Kevin Spencer (born November 2, 1953) is the Special Teams coach for the National Football League's San Diego Chargers. He has been a coach in the NFL since 1991.

Early Coaching CareerEdit

In 1975, Spencer coached wrestling and lacrosse at the State University of New York as a graduate assistant. From 1976-1979 he coached at Detroit County Day High School in Birmingham, Michigan. Spencer then spent the next two years as a graduate assistant at Cornell University. After coaching for one season at Gilman School in Baltimore, Maryland, Spencer then received a job coaching at Ithaca College. From 1981-1985, he was the head freshman coach and the following year (1986), he served as the offensive coordinator. Spencer them moved to Wesleyan University where he was the head coach for five years (1987-1991). Spencer brought change to Wesleyan University to help clean up the program and through discipline, taught his players many valuable lessons. [1]With a 6-2 record in 1990, he finished with an overall record of 14-26. From 1989-1990, Spencer coached the Cleveland Browns and New York Jets former head coach Eric Mangini.[2]

Cleveland BrownsEdit

Kevin Spencer began his NFL career with the Cleveland Browns as a Coaching Assistant under then coach, Bill Belichick, in 1991. His final season with the team was in 1994.

Oakland RaidersEdit

Kevin Spencer then moved to the Oakland Raiders football team in 1995. Under head coach Mike White, he served as Quality Control for the 1995 season. In the 1996 season, he then moved into the role of Assistant Linebackers Coach. In 1997, the Raiders new Head Coach, Joe Bugel, gave him the job of Defensive Assistant.

Indianapolis ColtsEdit

In 1998, Spencer was hired on by the Indianapolis Colts as special teams coach under Head Coach, Jim Mora. While coaching for the Colts, Spencer was able to work with one of the premier kickers in the NFL, Mike Vanderjagt. The first player in Colts history to have four consecutive 100+ point seasons was Vanderjagt under Spencer's coaching. Vanderjagt ranked 1st in the AFC and 2nd in the NFL during the 2001 season.[2] He held this position until the 2001 season, the same year that Mora left the team.

Pittsburgh SteelersEdit

Signing with the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2002, Spencer got his first Super Bowl ring in Super Bowl XL. In 2003, Spencer was named the NFL's "Special Teams Coach of The Year" in a vote of his peers.

Arizona CardinalsEdit

Following the 2006 season, former Steelers' offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt was named head coach of the Arizona Cardinals. [3] Spencer was allowed out of the final year of his contract with the Steelers and was hired to coach for the Arizona Cardinals on January 19, 2007. [2] Spencer made his second Super Bowl appearance in 2009 with the Cardinals. [1] Patrick Peterson, Spencer's rookie punt returner, had 4 punt return touchdowns in 2011, tying an NFL record. The second longest punt return in NFL history is Peterson's 99-yard punt return touchdown during the OT vs. St. Louis game. [2]

San Diego ChargersEdit

On January 22nd, 2013, Kevin Spencer was hired as the Chargers Special Teams Coach reuniting him with Ken Whisenhunt who is the Offensive Coordinator. [4]


While attending Springfield College (MA), Spencer played football and lacrosse from 1972-1975. In 1976, Spencer earned his master's degree from SUNY-Cortland. Spencer and his wife, Rosemarie, have two sons, Timothy and Jack. [2]


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Timothy is currently a freshman in high school, and Jack is an eighth grader. Both of their kids are involved in sports

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