bills, Chiefs, Redskins and Bear
Frederick L. Conklin 1909 1911 End, Tackle, GuardAll-Western 1911; Served 32 years in U.S. Navy attaining rank of rear Admiral
Jim Coode 1971 1973 Offensive tacklePlayed 7 years in the CFL with Ottawa; won the CFL's Most Outstanding Offensive Lineman Award in 1978
Evan Cooper 1981 1983 SafetyPlayed 6 years in the NFL with the Eagles and Falcons
Blake Countess 20112012 Defensive backTop prospect in Michigan's 2011 recruiting class
Shawn Crable 2004 2007 LinebackerPlayed in the NFL starting in 2008 for the Patriots
James B. Craig 1911 1913 Halfback, QuarterbackAll-American 1913; Later served as head football coach and athletic director at Arkansas
Garvie Craw 1967 1969 Fullback, HalfbackScored 2 of Michigan's 3 touchdowns in the 1969 Ohio State game
Frank Crawford 1891 1901 Crawford was both the unpaid head coach and a substitute player for the 1891 team
Maurice E. Crumpacker 1907 1908 Tackle, GuardBecame a U.S. Congressman from Oregon, 1925–1927
Frank Culver 1917 1919 Guard, Tackle, CenterAll-American 1917
William Cunningham 1897 1899 CenterMichigan's first All-American football player
Julius Curry 1999 2002 Safety, Return specialistPlayed 1 year in the NFL with the Lions; Formed Curry Racing in 2006, the first NASCAR racing team with sole minority ownership
Markus Curry 2002 2004 CornerbackPlayed 2 years in the NFL for the Chargers
Joe Curtis 1903 1906 TackleAll-Western 4 times; Played for "Point-a-Minute" teams; Served as head football coach at Tulane and Colorado School of Mines
Tom Curtis 1967 1969 SafetyAll-American 1969; Played 2 years in the NFL for the Colts; Inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2005
Bill Daley 1943 1943 FullbackAll-American 1943; Played 3 years in the AAFC for the Dodgers, Seahawks, Rockets and Yankees
Norm Daniels 1929 1931 End, HalfbackLater served as the head football, baseball, basketball, wrestling, and squash coach at Wesleyan University
Thom Darden 1969 1971 Safety, WolfmanAll-American 1971; Played 10 years for the Cleveland Browns; All-Pro three times
Tony Dauksza1933 1933 Quarterback Became the first person to traverse the Northwest Passage in anything other than a ship on solo canoe expedition, 1966–1971
Carl Davis1921 1921 Played for the NFL Frankford Yellow Jackets in 1927
Russell Davis 1975 1978 FullbackMVP of the 1977 team; All-Big Ten; Played for the Pittsburgh Steelers 1980-1983
Fred Dawley 1939 1941 FullbackLater played in the NFL for the Detroit Lions and Los Angeles Bulldogs
Kenny Demens 2008 2011Linebacker
Edwin Denby 1895 1895 CenterU.S. Congressman from Michigan 1905-1911; Served as Secretary of the Navy 1921-1924; played role in the Teapot Dome scandal
Damon Denson 1993 1996 GuardPlayed 3 seasons in the NFL for the New England Patriots
James DePree 1903 1904 FullbackBecame the head football coach at Tennessee, 1905–1906
Robert Derleth 1942 1946 TacklePlayed for the Detroit Lions in 1947
Gene Derricotte 1946 1948 Halfback, QuarterbackHolds Michigan's single season record for punt return average
Donald R. Deskins 1958 1959TacklePlayed in all 14 games for the Oakland Raiders in their first season (1960); later became an author and professor of urban geography and sociology
Jim Detwiler 1964 1966HalfbackAll-Big Ten first-team player, 1964–1966
Dan Dierdorf 1968 1970Offensive tackleSix-time Pro Bowl selection; NFL 1970s All-Decade team; inducted into Pro and College Football Hall of Fame
Dean Dingman19871990Guard
Drew Dileo20102012Wide receiver
Jerry Diorio19801983Guard
Tom Dixon 1980 1983Center
Tom Dohring19871990Offensive tackle
Mark Donahue 1975 1977Guard
Glenn Doughty 1969 1971Halfback, Wingback, Fullback
Prentiss Douglass19071908Halfback
Walt Downing 1975 1977Center
Charles Drake 1999 2002Cornerback, Safety
Leo Draveling19281930End, Tackle
Scott Dreisbach 1995 1998Quarterback
Wally Dreyer19431943Halfback
Thomas Jesse Drumheller18961896QuarterbackLater became a leading sheep rancher in Walla Walla, Washington
Kevin Dudley 2002 2004Fullback
Don Dufek 1973 1975Offensive tackle, Wolfman
Don Dufek, Sr.19481950Fullback
William J. Duff18821884HalfbackLater a leading medical doctor in Port Huron, Michigan; served in the Spanish-American War
Ignatius M. Duffy18961896Fullback
James E. Duffy18851891HalfbackCaptain of the 1888 team; Set world record in 1886 by drop kicking a football 168 feet, 7-1/2 inches; later became an attorney and member of the UM Board in Control of Athletics
Craig Dunaway 1980 1982Tight end
David L. Dunlap19011905End, HalfbackHead football coach at Kenyon (1906), North Dakota (1908–1911), Allegheny (1912)
Robert J. Dunne19181921End, Guard
Doug Dutch 2005 2007 Cornerback
Dan Dworsky19451948Fullback, Center, Quarterback
George Dygert18901894Fullback, Halfback
Matt Dyson 1991 1994Linebacker
Don Eaddy 1951 1951HalfbackAll-American in baseball; later played Major League Baseball with the Cubs in 1959
Tyler Ecker 2003 2006Tight end
William P. Edmunds 1908 1910Tackle, Guard, FullbackHead football coach at West Virginia (1912), Washington University (1913–1916), Vermont (1919)
Braylon Edwards 2002 2004Wide receiver
Stan Edwards 1977 1981Fullback, Tailback
Tom Edwards19241925Tackle, Guard
Edgar N. Eisenhower19121912ReserveOlder brother of U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower
Bump Elliott19461947Halfback
Jumbo Elliott19841987Offensive tackle
Matt Elliott1988 1991Guard, Center
Pete Elliott19451948Quarterback, Halfback
Brandent Englemon20052007Safety
Hayden Epstein 1998 2001Placekicker
Mike Evans 1988 1991
Forest Evashevski1938 1940 Quarterback All-Big Ten quarterback three straight years; head football coach at Iowa 1952-1960; inducted into College Football Hall of Fame in 2000
Herman Everhardus1931 1933 Halfback First-team All-Big Ten, 1933; Second-team All-American, 1933
Steve Everitt 19891992 CenterAll-Big Ten, 1992; Played 7 years in NFL with the Browns, Ravens and Eagles
Obi Ezeh 2007 2010Linebacker Roger Zatkoff Award 2008
Justin Fargas 1998 2000TailbackPlayed 7 years in the NFL with the Raiders
Douglas Farmer 1935 1937QuarterbackLater attended Harvard Medical School and became a professor of medicine at Yale School of Medicine
Royal T. Farrand1887 1887 Quarterback Quarterback in 1887 and manager in 1891; hired Michigan's football coach in 1891
Stanley Fay1931 1933 Halfback, Quarterback Backfield starter for consecutive undefeated national championship teams
Jay Feely 1995 1998Placekicker Played 10 years in the NFL 6 teams
