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"Hail Varsity" is a fight song of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, often played at football games by the University of Nebraska Cornhusker Marching Band. The band song is often played before playing Hail Varsity. The lyrics were written by Joyce Ayres, a 1930 Nebraska graduate, and the music was composed by Wilbur Chenoweth. There are three other fight songs, "Dear Old Nebraska U," "March of the Cornhuskers," and "The Cornhuskers (Come a Runnin' Boys)."[1]

Band song lyrics

Hear the trumpets Playin'
Hear the crowd a sayin'
NU Band is on parade!
Hear the trombones blowin'
Hear the drums a rollin'
NU Band is on Parade!
Sound Out! Sound Out!
Sound out loud and clear
Let the team all know the Band is here.
Sons of Old Nebraska
If someone should ask ya
We're the Scarlet and the Cream![2]

Hail Varsity lyrics

Hail to the team,
The stadium rings as everyone sings The Scarlet and Cream.
Cheers for a victory,
Echo our loyalty;
So, on, mighty men,
The eyes of the land, upon every hand, are looking at you.
Fight on for victory,
Hail to the men of Nebraska U!

Most performances of the song conclude with four chants of "Go Big Red!". "Hail Varsity" is usually played after Nebraska makes a touchdown.


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