This is a select list of players from the Kansas City Chiefs football team from the National Football League.

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Chiefs quarterbacksEdit

Throughout the Chiefs' near five-decade existence, there have been twelve starting quarterbacks to lead the team. Among the most prolific include Hall of Famers Len Dawson and Joe Montana, as well as superb quarterbacks of their era like Trent Green.

In the past few decades, the Chiefs have relied on veteran quarterbacks to lead their team.[1] The last quarterback to be drafted by Kansas City that later went on to claim the starting position was Bill Kenney in 1980. Since Kenney's retirement in 1988. the Chiefs never drafted their own quarterback to develop until Brodie Croyle[1] was drafted in 2006. When head coach Herman Edwards arrived in 2006, he stated that he was looking towards implementing younger players into his gameplan, and he was arguably looking to start at the quarterback position.[1]

The Chiefs have also had a repeated history of backup quarterbacks that steal the spotlight.[1][2] Mike Livingston led the Chiefs to the playoffs in their 1969 season after starting quarterback Len Dawson was injured for the majority of the year. Most recently, Rich Gannon took over for the injured Elvis Grbac in the 1997 season, but was revoked of the job in favor of Grbac's return for the playoffs. The Chiefs lost in the playoffs to the eventual Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos. A similar incident occurred in the 2006 season and playoffs when Trent Green and the Chiefs' offense failed to get a first down in the first forty-two minutes of the game. Backup quarterback Damon Huard, whom led the Chiefs on a 5-2 record in Green's absence, never played a down in the playoff loss to—coincidentally—the eventual Super Bowl champion Indianapolis Colts.[1][2][3]

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Honored playersEdit

Pro Football Hall of FamersEdit

Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Fame enshrinees
Player Position Tenure Inducted
- Lamar HuntFounder of franchise and American Football League 1960-72 1972
78 Bobby Bell 1 2 LB 1963-74 1983
63 Willie Lanier 1 2LB1967-77 1986
16 Len Dawson 2QB1963-75 1987
86 Buck Buchanan 1 2DT1963-751990
3 Jan Stenerud 1 2K1967-791991
53 Mike WebsterC1989-901997
19 Joe MontanaQB1993-942000
- Marv LevyHead coach1978-822001
- Hank Stram 1 2 Head coach 1960-742003
32Marcus Allen RB 1993-972003
1Warren Moon QB 1999-20002006
18Emmitt Thomas 1 2 CB 1966–19782008
58Derrick Thomas LB 1989-992009
1 Began career in the American Football League.
2 Member of 1969 Super Bowl championship team
Names in bold spent entire career with the Dallas Texans/Kansas City Chiefs.

Chiefs Hall of FameEdit

Jan Stenerud

Jan Stenerud's name is forever honored at Arrowhead Stadium.

The Kansas City Chiefs feature forty-four former players and franchise contributors in their team hall of fame. Several of the team's names are featured at Arrowhead Stadium in a "ring of honor." A new member has been inducted in an annual ceremony, with the exception of the 1983 season.[4]

1970 Lamar Hunt, team founder and owner
1971 #36 Mack Lee Hill, Running back
1972 #75 Jerry Mays, Defensive tackle
1973 #84 Fred Arbanas, Tight end
1974 #42 Johnny Robinson, Safety
1975 #88 Chris Burford, Wide receiver
1976 #55 E. J. Holub, Center/Linebacker
1977 #77 Jim Tyrer, Offensive tackle
1978 #21 Mike Garrett, Running back
1979 #16 Len Dawson, Quarterback

1980 #78 Bobby Bell, Linebacker
1981 #86 Buck Buchanan, Defensive tackle
1982 #89 Otis Taylor, Wide receiver
1983 No induction
1984 #71 Ed Budde, Guard
1985 #63 Willie Lanier, Linebacker
1986 #18 Emmitt Thomas, Cornerback
1987 Hank Stram, Coach
1988 #44 Jerrel Wilson, Punter
1989 #14 Ed Podolak, Running back

1990 #51 Jim Lynch, Linebacker
1991 #28 Abner Haynes, Running back
1992 #3 Jan Stenerud, Kicker
1993 #69 Sherrill Headrick, Linebacker
1994 #58 Jack Rudnay, Center
1995 #32 Curtis McClinton, Running back
1996 #20 Deron Cherry, Safety
1997 #73 Dave Hill, Offensive tackle
1998 #67 Art Still, Defensive end
1999 #34 Lloyd Burruss, Safety

2000 #35 Christian Okoye, Running back
2001 #58 Derrick Thomas, Linebacker
2002 #76 John Alt, Offensive tackle
2003 #59 Gary Spani, Linebacker
2004 #37 Joe Delaney, Running back
2005 Jack Steadman, team vice chairman and general manager
2006 #90 Neil Smith, Defensive end
2007 #29 Albert Lewis, Cornerback
2008 #61 Curley Culp, Defensive tackle
2009 #8 Nick Lowery, Place kicker

2010 Marty Schottenheimer, Coach
2011 #31 Kevin Ross, Cornerback
2012 #68 Will Shields, Guard
2013 #26 Gary Barbaro, Defensive back
2014 #31 Priest Holmes, Running back
2015 #24 Gary Green, Cornerback
2016 #49 Tony Richardson, Fullback
2017 #88 Carlos Carson, Wide Receiver
2018 #88 Tony Gonzalez, Tight End

Missouri Sports Hall of FameEdit

Other notable alumniEdit


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