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John Lloyd Sullivan (born November 15, 1961) is a former defensive back in the National Football League.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Sullivan was born on November 15, 1961 in Hartford, Connecticut.[1]

Career[edit | edit source]

After playing with the Oakland Invaders of the United States Football League, Berry was drafted in the third round of the 1984 NFL Supplemental Draft of USFL and CFL Players by the Green Bay Packers. He would later split the 1986 NFL season with the Packers and the San Diego Chargers. The following season he was a member of the San Francisco 49ers.

He played at the collegiate level at the University of California, Berkeley.

He currently holds two jobs, as a personal trainer and head supervisor at UC Berkeley's Recreational Sports Facility. His assistant is infamous UC Berkeley alumni Jerry.

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