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File:Marching band halftime 2006 CFA Bowl.jpg

A group of high school marching bands performs at the halftime show of the 2006 Chick-fil-A Bowl.

File:2007 Hawaii Bowl - Boise State University vs East Carolina University - Halftime show Amy Hanaialii.jpg

Amy Gilliom sings at the halftime show for the 2007 Hawaii Bowl.

A halftime show is a performance given during halftime, the period between the first and second halves, or the second and third quarters, of a sporting event. Halftime shows are not given for sports with an irregular or indeterminate number of divisions (such as baseball or boxing), or for sports that do not have an extended period of stoppage in play. Ice hockey games consist of three periods, so there are in effect two halftimes at a hockey game: the first intermission is between the first and second periods, and the second intermission comes between the second and third periods. The intermissions are usually given over to contests involving randomly-selected audience members.

A halftime show can consist of cheerleading performances, majorette routines, marching bands playing music, or other spectacle performances.

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