The Iowa Hawkeyes football team was founded in 1889 to represent the University of Iowa in intercollegiate competition, and it has participated in the sport every season since. Over the course of the team's history, individual Hawkeye players of exceptional ability have received many accolades.

Iowa has had several players inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, College Football Hall of Fame, Canadian Football Hall of Fame, and Iowa Sports Hall of Fame. Individual Hawkeyes have won many prestigious national awards, including the Outland Trophy, the Davey O'Brien Award, and the Heisman Trophy. 92 Hawkeyes have been named a first-team or second-team All-American, and 22 have been named consensus first-team All-Americans.

The Iowa Hawkeyes have had ten players win the Big Ten Most Valuable Player Award, and 219 Hawks have earned All-Big Ten recognition. Iowa has had 229 NFL draft picks, and several former Hawkeye players have gone on to become NFL head coaches or Division I college head coaches. This list outlines awards and honors for individual football players and coaches of the Iowa Hawkeyes.

Retired numbers Edit

Two numbers have been retired by the Hawkeye football program, Nile Kinnick's #24 and Cal Jones' #62. Both Kinnick and Jones were consensus first team All-Americans, and both men tragically perished in separate plane crashes before their 25th birthday.

Kinnick won the University of Iowa's only Heisman Trophy in 1939 and is the man for whom Kinnick Stadium is named. Jones was the first African-American to win the Outland Trophy and is the only Hawkeye to be named first-team All-American three times.[1]

Hall of Fame inductees Edit

Pro Hall of FameEdit

Three Hawkeyes have been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame:[2]

Inducted Player Position Teams
1967 Emlen Tunnell Defensive back New York Giants, Green Bay Packers
1998 Paul Krause Safety Minnesota Vikings, Washington Redskins
2008 Andre Tippett Linebacker New England Patriots

College football Edit

Nile Kinnick, Duke Slater, and coach Howard Jones were all inducted in the inaugural College Football Hall of Fame class in 1951. In all, nine players and five coaches now represent Iowa in the College Football Hall of Fame: [3]

Inducted Player
1951 Nile Kinnick
1951 Duke Slater
1960 Gordon Locke
1973 Aubrey Devine
1980 Cal Jones
1991 Alex Karras
1997 Randy Duncan
1999 Chuck Long
2009 Larry Station
Inducted Coach
1951 Howard Jones
1971 Eddie Anderson
1974 Slip Madigan
2000 Forest Evashevski
2003 Hayden Fry

Canadian football Edit

Three Hawkeyes have been inducted into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame for their play in the Canadian Football League: [4]

Inducted Player
1975 Ken Ploen
1982 Willie Fleming
1985 Frank Rigney

State of Iowa Edit

The Iowa Sports Hall of Fame, sponsored by the Des Moines Register, honors outstanding athletes and sports contributors. To be eligible, members must have either been born in Iowa or gained prominence while competing for a college or university in Iowa. Aubrey Devine, Nile Kinnick, and Duke Slater were three of the five football players inducted when the Hall was founded in 1951. As of the end of the 2013 football season, 23 Hawkeye players and 3 Hawkeye coaches have been inducted into the Iowa Sports Hall of Fame: [5]

Year Inductee
1951 Aubrey Devine
1951 Duke Slater
1951 Nile Kinnick
1956 Clyde Williams
1958 Gordon Locke
1959 Billy Edson
1961 Joe Laws
1962 Eddie Anderson
1965 Stub Stewart
1971 Cal Jones
1973 Willis Glassgow
1975 Emlen Tunnell
1976 Randy Duncan
1977 Alex Karras
Year Inductee
1983 Mike Enich
1985 Paul Krause
1986 Ed Podolak
1987 Wally Hilgenberg
1988 Jack Dittmer
1989 Forest Evashevski
2000 Larry Station
2001 Chuck Long
2002 Ken Ploen
2003 Reggie Roby
2004 Hayden Fry
2008 Andre Tippett
2013 Tavian Banks

University of Iowa Edit

The University of Iowa started an athletics Hall of Fame in 1989. Ten football players were inducted in the initial class, and it has since expanded to include 47 football players and coaches:[6]

