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John Cox may refer to:

Arts and entertainment

  • John Howard (American actor) (1913–1995), American actor, birth name John R. Cox, Jr.
  • John Cox (director) (born 1935), English theatre director
  • John Cox (screenwriter), American screenwriter
  • John Cox (sound engineer) (1908–1972), English sound engineer
  • John Cox (special effects artist) (born 1959), Australian special effects artist
  • John "Jack" Cox, British cinematographer for the film Rich and Strange
  • John Cox (cartoonist), American editorial cartoonist, artist of Cox & Forkum
  • John Rogers Cox (1915–1990), American painter


  • John Cox (died 1672), English naval officer killed at the Battle of Solebay
  • Sir John William Cox (1821–1901), British Army general serving in Afghanistan and in the Crimea War, see List of British generals and brigadiers
  • John Cox (Royal Navy officer) (1928–2006), British Royal Navy admiral
  • John V. Cox (born 1930), United States Marine Corps naval aviator


  • John Cox (Virginia politician) (born 1944), member of the Virginia House of Delegates
  • John Cox (mayor), mayor of Georgetown, Maryland
  • John F. Cox (born 1955), American attorney, politician, and city manager
  • John H. Cox (born 1955), businessman, radio host, and the Republican nominee in the 2018 November gubernatorial election in California
  • John I. Cox (1855–1946), governor of Tennessee
  • John W. Cox Jr. (born 1947), Illinois lawyer and former Congressman, Democrat
  • John Cox (MP), Member of Parliament (MP) for Bletchingley
  • John R. Cox, candidate in the United States House of Representatives election in Alaska, 2010


  • Johnny Cox (born 1936), American basketball player
  • Chubby Cox (born 1955), American basketball player, full name John Arthur Cox III
  • John Cox (basketball, born 1981), Venezuelan-American basketball player
  • John Cox (cricketer) (1823–1866), Australian cricketer
  • John Cox (footballer) (1870–?), England international footballer
  • Jack Cox (footballer) (1877–1955), British footballer and manager


  • John B. Cox, British-Australian ornithologist
  • John Cox (psychiatrist), British psychiatrist and President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists
  • John Cox (doctor), died 1816, tried to free Abdulrahman Ibrahim Ibn Sori from slavery
  • John Cox (priest) (born 1940), Archdeacon of Sudbury
  • John Charles Cox (1843–1919), English cleric and local historian
  • John Watson Cox (1902–1984), New Zealand lawyer and town planning administrator
  • John Carrington Cox (born 1943), American professor and economist
  • John Henry Cox (1750–1791), English explorer
  • John Cox (pirate), 17th-century pirate
  • John Cox (chess player) (born 1962), English chess player and chess author

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  • Sir John Cox Bray (1842–1894), premier of South Australia
  • John Cox Dillman Engleheart (1784–1862), British miniature painter
  • John Cox Stevens (1785–1857), first Commodore of the New York Yacht Club
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