Gustave Ferbert1893 1896 Halfback, End Michigan's head football coach 1897-1899; became rich in the Yukon Gold Rush
Forest Firestone 1896 1897 Reserve Head football coach at Buchtel College, now the University of Akron, for one season in 1902
Dave Fisher 1964 1966 Fullback All-Big Ten 1966
Dennis Fitzgerald 1959 1960Halfback Holds Michigan record with 99-yard kickoff return; MVP 1960 Michigan football team; also a championship wrestler; later coached at Kent State and Pittsburgh Steelers
Chris Floyd 1994 1997Fullback Played 3 years in the NFL with the Patriots and Browns
J. T. Floyd 2009 2012Cornerback
Henry Fonde1945 1947 Halfback Threw a 47-yard touchdown pass in 1948 Rose Bowl; Head coach at Ann Arbor Pioneer HS for 10 years; Asst. coach at Michigan for 10 years
Larry Foote 1998 2001Linebacker First-team All-American 2001; Played 9 years in the NFL with the Steelers and Lions, including 2 Super Bowl championship teams
Tate Forcier 2009 2010Quarterback Starting quarterback in all 12 games as a true freshman
Gerald Ford1932 1934 Center MVP 1934 Michigan football team; 38th President of the United States
Len Ford1945 1947 End Played 11 years in the AAFC and NFL with the Dons, Browns and Packers; inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1976
William Fortune1917 1919 Guard, Tackle Played 3 years of pro football with the Cardinals and Hammond Pros
Richard France1898 1899 Guard First-team All-American 1899
Dennis Franklin 1972 1974Quarterback Starting quarterback for Michigan teams with 30-2-1 record; Played 2 seasons in the NFL with the Lions
Dennis Franks 1972 1974CenterPlayed 3 season in the NFL with the Philadelphia Eagles and Detroit Lions
Julius Franks1941 1942 Guard First-team All-American 1942; Michigan's first African-American All-American
Benny Friedman1924 1926 Quarterback, Halfback First-team All-American and Big Ten MVP 1926; Inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame (1951) and Pro Football Hall of Fame (2005);
Ralph Fritz1939 1940 Guard Played 1 year in the NFL for the Eagles
Ed Frutig1938 1940 End First-team All-American 1940; Played 3 years in the NFL with the Packers and Lions
Devin Funchess2012 2012Tight end
Wally Gabler 1964 1965Quarterback Played 7 years in the CFL for the Argonauts, Blue Bombers and Tiger-Cats; 13,080 passing yards in the CFL
Dave Gallagher 1971 1973Defensive tackle, Defensive guard All-Big Ten 1973; Played 6 years in the NFL with the Bears, Giants and Lions
Jeremy Gallon 2010 2012Wide receiver, Return specialist
Devin Gardner 2010 2012 QuarterbackRated as the No. 1 high school quarterback in the United States by in 2009
John Garrels1904 1906 End, Fullback Silver medalist in 110 meter hurdles at 1908 Summer Olympics; Bronze medalist in shot put
Elmer Gedeon1936 1938 End Played baseball for the Washington Senators; one of two MLB players killed in action during World War II after being shot down while piloting a B-26 bomber in 1944
George Genyk 1957 1959Guard, Tackle1959 team captain; drafted by New York Titans in the first AFL draft
John Ghindia 1947 1949Quarterback, Fullback, Halfback
Brendan Gibbons 2010 2012Kicker
Jon William Giesler 19761978 Offensive tackle All-Big Ten 1978; Played 10 years in the NFL for the Dolphins
Louis Gilbert 19251927 Halfback 1927 All-Big Ten 1st team
Paul Girgash 1979 1982 LinebackerAll-Big Ten 1982; Played 1 year in the USFL for the Panthers
Dave Glinka 1960 1962Quarterback
Chris Godfrey 1977 1979Defensive tackle Played 6 years in the NFL with the Jets, Giants and Seahawks
Paul G. Goebel1920 1922 End All-American 1921; Played 4 years in the NFL with the Tigers and Yankees; Later served as mayor of Grand Rapids and University of Michigan Regent
Angus Goetz1917 1920 Tackle Second-team All-American 1920; Played professional football with the Buffalo All-Americans and Columbus Tigers
Ian Gold 1996 1999 Linebacker All-Big Ten 1998 and 1999; Played 8 years in the NFL with the Broncos and Buccaneers; Pro Bowl selection 2001
Cecil Gooding 1902 1903Guard Died of typhoid fever contracted during a Thanksgiving football game in 1903; first Michigan football player to die while a student
Jonathan Goodwin 1999 2001Offensive lineman
Tom Goss 1964 1968Defensive end Served as Michigan's athletic director 1997 -2000
Kevin Grady 2005 2009Running back
Brandon Graham 2006 2009
Chris Graham2004 2007 Linebacker Roger Zatkoff Award 2007
Walter "Octy" Graham 1904 1907Guard, Tackle One of the stars of the "Point-a-Minute" teams of 1904 and 1905
Fred Grambau1969 1972 Defensive tackleLater played for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Herb Graver1901 1903 End, halfback, fullback, quarterback Played for Yost's "Point-a-Minute" teams; Scored 5 touchdowns against Ohio State in 1903; Later served as head football coach at Marietta
Elvis Grbac1989 1992 Quarterback Set Michigan records in passing yards (6,460) and passing touchdowns (71); Set Big Ten career passing efficiency record; Played 9 years in the NFL with the 49ers, Chiefs and Ravens
John Greene1940 1943 Tackle, Quarterback Later played 7 years in the NFL with the Lions
George Greenleaf18931896Quarterback, End Later coached the 1899 Miami football team and became a medical doctor
Curtis Greer 1976 1979Defensive end All-American 1979; Played 8 seasons in the NFL with the Cardinals
Bruce Gregory1924 1925 Halfback Played 1 season in the NFL with the Detroit Panthers
George W. Gregory 1901 1903CenterStarting center for "Point-a-Minute" teams; head coach at Kenyon (1905)
Brian Griese 1995 1997Quarterback Led Michigan to an undefeated season and national championship in 1997
Charles Grube1923 1925 End Played 1 season in the NFL with the Detroit Panthers
Matt Gutierrez 2003 2005Quarterback Played 3 years in the NFL with the Patriots and Chiefs
Thomas Guynes 1994 1996Offensive guard Played 1 year in the NFL with the Cardinals
H. G. Hadden1894 1894 Tackle Transferred and served as player and coach of the 1895 Notre Dame team
Ali Haji-Sheikh 1979 1981Placekicker
Forrest M. Hall 1895 1895GuardPlayed for Princeton's 1893 national championship team; coached Auburn in 1894; set shot put record in 1895; asst. coach at Michigan, 1898 and 1909
James Hall 1996 1999
Leon Hall 2003 2006Cornerback
Remy Hamilton 1992 1996Placekicker
Mike Hammerstein 1981 1985Defensive tackle
Thomas S. Hammond1903 1905 End, halfback, fullback, tackle Played for the "Point-a-Minute" teams; later served as head coach at Ole Miss; became President of Whiting Corporation
