The Joe F. Carr Trophy was the first award given in the National Football League (NFL) to recognize a most valuable player for each season. It was first awarded in 1938, known then as the Gruen Trophy,[1] and renamed in 1939 in honor of NFL commissioner Joseph Carr.[2][3] The Gruen Trophy, sponsored by Gruen Watch Co., was first awarded in 1937 to Dutch Clark of the Detroit Lions. However, both contemporary[4][5] and modern[6] sources consider the 1938 award the first retroactive Joe F. Carr Trophy, and thus the first NFL MVP award. Players were chosen by a panel of sportswriters who distributed first and second place votes. It was awarded until the 1946 season, and it remains the only MVP award the NFL has officially sanctioned.[7]

Season Player Team Position Refs
1938 Hein, MelMel Hein New York Giants Center, linebacker [1]
1939 Hall, ParkerParker Hall Cleveland Rams Quarterback, halfback [3]
1940 Parker, AceAce Parker Brooklyn Dodgers Quarterback, halfback [8]
1941 Hutson, DonDon Hutson Green Bay Packers End [4]
1942 Hutson, DonDon Hutson Green Bay Packers End [9]
1943 Luckman, SidSid Luckman Chicago Bears Quarterback [10]
1944 Sinkwich, FrankFrank Sinkwich Detroit Lions Halfback [11]
1945 Waterfield, BobBob Waterfield Cleveland Rams Quarterback [5]
1946 Dudley, BillBill Dudley Pittsburgh Steelers Halfback [12]

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