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The Grey Cup's Most Valuable Player award is awarded annually to the player deemed to have had the best performance in the Grey Cup Game, the Canadian Football League's championship game.

Grey Cup Most Valuable Player Award winners

Year Player Team
2012 Chad Kackert (RB) Toronto Argonauts
2011 Travis Lulay (QB) BC Lions
2010 Jamel Richardson (SB) Montreal Alouettes
2009 Avon Cobourne (RB) Montreal Alouettes
2008 Henry Burris (QB) Calgary Stampeders
2007 James Johnson (DB) Saskatchewan Roughriders
2006 Dave Dickenson (QB) BC Lions
2005 Ricky Ray (QB) Edmonton Eskimos
2004 Damon Allen (QB) Toronto Argonauts
2003 Jason Tucker (WR) Edmonton Eskimos
2002 Anthony Calvillo (QB) Montreal Alouettes
2001 Marcus Crandell (QB) Calgary Stampeders
2000 Robert Drummond (RB) BC Lions
1999 Danny McManus (QB) Hamilton Tiger-Cats
1998 Jeff Garcia (QB) Calgary Stampeders
1997 Doug Flutie (QB) Toronto Argonauts
1996 Doug Flutie (QB) Toronto Argonauts
1995 Tracy Ham (QB) Baltimore Stallions
1994 Karl Anthony (DB) Baltimore CFLers
1993 Damon Allen (QB) Edmonton Eskimos
1992 Doug Flutie (QB) Calgary Stampeders
1991 Raghib "Rocket" Ismail (WR) Toronto Argonauts
Between 1974-1990 Offensive Player of the Game & Defensive Player of the Game were awarded
1990 Offence: Tom Burgess (QB) Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Defence: Greg Battle (LB) Winnipeg Blue Bombers
1989 Offence: Kent Austin (QB) Saskatchewan Roughriders
Defence: Chuck Klingbeil (DT) Saskatchewan Roughriders
1988 Offence: James Murphy (WR) Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Defence: Michael Gray (DT) Winnipeg Blue Bombers
1987 Offence: Damon Allen (QB) Edmonton Eskimos
Defence: Stewart Hill (DE) Edmonton Eskimos
1986 Offence: Mike Kerrigan (QB) Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Defence: Grover Covington (DE) Hamilton Tiger-Cats
1985 Offence: Roy Dewalt (QB) BC Lions
Defence: James "Quick" Parker (DE) BC Lions
1984 Offence: Tom Clements (QB) Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Defence: Tyrone Jones (LB) Winnipeg Blue Bombers
1983 Offence: Joe Barnes (QB) Toronto Argonauts
Defence: Carl Brazley (DB) Toronto Argonauts
1982 Offence: Warren Moon (QB) Edmonton Eskimos
Defence: Dave "Dr. Death" Fennell (DT) Edmonton Eskimos
1981 Offence: J.C. Watts (QB) Ottawa Rough Riders
Defence: John Glassford (LB) Ottawa Rough Riders
1980 Offence: Warren Moon (QB) Edmonton Eskimos
Defence: Dale Potter (LB) Edmonton Eskimos
1979 Offence: David Green (RB) Montreal Alouettes
Defence: Tom Cousineau (LB) Montreal Alouettes
1978 Offence: Tom Wilkinson (QB) Edmonton Eskimos
Defence: Dave "Dr. Death" Fennell (DT) Edmonton Eskimos
1977 Offence: Sonny Wade (QB) Montreal Alouettes
Defence: Glen Weir (DT) Montreal Alouettes
1976 Offence: Tom Clements (QB) Ottawa Rough Riders
Defence: Cleveland Vann (LB) Saskatchewan Roughriders
1975 Offence: Steve Ferrughelli (RB) Montreal Alouettes
Defence: Lewis Cook (DB) Montreal Alouettes
1974 Offence: Sonny Wade (QB) Montreal Alouettes
Defence: Junior Ah You (DE) Montreal Alouettes
1973 Charlie Brandon (DE) Ottawa Rough Riders
1972 Chuck Ealey (QB) Hamilton Tiger-Cats
1971 Wayne Harris (LB) Calgary Stampeders
1970 Sonny Wade (QB) Montreal Alouettes
1969 Russ Jackson (QB) Ottawa Rough Riders
1968 Vic Washington (RB) Ottawa Rough Riders
1967 Joe Zuger (QB) Hamilton Tiger-Cats
1966 George Reed (RB) Saskatchewan Roughriders
1965 Not awarded
1964 Not awarded
1963 Not awarded
1962 Leo Lewis (RB) Winnipeg Blue Bombers
1961 Ken Ploen (QB) Winnipeg Blue Bombers
1960 Ron Stewart (RB) Ottawa Rough Riders
1959 Charlie Shepard (RB) Winnipeg Blue Bombers

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