Mike Hankwitz 1966 1969
William W. Hannan 1879 1879Rusher Played for the first Michigan football team; became the leading real estate developer in Detroit in the late 19th Century
Jim Harbaugh 1983 1986Quarterback
Mike Harden 1976 1979Defensive back
Tom Harmon19381940 Halfback 1940 Heisman Trophy winner
Darrell Harper 1957 1959Halfback
David Harris 2003 2006Linebacker
Mike Hart 2004 2007Running back
Clint Haslerig 1971 1973Wingback, flankerLater played three years in the NFL with the Bears, Bills, Vikings and Jets
Harry Hawkins1923 1925 Tackle, Guard Won the NCAA championship in the hammer throw in 1926; First-team All-Western football player 1925
Mercury Hayes 1992 1995Wide receiver
Ralph Heikkinen1936 1938 Guard All-American 1939; MVP of the 1937 and 1938 Michigan football teams; Played 1 year in the NFL for the Brooklyn Dodgers
Chuck Heater 1972 1974Running back
Guy T. Helvering 1905 1905 Later served in U.S. Congress and as a U.S. District Court Judge
Junior Hemingway 2008 2011Wide receiver Had 3 receptions for 165 yards against Notre Dame in 2011
John Henderson1962 1964 End Played 8 years in the NFL with the Lions and Vikings
Tommy Hendricks 1996 1999Defensive back
Chad Henne 2004 2007Quarterback
John Hennessy 1974 1976 Defensive tackle Played 3 years in the NFL with the Jets
Frederick W. Henninger1893 1896 Tackle, Guard Later served as an assistant football coach at Michigan before successful career in manufacturing
Drew Henson 1998 2000Quarterback
Jim Herrmann 1980 1982Linebacker
Albert E. Herrnstein1899 1902 Halfback, EndScored 6 touchdowns against Ohio State in 1902; Played on "Point-a-Minute" teams; Later served as head football coach at Haskell, Purdue and Ohio State
John Herrnstein1956 1958 FullbackLater played Major League Baseball from 1962-1966 with the Phillies, Cubs and Braves
Willie Heston1901 1904 Halfback Often selected as the greatest halfback of all-time; Picked by Fielding Yost as the greatest player of all-time; Inducted into College Football Hall of Fame in 1954; Served as head football coach at Drake and N.C. State; Became a judge in Detroit
Bill Hewitt1929 1931 End, Fullback MVP 1931 Michigan team; Played 9 years in the NFL for the Bears, Eagles and Steagles; Inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1971
Dwight Hicks 19751977Safety
Frank G. Higgins 1885 1885ForwardFirst native-born person from Montana admitted to the state's bar and to serve in its legislature; Lieutenant Governor of Montana, 1901–05
Bruce Hilkene1943 1947 Tackle Captain of the undefeated 1947 Michigan team known as the "Mad Magicians"
Dick Hill1954 1956 Guard MVP of the 1956 team; played one season with the Montreal Alouettes
Henry Hill1968 1970 Defensive guard, Offensive guard All-American 1970; MVP 1970 Michigan football team; Came to Michigan as a walk-on
Elroy "Crazy Legs" Hirsch1943 1943 Halfback Only Michigan athlete to letter in football, baseball, basketball and track in the same year; Played 12 years in AAFC and NFL for Rockets and Rams; Inducted into College (1974) and Pro Football Hall of Fame (1968).
Leroy Hoard 1987 1989Running back
Mike Hoban 1971 1973 Guard Played for the Chicago Bears in 1974
Victor Hobson 1999 2002Linebacker
George Hoey 1967 1968Halfback
George S. Holden 1890 1890Quarterback
John W. Hollister 1893 1895HalfbackLater served as head football coach at Mississippi, Beloit College and Morningside College
Bob Hollway1947 1949 End Later served as head coach of the St. Louis Cardinals, 1971-1972
Jason Horn 1992 1995Defensive lineman
Walter S. Horton 1881 1881Quarterback The second Michigan player at the quarterback position; practiced law in Illinois for 50 years
Chris Howard 1994 1997Running back
Desmond Howard 1989 1991 Wide receiver, Return specialist1991 Heisman Trophy winner
Harlan Huckleby 1975 1978Tailback
Marty Huff 1968 1970 Linebacker
Tommy Hughitt1912 1913 Quarterback, Halfback Played professional football from 1917-1924 for Buffalo and Youngstown
Tom Huiskens 1969 1970 Tight end
Stefan Humphries 1980 1983 Guard
Chris Hutchinson 1989 1992Defensive tackle
Steve Hutchinson1997 2000 Offensive lineman
Emory J. Hyde1901 1901 ReserveLater served as head football coach at TCU, 1905–1907
Robert Ingalls1939 1941 Center
Jarrett Irons 1993 1996Linebacker
Jerome Jackson 2003 2006Running back
Marlin Jackson 2001 2004Cornerback
Ray Jackson 1997 1998Running back
Efton James 1912 1914EndOne of three Michigan football players killed in World War I
Harry James1903 1903 QuarterbackStarting quarterback on the 1903 "Point-a-Minute" team
William James 1981 1983
Tim Jamison 2005 2008Defensive end
Fred Janke1936 1938 Tackle, Fullback
Jon Jansen 1995 1998Tackle
Albert W. Jefferis 1891 1891Center Later served in the U.S. Congress from Nebraska
Trezelle Jenkins1991 1994 Tackle
Ferris Jennings1934 1936 Quarterback, Safety Starting quarterback for the 1934 team
George Jewett1890 1892 Fullback, Halfback, Place kickerFirst African-American football player at both Michigan and Northwestern; one of the greatest players in the pre-Yost era
Dan Jilek 1973 1975Defensive end
James Edward Johns1920 1922 Guard, Tackle
Farnham Johnson1943 1943 End
Ron Johnson 1966 1968Halfback First-team All-American, 1968; Set NCAA single-game rushing record (347 yards); Inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame, 1992; Played 8 seasons in the NFL for the Browns, Giants and Cowboys
Tom Johnson 1948 1951 Tackle Most valuable defensive tackle in the Big Ten, 1950; First-team All-American, 1951; Second African-American to play for the Green Bay Packers
Collins H. Johnston 1879 1880HalfbackBecame a medical doctor, surgeon, and civic leader in Grand Rapids, Michigan
Mike Jolly 1976 1979 Defensive back
Damon Jones1992 1993 Tight end
Dhani Jones 1996 1999Linebacker
Mike L. Jones 1985 1985 Quarterback
Paul J. Jones1902 1902 Fullback Starter for the 1902 "Point-a-Minute" team; head football coach at Western Reserve; U.S. District Court Judge in Ohio from 1923–1965
Bennie Joppru 1999 2002Tight end
Fred Julian 19571959Defensive back Leading rusher for UM 1959; led New York Titans in interceptions 1960
Cato June 1999 2002Defensive back
Kyle Kalis 20122012Offensive lineman
Zeno Karcz 1954 1954Linebacker, Running back Later played for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats for 9 years; Won the 1965 Most Outstanding Canadian award
Jack Karwales 1941 1942End, tackle
Alain Kashama 2000 2003Defensive lineman
