This page details awards won by the Kansas City Chiefs, a professional American football team from the National Football League.

Individual league awardsEdit

Coach of the Year: (0)Edit

Most Valuable Player: (0)Edit

Offensive Rookie of the Year: (0)Edit

Defensive Rookie of the Year: (3)Edit

1984: Bill Maas, DT
1989: Derrick Thomas, LB
1992: Dale Carter, CB

Offensive Player of the Year: (1)Edit

2002: Priest Holmes, RB

Defensive Player of the Year: (0)Edit

Super Bowl MVP: (1)Edit

1970: Len Dawson, QB (IV)

Walter Payton Man of the Year Award: (5)Edit

1972: Willie Lanier, LB</BR> 1973: Len Dawson, QB</BR> 1993: Derrick Thomas, LB</BR> 2003: Will Shields, G</BR> 2009: Brian Waters, G

Comeback Player of the Year: (2)Edit

1990: Barry Word, RB</BR> 1993: Marcus Allen, RB</BR>

Individual team awardsEdit

Ed Block Courage Award Edit

The Ed Block Courage Award has annually honored one player from every NFL team who exemplifies commitment to the principles of sportsmanship and courage. The award is selected by a vote of their teammates.

Derrick Thomas Award Edit

The Derrick Thomas Award is given to the Chiefs MVP as determined by the players and coaches. The award is named after the former Chiefs LB.

Mack Lee Hill Award Edit

The Mack Lee Hill Award is given to the Chiefs rookie of the year as determined by the players and coaches. It has been awarded since 1966. The award is named after forner Chiefs runningback Mack Lee Hill.

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