Year Inductee
1989 Aubrey Devine
1989 Duke Slater
1989 Gordon Locke
1989 Willis Glassgow
1989 Ozzie Simmons
1989 Nile Kinnick
1989 Erwin Prasse
1989 Cal Jones
1989 Alex Karras
1989 Forest Evashevski
1990 Mike Enich
1990 Ken Ploen
1991 Lester Belding
1991 Joe Laws
1992 Dick Crayne
1992 Randy Duncan
Year Inductee
1993 Clyde Williams
1993 Howard Jones
1993 Frank Cuhel
1993 Jack Dittmer
1995 Emerson Nelson
1995 Jerry Hilgenberg
1996 Al Couppee
1996 Jim Gibbons
1997 Chuck Long
1998 Stub Barron
1998 Emlen Tunnell
2000 Stub Stewart
2000 Paul Krause
2001 Bill Reichardt
2002 Homer Harris
2003 Francis Schammel
Year Inductee
2003 Wally Hilgenberg
2003 Jay Hilgenberg
2003 Joel Hilgenberg
2004 Hayden Fry
2005 Mike Reilly
2005 Larry Station
2006 John Niland
2006 Reggie Roby
2007 Andre Tippett
2008 Marv Cook
2009 Fred Becker
2010 Bob Jeter
2011 Sherwyn Thorson
2011 Tim Dwight
2012 Bashir Yamini
2013 Brad Banks

National honorees Edit

Annual awards Edit

Various organizations bestow annual awards recognizing the best college football player overall or at a specific position for that season, and several of these annual awards are considered highly prestigious honors. Some of these awards have been won by the following Hawkeyes:[7]

Recipient National Award Year Received
Nile Kinnick AP Athlete of the Year 1939
Nile Kinnick Heisman Trophy 1939
Nile Kinnick Maxwell Award 1939
Eddie Anderson AFCA Coach of the Year 1939
Cal Jones Outland Trophy 1955
Alex Karras Outland Trophy 1957
Alex Karras UPI Lineman of the Year 1957
Hayden Fry Sporting News Coach of the Year 1981
Chuck Long Davey O'Brien Award 1985
Chuck Long Maxwell Award 1985
Kahlil Hill Mosi Tatupu Award 2001
Brad Banks AP Player of the Year 2002
Brad Banks Davey O'Brien Award 2002
Dallas Clark John Mackey Award 2002
Nate Kaeding Lou Groza Award 2002
Kirk Ferentz AP Coach of the Year 2002
Kirk Ferentz Walter Camp Coach of the Year 2002
Robert Gallery Outland Trophy 2003
Shonn Greene Doak Walker Award 2008

The most prestigious of these individual awards is the Heisman Trophy. Nile Kinnick won the award in 1939, and four other Hawkeyes have placed second in the voting. In all, nine Hawkeye players have finished in the top ten in the Heisman Trophy balloting, with Chuck Long doing so twice:[8]

Season Player Heisman Finish
1939 Nile Kinnick First
1955 Cal Jones Tenth
1956 Ken Ploen Ninth
1957 Alex Karras Second
1958 Randy Duncan Second
1984 Chuck Long Seventh
1985 Chuck Long Second
1997 Tim Dwight Seventh
2002 Brad Banks Second
2008 Shonn Greene Sixth

All-American selections Edit

Each year, numerous publications and organizations release lists of All-America teams, hypothetical rosters of players considered the best in the nation at their respective positions.[9] The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) uses officially recognized All-America selectors to determine the consensus selections. Over time, the sources used to determine the consensus selections have varied. Currently, the NCAA uses five "major" selectors to determine consensus All-Americans: the Associated Press (AP), American Football Coaches Association (AFCA), Football Writers Association of America (FWAA), The Sporting News (TSN), and the Walter Camp Football Foundation (WCFF).[10] Many other publications and organization compile their own "minor" All-America teams in addition to the selectors listed here.

Clyde Williams is often referred to as "Iowa's first All-American". Williams, who led the Hawkeyes to its first Big Ten championship in 1900, was named a third-team All-American by Walter Camp that season. Clyde Williams was the first player west of the Mississippi River to garner All-American honors.[11][12] However, since the following list constitutes only first-team and second-team All-Americans, Williams is not included here.