Eric Kattus 1982 1985Tight end
Bill Keating 1964 1965 Guard
Tom Keating1961 1963 Tackle
Jackson Keefer1922 1922 Halfback
Leo J. Keena18971899FullbackLater served as U.S. General Consul in Paris and Warsaw and as U.S. Ambassador to Honduras and South Africa
Mike Keller1969 1971 Defensive end
Reuben Kelto1939 1941 Tackle MVP 1941 Michigan team; Upper Peninsula Hall of Fame
Dick Kempthorn1947 1949 Fullback MVP 1949 Michigan team; Won Distinguished Flying Cross as a jet fighter pilot in the Korean War
Mike Kenn 1975 1977Tackle Played 7 years in the NFL for the Falcons; 5-time Pro Bowl selection; 3-time first-team All-Pro; NFL Players Association President, 1989–1996
David Key 1987 1990
Henry Killilea1883 1884 Center, Forward One of the five men, along with Connie Mack, Charles Comiskey and Ban Johnson, who founded baseball's American League in 1899; owner of the Milwaukee Brewers (which became the Baltimore Orioles) and Boston Red Sox
Harry Kipke1920 1923 HalfbackAll-American, 1922–1923; Played football, basketball and baseball at Michigan; Served as Michigan's head coach, 1929–1937; Coached national championship teams, 1932–1933; Inducted into College Football Hall of Fame, 1958; Walter Camp Man of the Year, 1970
Bernard Kirk1921 1922 EndAll-American, 1921–1922; Died in December 1922 as a result of injuries sustained in automobile accident
James Knight 1901 1901End Later served as head coach at Washington, 1902–1905
Marcus Knight 1996 1999Wide receiver
Kenneth Knode 1918 1918QuarterbackStarting quarterback for Michigan's 1918 national championship team; later played Major League Baseball for the St. Louis Cardinals as "Mike" Knode
Robert Knode 1921 1922QuarterbackLater played Major League Baseball for the Cleveland Indians as "Ray" Knode
Gene Knutson1951 1953 End
Leo Koceski1948 1950 Halfback Known as the "Canonsburg Comet"; Played for undefeated 1948 national championship team
Archie Kodros1937 1939 Center Later served as head football coach at Whitman and Hawaii; assistant coach at Iowa for 14 years
Kevin Koger2008 2011 Tight end
Ralph Kohl1947 1948Tackle Later coached at Eastern Illinois and was head scout for the Minnesota Vikings
Robert Kolesar1940 1942 Guard Played for Cleveland Browns, 1946
Jordan Kovacs2009 2012Safety
John Kowalik19311933GuardPlayed for the Ottawa Rough Riders in 1934
Ron Kramer1955 1956 End All-American, 1955–1956; Played 10 years in NFL for Packers and Lions; First-team All Pro, 1962; Inducted into College Football Hall of Fame, 1978
Adam Kraus2005 2007 Offensive guard First-team All-Big Ten 2006, 2007
Walt Kreinheder1920 1921 Center, Guard
Ted Kress1951 1953 Halfback
Paul Kromer19381940HalfbackFormed the "Touchdown Twins" combination with Tom Harmon in 1938
Tom Kuzma1941 1942 Halfback Followed Tom Harmon as Michigan's main running back; Finished 2nd in the Big Ten in total offense, 1941
Horace LaBissoniere Center, Guard Played for the Hammond Pros in 1922
Omer LaJeunesse1929 1931 Guard, FullbackHead coach at Michigan Tech, 1957–1962
Jesse R. Langley1904 1907 Head football coach at TCU, 1908–1909
Mike Lantry1972 1974 PlacekickerFirst-team All-American, 1973; Set Michigan records for longest field goal, most field goals, and most extra points; Missed key field goals in last minutes of 1973 and 1974 Ohio State games.
Bill Laskey1962 1964 Ebd
Ty Law 1992 1994Cornerback
James E. Lawrence 1902 1902Placekicker, Fullback, TackleScored 113 points for the 1902 "Point-a-Minute" team
Belford Lawson, Jr. 1921 1923 Second African-American to play football at Michigan; became a leading attorney in the Civil Rights movement from the 1930s to the 1960s
George M. Lawton 1908 1910Fullback, PunterHead football coach, University of Detroit, 1913–1914
Milan Lazetich1944 1944 Tackle, Guard, Linebacker First-team All-Big Ten and second-team All-American, 1944; Played 6 years in the NFL for the Rams; First-team All-NFL, 1948–1949
Rick Leach1975 1978 Quarterback Three-time All-Big Ten; All-American in baseball and football; Co-MVP 1979 Rose Bowl; Finished 3rd in Heisman Trophy voting, 1978; Won Big Ten batting championship; Played 10 years in Major League Baseball for the Tigers, Blue Jays, Rangers and Giants
Burnie Legette 1989 1992 Fullback
Matt Lentz2001 2005 Offensive lineman
Jeremy LeSueur2000 2003 Cornerback
Taylor Lewan2009 2012 Tackle
George Lilja1977 1980 Center
Earl Little1992 1992 Defensive back
Randy Logan19701972Wolfback, defensive back
Jake Long2004 2007 Offensive guard All-American, 2006–2007; Played in the NFL with Dolphins starting in 2008; 2-time Pro Bowl selection
Frank Longman1903 1905 Fullback Later head football coach at Arkansas and Notre Dame
Alvin Loucks1916 1919 Guard
Jay Mack Love1904 1905 Guard Later head coach at Southwestern (Kansas)
Don Lund1942 1944 Fullback Played 10 years in Major League Baseball
Jim Lyall1970 1973 Defensive tackle Later coached football at Adrian College
Rob Lytle1973 1976 Fullback Finished 3rd in 1976 Heisman Trophy voting; Played 7 years in the NFL for the Broncos
William Harrison Mace 1882 1882 RusherLater became renowned professor of American history and biographer of Abraham Lincoln
Tom Mack 1963 1965 Offensive tackle
Elmer Madar19411946End, Quarterback
Jim Maddock 1954 1956Quarterback
Joe Maddock19021903Tackle
Tom Maentz19541956End
Joe Magidsohn19091910Halfback
Paul Magoffin19041907Halfback
Ryan Mallett20072007Quarterback
William C. Malley18881890Tackle, Guard
Mike Mallory 19821985Linebacker
Frank Maloney 19591961Center, GuardLater served as the head football coach at Syracuse University
Jim Mandich19671969End
Bob Mann1944 1947 End All-Big Ten, 1947; Broke the Big Ten record for receiving yards in 1946 and again in 1947; Played 7 years in the NFL with the Lions and Packers; First African-American for both NFL teams; Led the NFL in receiving yards and yards per catch in 1949
Roy Manning2001 2004 Linebacker
Mario Manningham2007 2007Wide receiver
George Mans1959 1961 End
Warde Manuel1986 1989 Defensive linemanAthletic director at the niversity at Buffalo (2005–2012), at the University of Connecticut (2012–present)
Jerry Marciniak1956 1958Tackle Played in the CFL for the Saskatchewan Rough Riders
Dutch Marion1923 1924 End
Doug Marsh1977 1979 Tight end Played 7 seasons in the NFL with the St. Louis Cardinals
Mike Martin 20082011Defensive tackle
Grant Mason2004 2005 Cornerback
Tim Massaquoi2002 2005 Tight end
Greg Mathews2006 2009 Wide receiver
