Chicago Bears' kickoff returner Devin Hester

In American and Canadian football, a kick returner (KR) is the player on special teams who is primarily responsible to catch kickoffs and attempts to return them in the opposite direction. If the ball is kicked into his own endzone, he must assess the situation on the field while the ball is in the air and determine if it would be beneficial to his team for a return. If he decides that it is not, he can make a touchback by kneeling down in the end zone after catching the ball, which gives his team the ball at their own 20-yard line to start the drive.

He is usually one of the faster players on the team, often a backup wide receiver, defensive back, or running back.

A kick returner might also double as a punt returner as well.

Sometimes players who make big plays at the punt or kick returner positions become well known "return specialist" players (e.g. Dan Trueman).

Kickoff return touchdown percentageEdit

The following table ranks all National Football League kick returners with at least 4 touchdown returns through the 2008 season by touchdown return percentage:

Top 25 career
Name TD Returns Yards Average TD % Start End
Gale Sayers6912,78130.566.59%19651971
Devin Hester6942,14122.86.38%2006present
Travis Williams61022,80127.465.88%19671971
Bobby Mitchell51022,69026.374.90%19581968
Ollie Matson61433,74626.204.20%19521964
Leon Washington71744,44725.564.02%2006present
Jon Vaughn41032,39023.203.88%19911994
Darrick Vaughn41032,62025.443.88%20002003
Cecil Turner41082,61624.223.70%19681973
Justin Miller51413,74526.623.55%2005present
Tony Horne41433,57725.012.80%19982000
Timmy Brown51864,78125.702.69%19591968
Abe Woodson51935,53828.692.59%19581966
Josh Cribbs82095,50726.352.26%2005present
Andre Coleman41934,44623.042.07%19941998
Ron Brown41994,49322.582.01%19841990
Terrence McGee52075,45026.322.41%2003present
Tamarick Vanover42265,42223.991.77%19951999
Mel Gray642110,25024.351.43%19861997
Dante Hall642610,13623.791.41%20002008
Michael Bates53739,11024.421.34%19932003
Allen Rossum550611,77923.280.99%1998present
Brian Mitchell460714,01423.090.66%19902003


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