Through the 2011 season, Iowa has had 65 first-team All-Americans and 31 second-team All-Americans. Of Iowa's 65 first-team All-Americans, 22 players were consensus first-team All-American selections, while six were unanimous first-team selections.[13][14]


      Consensus/Unanimous first-team selection 

      First-team selection 

      Second-team selection 

Season Player Remarks
1912 Jim Trickey
1916 Fred Becker
1919 Lester Belding
1919 Duke Slater
1920 Lester Belding Second selection
1921 Aubrey Devine
1921 Gordon Locke
1921 Duke Slater Second selection
1922 Max Kadesky
1922 Gordon Locke Second first-team selection
1924 John Hancock
1925 Dick Romey
1926 Emerson Nelson
1928 Willis Glassgow
1928 Peter Westra
1929 Willis Glassgow Second selection
1933 Joe Laws
1933 Francis Schammel
1934 Ozzie Simmons
1935 Ozzie Simmons Second selection
1939 Nile Kinnick
1939 Erwin Prasse
1940 Mike Enich
1948 William Kay
1951 Bill Reichardt
1953 Jerry Hilgenberg
1953 Cal Jones
1954 Cal Jones Second first-team selection
1955 Cal Jones Second consensus selection;
Third first-team selection
1956 Frank Gilliam
1956 Alex Karras
1956 Ken Ploen
1956 Don Suchy
1957 Jim Gibbons
1957 Alex Karras Second first-team selection
Season Player Remarks
1958 Randy Duncan Unanimous selection
1958 Curt Merz
1959 Don Norton
1960 Larry Ferguson
1960 Wilburn Hollis
1960 Mark Manders
1961 Bill Van Buren
1963 Mike Reilly
1964 John Niland
1964 Karl Noonan
1965 Dave Long
1965 John Niland Second selection
1971 Craig Clemons
1975 Joe Devlin
1975 Rod Walters
1979 Dennis Mosley
1980 John Harty
1981 Pat Dean
1981 Reggie Roby
1981 Andre Tippett
1982 Mark Bortz
1982 Reggie Roby Second first-team selection
1983 Joel Hilgenberg
1983 Larry Station
1984 Ronnie Harmon
1984 Jonathan Hayes
1984 Larry Station Second selection
1985 Ronnie Harmon Second selection
1985 Chuck Long Unanimous selection
1985 Larry Station Unanimous selection;
Second consensus selection;
Third selection
Season Player Remarks
1986 Dave Croston
1987 Dave Haight
1988 Marv Cook
1988 Dave Haight Second selection
1990 Nick Bell
1990 Merton Hanks
1991 Leroy Smith
1992 Mike Devlin
1996 Tim Dwight
1997 Tavian Banks
1997 Jared DeVries
1997 Tim Dwight Second first-team selection
1998 Jared DeVries Second selection
2002 Brad Banks
2002 Dallas Clark Unanimous selection
2002 Colin Cole
2002 Nate Kaeding
2002 Bruce Nelson
2002 Eric Steinbach
2003 Robert Gallery Unanimous selection
2003 Nate Kaeding Second first-team selection
2003 Bob Sanders
2004 Chad Greenway
2004 Matt Roth
2005 Chad Greenway Second selection
2008 Shonn Greene Unanimous selection
2008 Mitch King
2009 Pat Angerer
2009 Bryan Bulaga
2010 Adrian Clayborn
2011 Riley Reiff

Big Ten honorees Edit

Most Valuable Players Edit

The Chicago Tribune Silver Football has been awarded since 1924 by the Chicago Tribune to the college football player determined to be the Most Valuable Player of the Big Ten Conference. Ten Hawkeyes have won the Big Ten MVP award, the third largest number of winners by any school, trailing only Michigan and Ohio State:[15]

Inducted Player
1929 Willis Glassgow
1933 Joe Laws
1939 Nile Kinnick
1951 Bill Reichardt
1956 Ken Ploen
Inducted Player
1958 Randy Duncan
1985 Chuck Long
1990 Nick Bell
2002 Brad Banks
2008 Shonn Greene

Annual individual honors Edit

Coaches and media of the Big Ten also make annual selections for additional individual honors:[16]

Big Ten Conference Award Recipient(s) and year received
Offensive Player of the Year Chuck Long (1985); Nick Bell & Matt Rodgers (1990); Tavian Banks (1997); Brad Banks (2002); Shonn Greene (2008)
Defensive Player of the Year Leroy Smith (1991)
Offensive Lineman of the Year Mike Haight (1985); Dave Croston (1986); Mike Devlin (1992); Eric Steinbach (2002); Robert Gallery (2003); Bryan Bulaga (2009)
Receiver of the Year Marvin McNutt (2011)
Defensive Lineman of the Year Paul Hufford (1984); Dave Haight (1987); Leroy Smith (1991); Jared DeVries (1997); Mitch King (2008)
Defensive Back of the Year Micah Hyde (2012)
Coach of the Year Hayden Fry (1981, 1990, & 1991); Kirk Ferentz (2002, 2004, & 2009)
Athlete of the Year Chuck Long (1986)