John Maulbetsch1914 1916 Halfback, Fullback All-American 1914; Known as the "Human Bullet" and "Featherweight Fullback"; served as head football coach at Phillips, Oklahoma St. and Marshall
Earl Maves1943 1943 Fullback
Tony McGee1989 1992 Tight end
Sam McGuffie2008 2008 Running back Transferred to Houston after 2008 season
Dan McGugin1901 1902 Guard Played on "Point-a-Minute" teams; brother-in-law of Fielding H. Yost; Head football coach at Vanderbilt 1904-1934; inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1951
Reggie McKenzie1969 1971 Offensive guard
John McLean1897 1899 Halfback All-American 1899; Won the silver medal in the 110 metre hurdles at the 1900 Summer Olympics in Paris; Head football coach at Knox and Missouri
Bruce McLenna 1961 1962 Halfback, Fullback, End
Shorty McMillan1910 1911 Quarterback
Greg McMurtry1986 1989 SE
Thomas H. McNeil1884 1885 Quarterback Later became a lawyer in Missouri
Bennie McRae1959 1961 Halfback
Ed Meads1953 1955 GuardCaptain of the 1955 team; awarded Bronze Star for work as combat surgeon in Vietnam War
Zoltan Mesko2006 2009 Punter
Mark Messner 19851988Defensive tackle
Jerry Meter1976 1978 Linebacker Asst. coach at Michigan, 1980–1987
Les Miles1974 1975 Offensive lineman Head coach at Oklahoma St. (2001–2004) and LSU (2005–2010)
Frank Millard19121915 Guard Later served as Michigan Attorney General and General Counsel of the U.S. Army
James Joy Miller1907 1909 End, Halfback, Quarterback
Ricardo Miller2010 2012 Wide receiver
Brandon Minor2006 2009 Running back
Charles S. Mitchell18791879 Goalkeeper He was the founder of the Athletic Association; later served as editor of several newspapers in Minnesota and of the Washington Herald
Bo Molenda19251926 Fullback Played 9 seasons in the NFL
David Molk2008 2011 Center Played for the San Diego Chargers in 2012; winner of 2011 Rimington Trophy
Tony Momsen1945 1950 Center Played for the Pittsburgh Steelers and washington Redskins
Don Moorhead1968 1970 Quarterback Played 5 years in CFL for BC Lions; All-Big Ten quarterback 1970
David Moosman2006 2009 Linebacker
Desmond Morgan2011 2012 Offensive lineman
Bill Morley1895 1895 Quarterback Went on to receive All-America honors in 1900 and 1901 as a player for Columbia; later inducted into College Football Hall of Fame
Jamie Morris 1984 1987
Maynard Morrison1929 1931 Fullback, Center
Steve Morrison 1990 1994Linebacker
John Morrow1953 1955 Center, Tackle
William M. Morrow1885 1886 Forward, Quarterback Served more than 40 years in the U.S. Army, reaching rank of Brigadier General; decorated for bravery in World War I
Greg Morton1973 1976 Defensive tackle Selected by ABC as college football defensive player of the year for 1976; played 1 NFL season with the Buffal Bills
Meyer Morton1910 1910 The annual Meyer Morton Award is named after him.
Jonas Mouton2007 2010 Linebacker
Vincent Mroz1943 1943 EndServed for 26 years in United States Secret Service, shot attempted assassin of Pres. Harry S. Truman in 1950
Stanley Muirhead1921 1923 Tackle
Ryan Mundy2003 2006 Safety
Ed Muransky1979 1981 Offensive tackle
Guy Murdock1969 1971 Center Later played for the Houston Oilers, Chicago Fire and Chicago Wind
John Navarre2000 2003 Quarterback
Ben Needham1978 1981 LinebackerPlayed for Boston in the USFL; Selected as a 1983 first-team All-League linebacker
Fred Negus1943 1943 Center Later played pro football for the Chicago Rockets and Chicago Bears
David M. Nelson1939 1941 Halfback Inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame as a coach
Pete Newell1968 1970 Defensive tackle Later played for the BC Lions
Harry Newman1930 1932 Quarterback Played for the NY Giants, 1933–1935; inducted into College Football Hall of Fame
Walter Niemann1915 1916 Center Played for the Green Bay Packers, 1922–1924
Fred Norcross1903 1905 Quarterback Later served as head football coach at Oregon State, 1906–1908
Dennis Norfleet2012 2012Running back
Stan Noskin 1957 1959Quarterback
Frank Nunley1964 1966 Center, Linebacker
Bob Nussbaumer1943 1945 Halfback
Martavious Odoms2008 2011 Wide receiver
Joe O'Donnell1961 1963 Guard Played 8 years for the Buffalo Bills
William J. Olcott18811883Three-quarter back Captain of 1882 and 1883 teams; later became president of a railway and a mining company
Patrick Omameh2009 2012 Offensive guardFirst-team All-Big Ten in 2012
Calvin O'Neal 19741976
Bennie Oosterbaan1925 1927 End
Shantee Orr19992002 Linebacker
Chuck Ortmann19481950 Halfback
Mark Ortmann20062009 Offensive linman
Bill Orwig19281928 End
Dick O'Shaugnessy1951 1953 CenterAll-Big Ten, 1952
Mel Owens1977 1980 Linebacker
Jim Pace1955 1957 Halfback
Tony Pape1999 2003 Offensive lineman
Bubba Paris1978 1981 Offensive tackle
Matt Patanelli1934 1936 End
George C. Paterson1911 1913 Center
DeWayne Patmon 1997 2000
Rod Payne 1992 1996 Center
Dave Pearson 1999 2003 Offensive lineman
Shonte Peoples1990 1993 Defensive back, Safety
John Perrin1917 1921 Halfback
Chris Perry2000 2003 Running back
Lowell W. Perry1950 1952 End
Bob Perryman1982 1986 Fullback
Don Peterson1949 1951
Will Peterson 1997 1999
Jack Petoskey1941 1943 End Later coached football at Hillsdale College and Western Michigan University
Ted Petoskey1931 1933 End All-American, 1932, 1933
Frank Albert Picard 1909 1911 QuarterbackLater appointed as a U.S. District Court Judge by Franklin Roosevelt; served 24 years in that capacity
Dick Pierce
Otto Pommerening1927 1928 Tackle All-American and team MVP, 1928
Irving Kane Pond1879 1879 Rusher Scored first touchdown in Michigan history, May 1879; became famous as an architect in the Arts and Crafts movement; three of his buildings are National Historic Landmarks
Joseph Ponsetto1944 1945 Quarterback All-Big Ten quarterback, 1944
Miller Pontius1911 1913 Tackle, End All-American, 1913
Dave Porter1964 1967 Guard, Tackle
Ricky Powers1990 1993 Tailback
Merv Pregulman1941 1943 Center, Tackle Played 4 years in NFL; inducted into College Football Hall of Fame
Horace Greely Prettyman1882 1890 Holds record for most years playing for Michigan's football team (8); Scored the first touchdown in the first game played at Michigan's first home football field in Ann Arbor; later operated a boarding house, power company and Ann Arbor Press; held office as Ann Arbor city councilman, postmaster and Washtenaw County supervisor
Bill Pritula1942 1947 TackleOne of Michigan's "Seven Oak Posts" in 1942
Trevor Pryce1993 1994 Linebacker
Cecil Pryor1967 1969 Defensive endsLater played for the Montreal Alouettes and Memphis Grizzlies
Bob Ptacek1956 1958 Halfback
