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John Beck is the name of:


  • John Beck (politician), Canadian Reform Party candidate
  • John Beck (MP) for Derbyshire


  • John Beck (American football) (born 1981), American football player
  • John Beck (cricketer) (1934–2000), New Zealand batsman
  • John Beck (footballer) (born 1954), English footballer


  • John Beck (musician), British musician
  • John Ness Beck (1930–1987), composer


  • John Beck (actor) (born 1943), American actor
  • John Beck Hofmann (born 1969), [aka John Beck], film director and screenwriter
  • John Beck (reformer) (1883–1962), New Zealand public servant and child welfare reformer. He was born in Kirkcudbright, Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland on 22 January 1883
  • John Brodhead Beck (1794–1851), New York physician who was an authority on miscarriage, abortion, infant physiology, and associated forensic issues
  • John Beck (B-movie actor)
  • John Beck (producer)

See also

  • John Becke (1879–1949), British World War I air commander

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