All-conference selections Edit

Through the 2013 season, Iowa has had 230 first team All-Big Ten selections, starting with Clyde Williams and Joe Warner in 1900. 50 players were multiple first-team All-Big Ten selections, and nine players were three-time first-team All-Big Ten selections.[17]


      First selection 

      Second selection 

      Third selection 

Season Player
1900 Joe Warner
1900 Clyde Williams
1912 Jim Trickey
1913 Ralph McGinnis
1916 Fred Becker
1918 Harry Hunzelman
1918 Ronald Reed
1919 Lester Belding
1919 Aubrey Devine
1919 Fred Lohman
1919 Duke Slater
1920 Lester Belding
1920 Aubrey Devine
1920 Duke Slater
1921 Lester Belding
1921 Aubrey Devine
1921 John Heldt
1921 Max Kadesky
1921 Gordon Locke
1921 Chester Mead
1921 Duke Slater
1922 Gordon Locke
1922 Paul Minick
1922 George Thompson
1923 Lowell Otte
1924 William Fleckenstein
1924 John Hancock
1924 Lowell Otte
1924 Leland Parkin
1925 Dick Romey
1926 Emerson Nelson
1927 Emerson Nelson
1928 Richard Brown
1928 Willis Glassgow
1928 Fred Roberts
1928 Peter Westra
1929 Willis Glassgow
1929 Fred Roberts
1933 Joe Laws
1933 Francis Schammel
1934 Ozzie Simmons
1935 Ozzie Simmons
1937 Nile Kinnick
1937 Robert Lannon
1938 Erwin Prasse
1939 Mike Enich
1939 Nile Kinnick
1939 Erwin Prasse
1940 Mike Enich
1942 Tom Farmer
1946 Earl Banks
1946 Dick Hoerner
1948 William Kay
1950 Bill Reichardt
1951 Bill Reichardt
1952 Bill Fenton
1953 Jerry Hilgenberg
1953 Cal Jones
Season Player
1954 Cal Jones
1955 Cal Jones
1955 Eddie Vincent
1956 Frank Gilliam
1956 Alex Karras
1956 Ken Ploen
1956 Donald Suchy
1957 Frank Bloomquist
1957 Randy Duncan
1957 Jim Gibbons
1957 Alex Karras
1958 Randy Duncan
1958 Willie Fleming
1959 Bob Jeter
1959 Bill Lapham
1959 Don Norton
1960 Larry Ferguson
1960 Wilburn Hollis
1960 Mark Manders
1962 Larry Ferguson
1963 Wally Hilgenberg
1963 Mike Reilly
1964 Karl Noonan
1964 Gary Snook
1965 John Niland
1968 Jon Meskimen
1968 Ed Podolak
1969 Jon Meskimen
1971 Craig Clemons
1973 Brian Rollins
1974 Earl Douthitt
1975 Joe Devlin
1975 Rod Walters
1977 Tom Rusk
1979 Jay Hilgenberg
1979 Dennis Mosley
1979 Leven Weiss
1980 Andre Tippett
1981 Mark Bortz
1981 Mel Cole
1981 Pat Dean
1981 Ron Hallstrom
1981 Lou King
1981 Reggie Roby
1981 Andre Tippett
1982 Mark Bortz
1982 Reggie Roby
1982 Bob Stoops
1983 John Alt
1983 Paul Hufford
1983 Chuck Long
1983 Dave Moritz
1983 Larry Station
1983 Mike Stoops
1984 Ronnie Harmon
1984 Paul Hufford
1984 George Little
1984 Chuck Long
Season Player
1984 Devon Mitchell
1984 Larry Station
1984 Mike Stoops
1985 Jeff Drost
1985 Mike Haight
1985 Ronnie Harmon
1985 Rob Houghtlin
1985 Chuck Long
1985 Jay Norvell
1985 Hap Peterson
1985 Larry Station
1986 Rick Bayless
1986 Dave Croston
1986 Jeff Drost
1986 Dave Haight
1986 Bob Kratch
1987 Kerry Burt
1987 Marv Cook
1987 Quinn Early
1987 Dave Haight
1987 Chuck Hartlieb
1987 Rob Houghtlin
1988 Marv Cook
1988 Dave Haight
1988 Deven Harberts
1988 Chuck Hartlieb
1988 Bob Kratch
1988 Joe Mott
1988 Brad Quast
1989 Jim Johnson
1989 Brad Quast
1990 Nick Bell
1990 Melvin Foster
1990 Merton Hanks
1990 Jim Johnson
1990 Matt Rodgers
1990 Matt Ruhland
1990 Michael Titley
1991 Rob Baxley
1991 John Derby
1991 Mike Devlin
1991 Ron Geater
1991 Danan Hughes
1991 Matt Rodgers
1991 Mike Saunders
1991 Leroy Smith
1992 Alan Cross
1992 Scott Davis
1992 Mike Devlin
1992 Carlos James
1992 Mike Wells
1993 Mike Wells
1995 Nick Gallery
1996 Jared DeVries
1996 Nick Gallery
1996 Damien Robinson
1996 Sedrick Shaw
1996 Ross Verba
Season Player
1997 Tavian Banks
1997 Jared DeVries
1997 Tim Dwight
1997 Mike Goff
1998 Jared DeVries
2001 Aaron Kampman
2001 Bob Sanders
2001 Eric Steinbach
2002 Brad Banks
2002 Fred Barr
2002 Dallas Clark
2002 Colin Cole
2002 Robert Gallery
2002 Howard Hodges
2002 Nate Kaeding
2002 Bruce Nelson
2002 Fred Russell
2002 Bob Sanders
2002 Eric Steinbach
2003 Robert Gallery
2003 Abdul Hodge
2003 Nate Kaeding
2003 Matt Roth
2003 Bob Sanders
2004 Jonathan Babineaux
2004 Chad Greenway
2004 Abdul Hodge
2004 Matt Roth
2004 Drew Tate
2005 Chad Greenway
2005 Kenny Iwebema
2005 Jovon Johnson
2006 Mike Jones
2007 Mitch King
2008 Shonn Greene
2008 Mitch King
2008 Brandon Myers
2008 Seth Olsen
2009 Pat Angerer
2009 Bryan Bulaga
2009 Adrian Clayborn
2009 Tony Moeaki
2009 Dace Richardson
2009 Tyler Sash
2009 Amari Spievey
2010 Adrian Clayborn
2010 Derrell Johnson-Koulianos
2010 Shaun Prater
2010 Tyler Sash
2011 Marvin McNutt
2011 Shaun Prater
2011 Riley Reiff
2012 Micah Hyde
2013 B.J. Lowery
2013 Brandon Scherff
2013 C.J. Fiedorowicz

