Template:Use New Zealand English The Haka Bowl was a proposed American college football game scheduled to be played in New Zealand in 1996.

Named for the traditional Māori haka, and promoted by NFL linebacker Riki Ellison, the Haka Bowl was planned to be the first post-season bowl game to be played outside the United States in half a century, since the Bacardi Bowl in Cuba in 1946. The game (which also would be the first NCAA football game played in the Southern Hemisphere), was to have been played at Eden Park in Auckland, New Zealand, matching up the third place teams from the Pacific-10 Conference and Western Athletic Conference.[1] The payout for participating teams was set at $1.5 million, double the NCAA's standard minimum at that time, and the minimum payout set for an international game.[1]

However the contest, scheduled for 27 December 1996, was never played: when the Haka Bowl committee could not come up with financial guarantees, the NCAA revoked the license for the game, and the idea died.[2] It would be another decade, until the International Bowl was played in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on 6 January 2007, that a college football bowl game would be played outside the United States.


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