Tom Pullen1965 1967 End Played 7 years in the Canadian Football League, including 3 Grey Cup championship teams
Bill Putich1949 1951 Quarterback, Halfback
Jerry Quaerna 1982 1986 Offensive tackle
Dave Raimey1960 1962 Halfback
Bo Rather1970 1972 DB, SE
Fred Ratterman1932 1933 Quarterback
Thomas Rawls20112012Running back
Marcus Ray 19951998Defensive back
Tubby Raymond 1946 1948 Quarterback, Linebacker Coach at Delaware, 1966–2001; inducted to College Football Hall of Fame
Russ Reader1945 1945Halfback
Curtis Redden1900 1903 End Died while serving in Germany during World War I
Arthur Redner1900 1901 Halfback Last-surviving member of Yost's 1901 Point-a-Minute team
John Regeczi1932 1934 Fullback, Halfback
Fred Rehor1914 1916 Guard Played for the 1917 world's professional football champion Massillon Tigers
Andrew G. Reid1901 1901 Fullback Later served as head football coach and athletic director at Monmouth College, 1907–1910
Lewis Reimann1914 1915 Tackle, Guard
Hercules Renda1937 1939 Halfback
Rob Renes1995 1999 Nose tackle
Art Renner1943 1946 End Captain of the 1946 team
William Renner1931 1935 QuarterbackCaptain of the 1935 team
John W. Reynolds, Sr.1893 1893 Substitute Later served as Attorney General of Wisconsin; his son became Governor of Wisconsin
Walter Rheinschild1904 1907 Tackle, FullbackLater served as head football coach at Washington State, Occidental
Clayton Richard2004 2004 Quarterback
J. De Forest Richards1894 1897 Halfback, Quarterback Son of the Governor of Wyoming; later became a bank president in Chicago
Lawrence Ricks1979 1982 Tailback
Jay Riemersma1991 1995 Tight end
Dick Rifenburg1944 1948 End Played for the Detroit Lions, 1950
Rueben Riley2003 2006 Offensive lineman
Thomas J. Riley19081908GuardHead football coach at Maine (1911–1913), Amherst (1914–1916)
Tony Rio1957 1959 Fullback
Jon Ritchie1993 1994 Fullback
Stark Ritchie1935 1937 Halfback Later became general counsel of the American Petroleum Institute
Garrett Rivas2004 2006 Placekicker
Garland Rivers 19831986
Monte Robbins 19841987Punter
Denard Robinson 2009 2012 Quarterback In 2010, set the single-season Division I FBS record for rushing yards by a quarterback and became the only player in NCAA history to both pass and rush for 1,500 yards
Don Robinson1941 1946 Halfback, Quarterback Assistant football coach at Michigan, 1948-1956
Doug Roby1921 1922 Fullback, Halfback
Tod Rockwell1923 1924 Quarterback Head football coach at North Dakota and Louisiana Tech
Craig Roh2009 2012 Defensive end
Rudy Rosatti1922 1922 Guard
Carlton Rose1980 1983 Linebacker
Rocky Rosema1965 1967
Roy Roundtree2009 2012 Wide receiver Set Michigan's single-game receiving record with nine catches for 246 yards against Illinois in 2010
John Rowser19631966 Halfback
Jon Runyan1992 1995 Offensive tackle
Carl Russ1972 1974 Linebacker Later played in the NFL for the Falcons and Jets
Jake Ryan20112012 Linebacker
Stephen Schilling2008 2010 Offensive tackle
Todd Schlopy1981 1984 Placekicker
Henry Schulte1903 1905 Guard, Center Later head football coach at Missouri, Nebraska
Germany Schulz1904 1908 Center College Football Hall of Fame
S. Spencer Scott1911 1913 Fullback, TackleBecame the president of Harcourt, Brace & Company
Joe Schwarz1956 1956 Center
Tom Seabron1975 1978 Linebacker, Defensive end
Paul Seal1971 1973 Tight end
Henry M. Senter1893 1896 End Captain of the 1896 team
Fritz Seyferth1969 1971 FullbackLater played for the Calgary Stampeders
Paul Seymour1969 1972 Tight end, Offensive tackle
Michael Shaw2008 2011 Running back Rushed for a career-high 127 yards against UMass in 2010
Russell Shaw1996 1997 Wide receiver
Walter W. Shaw1899 1901 Quarterback, Halfback
Ernest Shazor2002 2004 Defensive back, Safety
Aaron Shea1996 1999 Tight end, Fullback
Nick Sheridan2006 2009 Quarterback
Roger Sherman1890 1893 Quarterback, End Head football coach at Iowa, 1894
Bruce Shorts 1900 1901
Ed Shuttlesworth 1971 1973 Fullback
Quentin Sickels1944 1948 GuardPlayed on Michigan's undefeated 1947 and 1948 national championship teams
Arnie Simkus1962 1964 Tackle
Ron Simpkins 19761979Linebacker
James Simrall19281930 Quarterback, Halfback MVP of the 1929 team and captain of the 1930 team who later attended Harvard Medical School
Doug Skene1989 1992 Offensive guard Played for the New England Patriots in 1994
Greg Skrepenak1987 1991 Offensive line Two-time All-American; Played five years in the NFL with the Raiders and Panthers
Tom Slade1971 1973 Quarterback After Slade's funeral in 2006, Bo Schembechler challenged the current Michigan team to "be as good a Michigan man as Slade"
Edward Slaughter1922 1924 Guard All-American 1924; Later worked as an assistant coach at Wisconsin, NC State and Virginia; Head coach of golf team at Virginia 1940-1958
Rudy Smeja1941 1943 End Later played three years in the NFL for the Chicago Bears and Philadelphia Eagles
Andrew W. Smith19091909Guard, CenterLater served as head coach at Throop College of Technology (now known as California Institute of Technology) in Pasadena, California
Cedric C. Smith1915 1917 Fullback All-American 1917; Played professional football for the Masillon Tigers and Buffalo All-Americans
Charles H. Smith1893 1894 Line Omission as an All-American led to criticism that selectors were biased against Western players
Frederic L. Smith18881888QuarterbackLater became a founder of the Olds Motor Works and General Motors and president of the Association of Licensed Automobile Manufacturers
Jim Smith1973 1976
Steve Smith (offensive lineman)1963 1965
Steve Smith (quarterback)1980 1983 Quarterback
Vincent Smith2009 2012 Running back First Michigan player to have rushing, passing and receiving touchdowns in one game
Willie Smith1956 1958 Tackle Played for the Denver Broncos (1960) and Oakland Raiders (1961)
Neil Snow1898 1901 End All-American 1901; College Football Hall of Fame
Joe Soboleski1945 1948 Guard, Tackle Played 4 years for Chicago Hornets, Washington Redskins, Detroit Lions, New York Yanks, and Dallas Texans
Benjamin H. Southworth 1900 1901Guard, centerLater became a physician and surgeon in Kalamazoo
Cliff Sparks1916 1919 Quarterback All-American in 1916
Ernest Sprague1886 1887 Guard, RusherLater gained renown as a contract engineer for the American Bridge Company and Bethlehem Steel
Buster Stanley1989 1993 Defensive tackle
Paul Staroba1968 1970
Allen Steckle1897 1899 Tackle Later served as the head football coach at Nevada and Oregon State
Glen Steele1994 1997 Defensive end, Defensive tackle