All-time teamEdit

In 1989, Iowa fans selected an all-time University of Iowa football team during the 100th anniversary celebration of Iowa football. Twelve starters and eight honorable mentions were selected on both offense and defense, along with a Most Valuable Player:[18]

Most Valuable Player
Nile Kinnick
Position Player
E Marv Cook
E Jim Gibbons
OL Mike Enich
OL Calvin Jones
OL Jerry Hilgenberg
OL John Niland
OL Duke Slater
QB Chuck Long
RB Ozzie Simmons
RB Aubrey Devine
RB Ronnie Harmon
PK Rob Houghtlin
Honorable Mention
Position Player
OL Dave Croston
OL Joe Devlin
QB Randy Duncan
RB Larry Ferguson
RB Joe Laws
RB Ed Podolak
RB Bill Reichardt
E Erwin Prasse
Position Player
E Frank Gilliam
E Andre Tippett
DL Mark Bortz
DL Dave Haight
DL Alex Karras
LB Mike Reilly
LB Larry Station
DB Craig Clemons
DB Willis Glassgow
DB Gordon Locke
DB Ken Ploen
P Reggie Roby
Honorable Mention
Position Player
E Lester Belding
LB Wally Hilgenberg
DB Devon Mitchell
DE Joe Mott
LB Brad Quast
DB Bill Reichardt
DB Bob Stoops
DB Mike Stoops

NCAA FBS all-time recordsEdit

The following is a list of team and individual NCAA FBS records that are held by the Iowa Hawkeyes.

