Howie Roseman
Current position
Title General manager
Team Philadelphia Eagles
Personal information
Date of birth (1975-06-23) June 23, 1975 (age 44)
Place of birth Brooklyn, New York
Alma mater University of Florida
Fordham University School of Law
Team(s) as a coach/administrator




Philadelphia Eagles
Salary Cap/Staff counsel
Philadelphia Eagles
Director of Football Administration
Philadelphia Eagles
Vice President of Football Admin.
Philadelphia Eagles
Vice President of Player Personnel
Philadelphia Eagles
General Manager

Howard "Howie" Roseman (born June 23, 1975[1][2]) is the general manager for the Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League. As of May 2011, Roseman is the youngest general manager in the NFL.[3]

Early yearsEdit

Roseman, who is Jewish, was born in Brooklyn, New York on June 23, 1975. He grew up in Marlboro Township, New Jersey, and later graduated Marlboro High School. Since Howie was 6 years old he has been obsessed with football.He sat in his bedroom conducting fantasy drafts and player moves for years during his childhood as if he was a General Manager. Roseman would read every story and buy every magazine and watch everything that he could about football. Howie Roseman never played in a football game. He was not allowed to play. He begged to play and his Mother would not sign the permission slip- he only weighed 125 pounds when he was a senior at Marlbor High School. Roseman is a life long New York Jets Fan and his goal in life was to be General Manager of the team.

All the NFL teams began getting letters from Roseman while he was still in high school in Marlboro, N.J., in Monmouth County. His persistence stepped up when he was an undergraduate at the University of Florida through his time at Fordham Law. Roseman would study the bios of NFL front-office personnel, looking for anybody who might provide an in. At the faintest pulse of interest, he'd call administrative assistants, getting to know several by name.

Roseman's job inquiries had gone largely unacknowledged, even unnoticed. While the rest of the NFL ignored Roseman, Mike Tannenbaum, the pro personnel director of the Jets, spoke to him.

He explained why: "I've got five minutes. The only reason I'm even going to spend five minutes . . . I look at my resumé file, I have 20 letters from you, and every time I send you a rejection, you'd send a thank you for the rejection." Roseman's perseverance got him noticed behind the closed doors, at least a couple of them. Whether this was a positive development was still to be determined. Roseman had become kind of a running joke between a couple of NFL executives, Banner of the Eagles and Tannenbaum of the Jets.

"Could somebody be that persistent and be normal?" Tannenbaum, now the Jets' general manager, said recently, thinking back to Roseman's job hunt.

Banner had the same question.

"Was this guy the most persistent guy in the history of America or was he crazy?" Banner said, saying that Roseman's letters seemed to be coming in daily. "Should we stay away from him, or should one of us interview him?"

In 1999, Tannenbaum's curiosity finally got the better of him. The Jets had an entry-level opening in player personnel. Tannenbaum, then VP of personnel, decided to interview Roseman.

"I remember Mike called me up one day," Banner said. "We had agreed. You know what, we think he's crazy. But Mike said, 'You won't even believe this. I've got an opening, and I've decided I'm going to meet this guy. I've just got to see what he's like.' " "Do it where there are a lot of people around," Banner joked to Tannenbaum.

After finishing law school, Roseman took (and passed) the bar in New York and New Jersey – his deal with his parents as an insurance policy in case football didn’t work out.

But he didn’t apply for any jobs outside of football.

Philadelphia EaglesEdit

Roseman was hired by the Philadelphia Eagles as an unpaid intern to work on salary cap issues in 2000. He was promoted to director of football administration in 2003. He was promoted to vice president of football administration in 2006. He was promoted to vice president of player personnel on May 30, 2008. He was promoted to general manager on January 29, 2010 after Tom Heckert was hired by the Cleveland Browns in the same role.[4]

Although Roseman has the title of general manager, he worked mainly in an advisory role to head coach Andy Reid, who had the final say in football matters.[5]

In November 6, 2012, Roseman was given a contract extension. The contract was extended at least four years.[6] Since taking over as General Manager The Philadelphia Eagles record is as follows-

2010 10 Wins-6 Losses

2011 8 Wins-8 Losses

2012 4 Wins- 12 Losses


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