Herb Steger1922 1924 Halfback Captain of the 1924 team; Later served as an assistant football coach at Northwestern
Frank Steketee1918 1921 Halfback, Fullback All-American 1918; Key player on 1918 national championship team; Also a member of Michigan's hockey, swimming and golf teams
Adam Stenavich2002 2005 Offensive lineman
Norman Sterry1900 1902Halfback, end Practiced for more than 50 years as a lawyer in Los Angeles; represented the Yankees in a landmark case before the US Supreme Court affirming Major League Baseball's antitrust exemption
Larry Stevens 2000 2003 Defensive back, Linebacker
Tom Stincic19661968Defensive end
Darryl Stonum 20082010Wide receiver
Tai Streets 1995 1998 Wide receiver
Rich Strenger1980 1982 Offensive guard, Offensive tackle
Steve Strinko1972 1974 Linebacker
Theodore M. Stuart1904 1905 End, Halfback Head football coach at Colorado School of Mines, 1910–1911
Milo Sukup1938 1940 Guard Running guard and key blocker for Tom Harmon; later football coach in Grand Rapids 1942-1971
Everett Sweeley1899 1902 End, Fullback
Sam Sword 1995 1998Linebacker
Billy Taylor1969 1971 Tailback, Fullback
Kip Taylor1927 1927 End
Michael Taylor (quarterback) 1985 1989Quarterback
Mike Taylor (linebacker)1969 1971 Linebacker
Terrance Taylor 20052008 Defensive tackle
Mike Teeter1986 1989 MG
Clayton Teetzel1897 1899 Halfback, End Coached at Michigan State, BYU and Utah State
Wally Teninga1945 1949 Halfback
David Terrell1998 2000 Wide receiver
Estel Tessmer1930 1933 Quarterback
Anthony Thomas1997 2000 Running back
Charles Thomas1891 1892 Guard Later coached at Nebraska and Arkansas
Robert Thompson 1979 1982 Linebacker Played 3 seasons in the NFL for the Buccaneers and Lions
George C. Thomson1910 1912 FullbackLeading scorer, 1911; Captain, 1912; President of Michigan Trust Company, 1933–1956
Bob Thornbladh 1971 1973 Fullback, Linebacker
Dick Thornton 1927 1927
Steven Threet 20082008 Quarterback Starting QB for Michigan in 2008 and for Arizona State in 2010
Bob Timberlake 1962 1964Quarterback Chicago Tribune Silver Football Trophy, 1964; All-American, 1964; Played in NFL for New York Giants (1965)
Bob Timm1950 1952 GuardAll-Big Ten, 1952
Dominic Tomasi 1945 1948 GuardCaptain and Most Valuable Player of the National Champion 1948 Michigan Wolverines football team
Amani Toomer 1992 1995Wide receiver First-team All-Big Ten (1994); Played in NFL for the New York Giants (1996–2008)
Ted Topor 1950 1952 Quarterback, LinebackerMichigan Wolverines Most Valuable Player, 1952
Bob Topp 1952 1953End
Roy Torbet1911 1913End, Fullback, Halfback
Fitzgerald Toussaint 2010 2012Running back
Brian Townsend 1987 1991Linebacker Director of Michigan's basketball operations since 2007; also assistant athletic director under David Brandon
Fred Townsend 1887 1887TackleLater served as an Iowa state senator and chairman of the Iowa Democratic Party state committee
Morgan Trent 20052008
Mike Trgovac 1977 1980 Defensive guardAll-Big Ten and second-team All-American; Defensive coordinator for Carolina Panthers 2003-2008
Fred Trosko 1937 1939 HalfbackMeyer Morton Award in 1937; head football coach at Eastern Michigan, 1952–64
Joseph Truskowski 19261929 EndLater football coach at Olivet College and head baseball coach at Iowa State and Wayne State
Jerame Tuman 1995 1998 Tight end All-Big Ten, 1996, 1997, and 1998. All-American, 1997.
Virgil Tupper1891 1892 Guard
Eddie Usher1918 1921Fullback, Halfback Played 3 years in the NFL for the All-Americans, Independents, Packers and Blues
Irwin Uteritz1921 1923 Quarterback All-American, 1922; Led Michigan to back-to-back undefeated seasons and 1923 national championship; Later served as a football and baseball coach at Northwestern, Wisconsin, Cal, and Washington University in St. Louis
Arthur Valpey1935 1937 End Later served as head football coach at Harvard and Connecticut
Ryan Van Bergen 2008 2011Defensive lineman
James Van Inwagen1888 1891 Halfback, Fullback, End Captain of the 1891 Michigan team; Played at end in 1888, fullback in 1889 and halfback in 1891
Jim Van Pelt 1955 1957Quarterback Played 2 seasons in the CFL with the Blue Bombers; Set CFL records with 7 TD passes in 1 game and a 107-yard TD pass; Scored a record 22 points in 1958 Grey Cup
Jon Vaughn1988 1990 Tailback Big Ten Co-Offensive Player of the Year, 1990; Played 4 seasons in the NFL with the Patriots, Seahawks and Chiefs
Ernie Vick1918 1921 Center All-American, 1921; Inducted into College Football Hall of Fame in 1983; Played Major League Baseball for the Cardinals 1922-1926; Played 3 years in the NFL with the Panthers, Bears and Wolverines
Dick Vidmer1965 1967 Quarterback Set Michigan record with 2,400 passing yards (now ranks 15th)
Giovanni Raphael Frank "Count" Villa1893 1896 Tackle Star for Michigan teams that went 33-6-1 from 1893–1896; Assistant football coach 1897-1898
Jason Vinson1996 1997 Punter
John Vitale1985 1988 Center All-American, 1988; Played in the WFL for the San Antonio Riders and Detroit Drive
Rick Volk1964 1966 Safety, Cornerback, Halfback, Quarterback, Fullback All-American,1966; Played 12 years in the NFL for the Colts, Giants and Dolphins; 4-time All-Pro
Robert Wahl1948 1950 Defensive tackle, Offensive tackle All-American, 1949 and 1950; Blocked punt to win the 1950 Snow Bowl
Kerwin Waldroup1993 1994 Linebacker Played 3 years in the NFL with the Lions
Art Walker1952 1954 TackleAll-American, 1954; Played 3 years in the CFL for the Eskimos; 1957 CFL All-Star
Derrick Walker1986 1989 Tight end All-Big Ten, 1989; Played 10 years in the NFL for the Chargers, Chiefs and Raiders
Marquise Walker1999 2001 Wide receiver All-American, 2001; MVP 2001 Michigan football team; Played 1 year in the NFL for the Buccaneers
John Wangler 1977 1980QuarterbackCo-MVP 1979 Gator Bowl; Led Michigan to 1980 Big Ten championship and victory in 1981 Rose Bowl
Carl Ward19641966HalfbackPlayed 3 seasons in the NFL for the Cleveland Browns, New Orleans Saints
Willis Ward1932 1934 Three-time All-American in track and field; NCAA high jump champion; Second African-American to earn varsity letter in football at Michigan; Georgia Tech refused to play Michigan in 1934 if Ward played
Donovan Warren2007 2009 Cornerback All-Big Ten, 2009
Billy Wasmund1907 1909 Quarterback Head football coach at Texas in 1910; Died from a fall prior to start of 1911 season
James K. Watkins1905 1909Tackle, Center, FullbackServed as Detroit police commissioner in the early 1930s
