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Herbie Husker
Herbie Husker, Nebraska's costumed mascot.
University University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Conference Big Ten
First seen 1974

Herbie Husker is the oldest current mascot of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's sports teams. Herbie was created by Lubbock, Texas, artist Dirk West and first appeared on the cover of the Husker's media guide in 1974. Soon after, he became the university's official mascot.[1]

Herbie has gone through a few makeovers, the most recent coming before the 2003 college football season. Until 2003, he was dressed in denim overalls, a red cowboy hat emblazoned with a large N, and had an ear of corn in his pocket. After the 2003 makeover, he now dons a red cowboy hat, red workshirt, blue jeans and workboots. This was done to update the overall appearance of the state's agricultural workers and general public. During halftime of the 2006 Capital One Bowl, Herbie was named National Mascot of the year for 2005.

In January 2005, Herbie starred in his own children's book, Hello, Herbie Husker!, published by Mascot Books.


Herbie Husker entertaining fans at a Friday night rally before a football game.

There are currently two students who put on the Herbie costume.