Idaho High School
Activities Association
Formation1925; ago (1925)
Legal statusAssociation
Purpose/focusAthletic / Educational
Headquarters8011 Ustick Road
LocationBoise, Idaho
Coordinates43°38′01″N 116°16′57″W / 43.6337, -116.2826</td></tr>
Region servedIdaho</td></tr>
Official languagesEnglish</td></tr>
Executive DirectorTy Jones</td></tr>
Assistant DirectorJulie Hammons</td></tr>
AffiliationsNational Federation of State High School Associations</td></tr></td></tr>

</table> The Idaho High School Activities Association (IHSAA) oversees high school athletics and activities in the state of Idaho. Idaho high schools are classified in five categories, based on enrollment, for league competition and state playoffs and championships.

Schools primarily compete within their own classification for regular season play, but are allowed to play other schools one classification above or below them in most sports.[1]

Classification Edit

IHSAA classifications are based on four-year enrollments (grades 9–12).[2]
The classifications for the state's 161 high schools for 2018–20 are:[3]

Classification Enrollment
(gr. 9–12)
Average per
class year
5A 1280 + 320 + 18
3A320–639 80–15920
1A, Div. I 100–15925–3928
1A, Div. II  0–99 0–2540
Total 161

Historic classificationsEdit

Years 5A 4A  3A  2A 1A (I)1A (II)
2008–5A4A3A2A1A (I)1A (II)
2001–20085A4A3A2A1A (FB: I, II)
2000–2001A-1 (I)A-1 (II)A-2A-3A-4
1984–2000A-1 (FB: I, II)A-2A-3A-4
1963–1984A-1  A-2    A-3  A-4
1917–1937 single classification


  • A-1 was split into two divisions for football in fall 1984, all sports in fall 2000 [5]
  • 1A was two divisions for football only; two divisions for volleyball and basketball in fall 2008.


File:Idaho Transportation Department districts.png
District Geographical area
I North
II North Central
III Southwest
IV South Central
V Southeast
VI East

The six districts correspond to those used by the state's transportation department.[6]

5A Conferences Edit

High Country Conference (5A) - (east)

Inland Empire League (5A) - (north)

Southern Idaho Conference (5A) - (southwest)

4A Conferences Edit

High Country Conference (4A) - (east-VI)

Great Basin Conference - (south central-IV & southeastern-V)

Inland Empire League (4A) - (north-I)

Southern Idaho Conference (4A) - (southwest-III)

3A Conferences Edit

Intermountain League - (north)

Mountain Rivers Conference - (east)

Sawtooth Central Conference - (south central)

Snake River Valley Conference - (southwest)

Southeastern Idaho Conference - (southeast)

2A Conferences Edit

Canyon Conference - (south central)

Central Idaho League - (north central)

Nuclear Conference - (east)

Southeastern Idaho Conference - (southeast)

Western Idaho Conference - (southwest)

1A Conferences Edit

Division IEdit

Snake River Conference - (south central)

White Pine League (Div I) - (north central)

Western Idaho Conference - (southwest)


Division IIEdit

Long Pin Conference - (southwest)

North Side Conference - (south central)

White Pine League (Div II) - (north central)

North Star Conference - (north)

Rocky Mountain Conference - (central)

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