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This is a list of first-round draft picks made by the Arizona Cardinals of the National Football League.

The Chicago Years, 1936–1959

Year Player College Position
1936 Jim Lawrence TCU Back
1937 Ray Buivid Marquette Back
1938 Jack Robbins Arkansas Back
1939 Charles (Ki) Aldrich TCU Center
1940 George Cafego Tennessee Back
1941 John Kimbrough Texas A&M Back
1942 Steve Lach Duke Back
1943 Glenn Dobbs Tulsa Halfback/Quarterback/Punter
1944 Pat Harder Wisconsin Back
1945 Charley Trippi Georgia Back
1946 Dub Jones LSU Back
1947 DeWit (Tex) Coulter Army Tackle
1948 Jim Spavital Oklahoma A&M Back
1949 Bill Fischer Notre Dame Guard
1950 No 1st Rd Pick, Jack Jennings, (2nd Round) Ohio State Tackle
1951 Jerry Groom Notre Dame Center
1952 Ollie Matson San Francisco Back
1953 John Olszewski California Back
1954 Lamar McHan Arkansas Back
1955 Max Boydston Oklahoma End
1956 Joe Childress Auburn Back
1957 Jerry Tubbs Oklahoma Center
1958 King Hill Rice Back
1958 John David Crow Texas A&M Back
1959 Bill Stacy Mississippi State Back

The St. Louis Years, 1960–1987

Year Player College Position
1960 George Izo Notre Dame Quarterback
1961 Ken Rice Auburn Tackle
1962 Fate Echols Northwestern Defensive Tackle
1962 Irv Goode Kentucky Center
1963 Jerry Stovall LSU Safety
1963 Don Brumm Purdue Defensive End
1964 Ken Kortas Louisville Defensive Tackle
1965 Joe Namath Alabama Quarterback
1966 Carl McAdams Oklahoma Linebacker
1967 Dave Williams Washington Wide Receiver
1968 MacArthur Lane Utah State Running Back
1969 Roger Wehrli Missouri Defensive Back
1970 Larry Stegent Texas A&M Running Back
1971 Norm Thompson Utah Cornerback
1972 Bobby Moore (Ahmad Rashad) Oregon Running Back/Wide Receiver
1973 Dave Butz Purdue Defensive Tackle
1974 J. V. Cain Colorado Tight End
1975 Tim Gray Texas A&M Defensive Back
1976 Mike Dawson Arizona Defensive Tackle
1977 Steve Pisarkiewicz Missouri Quarterback
1978 Steve Little Arkansas Kicker
1978 Ken Greene Washington State Defensive Back
1979 Ottis Anderson Miami Running Back
1980 Curtis Greer Michigan Defensive End
1981 E. J. Junior Alabama Linebacker
1982 Luis Sharpe UCLA Tackle
1983 Leonard Smith McNeese State Defensive Back
1984 Clyde Duncan Tennessee Wide Receiver
1985 Freddie Joe Nunn Mississippi Linebacker
1986 Anthony Bell Michigan State Linebacker
1987 Kelly Stouffer Colorado State Quarterback

The Arizona Years, 1988–present

Year Player College Position
1988 Ken Harvey California Linebacker
1989 Eric Hill LSU Linebacker
1989 Joe Wolf Boston College Guard
1990 No 1st Rd Pick, Anthony Thompson (2nd Round) Indiana Running Back
1991 Eric Swann No College Defensive End
1992 No 1st Rd Pick, Tony Sacca, (2nd Round) Penn State Quarterback
1993 Garrison Hearst Georgia Running Back
1993 Ernest Dye South Carolina Tackle
1994 Jamir Miller UCLA Linebacker
1995 No 1st Rd Pick, Frank Sanders, (2nd Round) Auburn Wide Receiver
1996 Simeon Rice Illinois Defensive End
1997 Tom Knight Iowa Defensive Back
1998 Andre Wadsworth Florida State Defensive End
1999 David Boston Ohio State Wide Receiver
1999 L.J. Shelton Eastern Michigan Tackle
2000 Thomas Jones Virginia Running Back
2001 Leonard Davis Texas Tackle
2002 Wendell Bryant Wisconsin Defensive Tackle
2003 Bryant Johnson Penn State Wide Receiver
2003 Calvin Pace Wake Forest Defensive End
2004 Larry Fitzgerald Pittsburgh Wide Receiver
2005 Antrel Rolle Miami Cornerback
2006 Matt Leinart USC Quarterback
2007 Levi Brown Penn State Left Tackle
2008 Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie Tennessee State Cornerback
2009 Beanie Wells Ohio State Running Back
2010 Dan Williams Tennessee Defensive Tackle
2011 Patrick Peterson LSU Cornerback
2012 Michael Floyd Notre Dame Wide Receiver


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