Historical Record for Detroit Harvards
                         Last Updated: Dec 23, 2006   11:35:13

Year: 1915 Detroit Harvards State Ranking: 5

Su O10 Windsor (ON) Su O17 Detroit Holy Redeemer Greys West End Park Su O31 Detroit Holy Redeemer Greys 7- 6 W West End Park Su N14 H Toledo Glenwoods W Su N21 Detroit West Ends 13- 7 W


 O10 scheduled                                                                  
 O17 scheduled                                                                  
 N14 unsure of score                                                            
         Record for Year:    3-0-0   1.000       Points: 20-13

Year: 1916 Detroit Harvards State Ranking: 2

Su Cleveland Indians 2nd Team W Su O08 H Ann Arbor (MI) Independents 19- 0 W Su O15 H Toledo Glenwoods 2- 9 L Su O22 Fremont (OH) AC 15- 0 W Su O22 Cleveland Haydens 20- 7 W 1000 Su O29 H Detroit Carlisle Indians 3- 0 W Solvay Grounds Su N05 Su N12 H Kalamazoo (MI) Independents 6- 0 W Su N19 H Toledo Glenwoods W Su N19 H Montpelier (OH) Bears Su N19 H Cleveland Panhandles Solvay Field Su N26 Detroit Mack Park Maroons 24- 0 W Th N30 A Hammond Clabbys 0- 20 L Su D03 A Detroit Heralds 0- 50 L Navin Field


     not sure of date/score/team                                                
 O08 aka AA Orioles?/28-0?                                                      
 O22 Fremer's Harvards/aka Fremont All-Stars                                    
 O22 Cleve-former Erin Braus                                                    
 N05 no game?                                                                   
 N19 unsure of score                                                            
 N19 tentative                                                                  
 N19 scheduled                                                                  
 N26 MPM aka Detroit West Ends                                                  
 D03 scheduled-City Championship                                                
         Record for Year:    8-3-0   .727        Points: 89-86

Historical Record:

    11-3-0              2 Years        Points: 109-99
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