Gabe Watson2002 2005 Defensive tackle All-Big Ten, 2005; Played in the NFL with the Cardinals starting in 2006
Harold Watts1943 1946 Center MVP 1945 Michigan team; All-Big Ten, 1945
Andre Weathers1996 1998 Cornerback All-Big Ten, 1997; Played 2 years in the NFL with the Giants
Wally Weber1925 1927 Halfback, Fullback Later served as an assistant football coach at Michigan for 28 years
Alanson Weeks18981898FullbackFullback for the 1898 championship team; Later worked as a surgeon in San Francisco; decorated for service as a surgeon at the front in World War I
Boss Weeks1900 1902 Quarterback Quarterback of the 1901 "Point-a-Minute" team; Later served as a head football coach at Kansas and Beloit
Jack Weisenburger19441947Fullback, halfback, quarterbackStarting fullback for the 1947 "Mad Magicians" team
Tripp Welborne19881990Safety All-American, 1990; MVP 1990 Michigan team; Played 1 year in the NFL with the Vikings
Stanfield Wells1909 1911 End, Halfback, Tackle All-American 1910
Bob Westfall1939 1941 Fullback All-American, 1941; Played 4 years in the NFL with the Lions; All-Pro in 1945; Inducted into College Football Hall of Fame in 1987
Archie Weston1917 1919 Quarterback, Halfback All-American, 1917
Tyrone Wheatley1991 1994 Tailback All-Big Ten 1992, 1994; Ranks 4th at Michigan with 4,178 rushing yards; Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year, 1992; All-American in track, 1995; Played 10 years in the NFL with the Giants and Raiders
Jack Wheeler1928 1930 Halfback, Fullback, Quarterback MVP 1930 Michigan team; Finished 2nd in voting for 1930 Chicago Tribune Silver Football as Big Ten MVP
Gerald White 1983 1986 Fullback Played 1 year in the NFL for the Cowboys
Hugh White1898 1901 Tackle, End Captain of the 1901 "Point-a-Minute" team
J. T. White1946 1947 Center 2nd team All-American 1947; Played for Big Ten championship teams at Michigan (1947) and Ohio State (1942); Later served as an assistant coach and assistant athletic director at Penn State
Paul White1941 1946 Halfback Played 1 year in the NFL for the Steelers
James Whitley1997 2000 Cornerback, Punt returner Co-captain 2000 Michigan team
Charles Widman1898 1898 Halfback Leading scorer on undefeated 1898 team
Elton Wieman1915 1920 End, Tackle, Fullback Later coached at Michigan, Princeton; Athletic director at Maine and Denver; Inducted into College Football Hall of Fame in 1956
Bob Wiese1942 1946 Fullback, Quarterback Played 2 years in the NFL with the Lions
Thomas Wilcher1983 1986 Tailback NCAA champion in indoor 55m hurdles; 3-time All-American in track and field; Set Michigan records in 60-meter high hurdles and 110-meter hurdles
Matt Wile2011 2012 Placekicker, Punter2011 and Big Ten All-Freshman
F. Stuart Wilkins1945 1948 Guard Founding director and chairman of the board (1984–1997) of the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio; Served as chairman of the board of the American Automobile Association
Brandon Williams19992002 Cornerback Played 6 years in the NFL with the Falcons, Giants and Bengals
Clarence Williams1995 1998 Tailback Played 2 years in the NFL for the Cardinals
Josh Williams1996 1999 Defensive tackle Played 6 years in the NFL for the Colts
Maurice Williams1997 2000 Offensive tackle, Offensive guard Played 9 seasons in the NFL for the Jaguars
Ivy Williamson1930 1932 End Captain of the undefeated national champion 1932 team; Later served as head football coach and athletic director at Wisconsin
Eben Wilson1899 1901 Guard Played on the 1901 Point-a-Minute team; Later served as head football coach at Wabash and Alma Colleges
Eric Wilson1997 2000 Defensive tacklePlayed 9 seasons in the NFL and CFL for the Dolphins, Blue Bombers, Roughriders and Alouettes
Hugh E. Wilson1918 1921 Guard Later served as the head football coach at Louisiana Tech and head basketball coach at LSU
Jack Wink1943 1943 QuarterbackAlso played at Wisconsin (1942, 1946–1947); head football coach at Wayne State (NE), Wisconsin–Stout, St. Cloud State
Chuck Winters1992 1996 Safety Played 6 years in the CFL for the Argonauts
Al Wistert1940 1942 TackleAll-American, 1942; MVP 1942 Michigan team; Inducted into College Football Hall of Fame, 1967; His No. 11 is 1 of 5 retired numbers at Michigan; Played 9 years in the NFL for the Steagles and Eagles; 8-time All-Pro
Alvin Wistert1947 1949 Tackle All-American, 1948 and 1949; Inducted into College Football Hall of Fame, 1967; Oldest college football player ever selected as an All-American at age 33; His No. 11 is 1 of 5 retired numbers at Michigan
Whitey Wistert1931 1933 Tackle All-American, 1933; Inducted into College Football Hall of Fame, 1967; MVP in the Big Ten in baseball, 1934; Played Major League Baseball for the Reds in 1937; His No. 11 is 1 of 5 retired numbers at Michigan
Irv Wisniewski1946 1949 End Later coached football and basketball at Hillsdale College and the University of Delaware
John Wombacher1895 1896 CenterElected captain of the 1897 team but unable to play after contracting typhoid fever
LaMarr Woodley20032006 Defensive end, Linebacker Lombardi Award winner, 2006; Ted Hendricks Award winner, 2006; All-American, 2006; Played in the NFL with the Steelers since 2007; Pro Bowl, 2009
Pierre Woods2002 2005 Linebacker Played in the NFL with the Patriots since 2006
Charles Woodson 19951997Cornerback1997 Heisman Trophy winner; Played in the NFL since 1998 with the Raiders and Packers
Butch Woolfolk1978 1981 Tailback All-American 1981; MVP 1981 Michigan team; MVP 1981 Rose Bowl; Set Michigan's all-time record with 3,850 career rushing yards (now ranks 5th); Played 7 years in the NFL with the Giants, Oilers, and Lions
Bill Yearby1963 1965 Defensive tackle Two-time All-American; MVP 1965 Michigan team; Played 1 year in the NFL for the Jets
Howard Yerges1944 1947 Quarterback Played for Ohio State in 1943; Quarterback of the undefeated 1947 team known as the "Mad Magicians"; All-Big Ten 1947
Harry Young1912 1912 halfback Played freshman football at UM before transfer to Washington & Lee; Induced into College Football Hall of Fame in 1958
Roger Zatkoff1950 1952 Linebacker, Fullback, Offensive tackle All-Big Ten 1952; Played 6 years in the NFL for the Packers and Lions
Chris Ziemann 1996 1999 Offensive guard, Offensive tackle Played 1 year in the NFL for the Giants
Chris Zurbrugg19841986QuarterbackStarting QB in last half of 1984 season; set single-game record for passing yards in his second start

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