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Larry Smith may refer to:

  • Larry Smith (Canadian politician) (born 1951), Canadian Senator, former Canadian football player and former president of the Montreal Alouettes
  • Larry Smith (basketball) (born 1958), retired professional basketball player
  • Larry Smith (basketball, born 1968), former high school and college basketball player
  • Larry Smith (defensive tackle) (born 1974), football player
  • Larry Smith (economics), professor of economics at the University of Waterloo
  • Larry Smith (American football coach) (1939–2008), former college football coach
  • Larry Smith (running back) (born 1947), former college football player
  • Larry Smith (musician) (born 1944), British drummer
  • Larry Smith (editor) (born 1968), editor of Smith magazine and co-author of Six Word Memoirs
  • Larry Smith (racing driver) (1942–1973), 1972 Winston Cup Grand National Series Rookie of The Year
  • Larry Smith (puppeteer) (born 1938), producer of children's programming and creator of the Larry Smith Puppets troupe
  • Larry Smith (producer) (born 1951), record producer of the 1984 album Run-D.M.C.
  • Larry E. Smith (born 1945), Canadian musician, composer, recording artist
  • Larry H. Smith (1939–2002), US National hockey player and University of Minnesota standout
  • Larry G. Smith (1914–1992), member of the Ohio House of Representatives
  • Larry R. Smith (born 1943), American writer
  • Larry Smith (cinematographer)

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