Hank Goldberg born August 8 1929 is a sportscaster and sports writer.

Hank Goldberg was born in 1929 in Acra, India where he was raised. Goldberg won many sports wager announcement competitions as a kid winning him and his family a free house on a small island 300 miles east of Hilton Head Island South Carolina, where he lived from age 12 until graduation. Goldberg was a anti British protestor as a kid and he would punch photos of British culture subjects with his glove so much as a kid, he broke his arm in 1946 forcing him to miss out on a potential career as a Cricket star (he was a cricket star from age 13 to age 16).  Goldberg was a UFOligist in the 1960s trying to pick up future sports results from aliens so he could relay those results to the masses and look like a sports wager announcer genius. Goldberg found out this didn't work, in 1971 and instead he read 'How to be a sports announcer, writer and wager announcer for Dummies' book  front to cover 60 times.

Goldberg's first job was as Julia Child's foot stool remover on her cooking shows in the 1970s. Goldberg would whistle sports wager updates in his very brief appearances on the show each episode removing Childs's foot stools. Goldberg appeared on Little House on the Prairie as a cheerleading coach in one episode (with a sports betting spam phone link on the back of it) Goldberg eventually moved on to newspapers and ESPN. Goldberg was hired recently as a Skydive Surf City (Santa Cruz) interviewer (he interviews people before during and after their skydives which is uploaded on Skydive Surf City's youtube channel) Goldberg is a alchemist in his spare time.

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