  • Best Perfect Passing Game - Iowa vs. Northwestern, 2002 - 12 for 12 (100 PCT.)
  • Most Touchdowns on Fumble Returns - Iowa vs. Minnesota, 1994 - 2 (tied)
  • Most Opponent's Field Goals Blocked, One Quarter - Iowa vs. Northern Iowa, 2009 - 2 (tied)
  • Most Games Gaining 100 or More Rushing in a Season - Shonn Greene, 2008 - 13
  • Most Consecutive Rushes for a Touchdown in a Game - Aaron Greving, Iowa vs. Kent State 2001 - 3 (tied), (TD's for 14, 1, & 26 yards)
  • Highest Average per Punt in a Season (min. 40-49 punts) - Reggie Roby, 1981 - 49.8 (44 for 2,193)
  • Most Passes Intercepted by a Linebacker in One Game - Grant Steen, Iowa vs. Indiana 2002 - 3 (tied)
  • Players Gaining 1,000 Yards on Punt Returns and 1,000 Yards on Kickoff Returns in a Career - Tim Dwight, 1994-1997 - (1,051 & 1,133)
  • Most Touchdowns Scored on Kick Returns in a Game (At Least One Punt Return & One Kickoff Return) - Kahlil Hill, Iowa vs. Western Michigan 1998 - 2 (tied)
  • Most Blocked Field Goals in a Game - Kenny Iwebema, Iowa vs. Syracuse 2008 - 2 (tied)
  • Passing for a Touchdown and Scoring on a Pass Reception and Punt Return in a Game - Tim Dwight, Iowa vs. Indiana 1997
  • Most Field Goals Made, 50 Yards or More in a Game - Tim Douglas, Iowa vs. Illinois 1998 - 3 (tied), (51, 58, & 51 yards)


NFL draft picksEdit

Iowa has had at least one player drafted in every NFL Draft since 1978. Through the 2013 NFL Draft, Iowa has had 269 draft picks. 241 in the NFL, 21 in the AFL, and 7 in the AAFC (the AFC and AAFC both merged with the NFL). and 72 players have gone in the first three rounds of the NFL Draft. Iowa has had 19 first round NFL Draft selections:[20]

Season Player Team Selection
1936 Dick Crayne Brooklyn Dodgers 4th
1958 Alex Karras Detroit Lions 10th
1959 Randy Duncan Green Bay Packers 1st
1966 John Niland Dallas Cowboys 5th
1973 Craig Clemons Chicago Bears 12th
1976 Rod Walters Kansas City Chiefs 14th
1982 Ron Hallstrom Green Bay Packers 22nd
1984 John Alt Kansas City Chiefs 21st
1986 Chuck Long Detroit Lions 12th
1986 Ronnie Harmon Buffalo Bills 16th
1986 Mike Haight New York Jets 22nd
1997 Tom Knight Arizona Cardinals 9th
1997 Ross Verba Green Bay Packers 30th
2003 Dallas Clark Indianapolis Colts 24th
2004 Robert Gallery Oakland Raiders 2nd
2006 Chad Greenway Minnesota Vikings 17th
2010 Bryan Bulaga Green Bay Packers 23rd
2011 Adrian Clayborn Tampa Bay Buccaneers 20th
2012 Riley Reiff Detroit Lions 23rd

Hawkeye head coaches Edit

Several former Hawkeye players have later been named NFL head coaches or Division I college head coaches:[21]

Coach Team & Years
John G. Griffith Iowa, 1909
Clyde Williams Iowa State, 1907-1912
Wesley Fry Kansas State, 1935-1939
Leonard Raffensperger Iowa, 1950-1951
Bob Commings Iowa, 1974-1978
Dennis Green Northwestern, 1981-1985
Stanford, 1989-1991
Minnesota Vikings, 1992-2001
Arizona Cardinals, 2004-2006
Dan McCarney Iowa State, 1995-2006
North Texas, 2011-Present
Bob Stoops Oklahoma, 1999-present
Mark Stoops Kentucky, 2013-Present
Mike Stoops Arizona, 2004-2011
Chuck Long San Diego State, 2006-2008
Bret Bielema Wisconsin, 2006-2012
Arkansas, 2013-Present
Jim Caldwell Indianapolis Colts, 2009-2011
Detroit Lions, 2014-Present

Other notable players Edit

A few notable players not previously mentioned:


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