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Larry Johnson is the name of:

  • Larry Johnson (American football) (born 1979), American football running back
  • Larry Johnson (baseball) (born 1950), baseball player
  • Larry Johnson (basketball, born 1969), American basketball player
  • Larry Johnson (basketball, born 1954), American basketball player
  • Larry Johnson (coach), American football coach
  • Larry Johnson (film producer) (1947–2010), American filmmaker
  • Larry Johnson (lineman) (1909–1972), American football offensive lineman
  • Larry Johnson (musician) (born 1938), American blues singer and guitarist
  • Larry Johnson (wrestler), American professional wrestler, best known as Sonny King
  • Larry Johnson (pool player), American professional pool player and BCA Hall of Fame inductee, best known as "Boston Shorty"
  • Larry C. Johnson, American political commentator and former CIA analyst
  • Laurence F. Johnson (born 1950), American futurist, author, and educator
  • Larry Johnson (author) (born 1960), American author of the book Frozen
  • Larry R. Johnson (1944–1998), meteorologist

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  • Larry Johnston, ice hockey player
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