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The Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame was the first hall of fame built to honor a single professional American football team. After receiving approval from coach Vince Lombardi, William L. Brault, a Green Bay restaurateur and Packers fan, founded the Hall of Fame in 1966. The "Hall" started off as a series of exhibits displayed in the concourse of the Brown County Veterans Memorial Arena, although it was not a permanent residence, as the exhibits had to be removed each autumn to make room for the Green Bay Bobcats hockey team, which played its home games at the Arena. In 1967, the Packer Hall of Fame Association, a separate corporate entity from the team, was founded and annual induction banquets were subsequently launched in 1970. The Hall did not become a permanent site until 1976 when its new home, an addition to the Brown County Veterans Arena, was formally dedicated on April 3, 1976, by President Gerald R. Ford.[1]

Over the next 26 years, the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame encountered many expansions and renovations. In 2003, renovations to Lambeau Field provided a new home within the new Lambeau Field Atrium for the Hall. Packers legends Bart Starr and Ron Wolf rededicated the Hall on September 4, 2003.[1] The Hall contains a vast array of Packers memorabilia, a re-creation of Vince Lombardi's office, plaques representing each of the inductees and the Lombardi trophies from Green Bay's four Super Bowl wins.[2] As of 2011, the Packers Hall of Fame has inducted 147 people, 22 of whom have been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The most recent inductions to the Hall were fullback William Henderson and guard Marco Rivera, both members of the 1996 championship team, as well as early executive Frank Jonet. They were inducted on July 23, 2011.



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Curly Lambeau

Induction</br>year Inductee Position Years with</br>the team Notes
1981 Adderley, HerbHerb Adderley * DB 1961–69
1988 Aldridge, LionelLionel Aldridge DE 1963–71
1983 Anderson, DonnyDonny Anderson RB 1966–71
1996 Anderson, JohnJohn Anderson LB 1978–89
1988 Jerry Atkinson Executive 1950–85 [a]
1979 Barragar, NateNate Barragar C 1931–32</br>1934–35
1985 Bengtson, PhilPhil Bengtson General Manager 1959–70
2005 Bennett, EdgarEdgar Bennett RB 1992–96
2002 Biever, VernonVernon Biever Photographer 1946–2010 [b]
1981 Bowman, KenKen Bowman C 1964–73
1989 Bratkowski, ZekeZeke Bratkowski QB 1963–68</br>1971
1995 William Brault HoF Founder 1966–94 [c]
1973 Brock, CharleyCharley Brock C/LB 1939–47
1982 Brock, LouLou Brock B 1940–45
1984 Brockington, JohnJohn Brockington RB 1971–77
2007 Brooks, RobertRobert Brooks WR 1992–98
2008 Brown, GilbertGilbert Brown DT 1993–99</br>2001–03
1972 Bruder, HankHank Bruder B 1931–39
1987 Dr. E. S. Brusky Physician 1962–90 [d]
1993 Buchanon, WillieWillie Buchanon CB 1972–78
1977 Buck, Howard "Cub"Howard "Cub" Buck OT 1921–25
1986 Wilner Burke Director of The Lumberjack Band 1938–81 [e]
2007 LeRoy Butler S 1990–2001
1986 Caffey, Lee RoyLee Roy Caffey LB 1964–69
1978 Calhoun, George WhitneyGeorge Whitney Calhoun Executive 1919–46 [f]
1973 Canadeo, TonyTony Canadeo * B 1941–44</br>1946–52
1974 Carmichael, AlAl Carmichael RB 1953–58
1983 Carr, FredFred Carr LB 1968–77
1975 Chandler, DonDon Chandler K 1965–67
2010 Chmura, MarkMark Chmura TE 1992–99
1991 Clifford, Gerald FrancisGerald Francis Clifford Attorney 1922–52 [g]
1997 Cochran, RedRed Cochran Coach/Scout 1959–66</br>1971–2004 [h]
1994 Coffman, PaulPaul Coffman TE 1978–85
1986 Comp, IrvIrv Comp B 1943–49
1974 Cone, FredFred Cone FB/K 1951–57
1973 Craig, LarryLarry Craig B/E 1939–49
1984 Currie, DanDan Currie LB 1958–64
1979 Dale, CarrollCarroll Dale E 1965–72
1993 Art Daley Journalist 1942–2011 [i]
1970 Darling, Bernard "Boob"Bernard "Boob" Darling C 1927–31
1975 Davis, WillieWillie Davis * DE 1960–69
1992 Dickey, LynnLynn Dickey QB 1977</br>1979–85
1974 Dillon, BobbyBobby Dillon DB 1952–59
1970 Dilweg, LavernLavern Dilweg E 1927–34
2003 Douglass, MikeMike Douglass LB 1978–85
1978 Dowler, BoydBoyd Dowler WR 1959–69
1976 Dunn, Joseph "Red"Joseph "Red" Dunn B 1927–31
1970 Earp, JugJug Earp C 1922–32
1994 Ellis, GerryGerry Ellis FB 1980–86
1998 Ellis, KenKen Ellis CB 1970–75
1978 Engebretsen, Paul "Tiny"Paul "Tiny" Engebretsen G 1934–41
1978 Evans, LonLon Evans G 1933–37
1974 Ferguson, HowieHowie Ferguson FB 1953–58
1974 Forester, BillBill Forester LB 1953–63
2010 Fleming, MarvMarv Fleming TE 1963–69
1973 Forte, BobBob Forte B 1946–53
2009 Freeman, AntonioAntonio Freeman WR 1995–01,03
1973 Fritsch, TedTed Fritsch B 1942–50
1972 Gantenbein, MiltMilt Gantenbein E 1931–40
1982 Gillingham, GaleGale Gillingham G 1966–74</br>1976
1972 Goldenberg, CharlesCharles Goldenberg G/B 1933–45
1993 Gray, JohnnieJohnnie Gray S 1975–83
1977 Gregg, ForrestForrest Gregg * OT 1956</br>1958–70
1976 Gremminger, HankHank Gremminger DB 1956–65
1974 Hanner, DaveDave Hanner DT 1952–64
2004 Harlan, BobBob Harlan Executive 1971–present [j]
2011 Henderson, WilliamWilliam Henderson FB 1995–06
1972 Herber, ArnieArnie Herber * B 1930–40
1972 Hinkle, ClarkeClarke Hinkle * B 1932–41
2001 Holland, JohnnyJohnny Holland LB 1987–93
1975 Hornung, PaulPaul Hornung * HB/K 1957–62</br>1964–66
1974 Howton, BillyBilly Howton E 1952–58
1970 Hubbard, CalCal Hubbard * OT 1929–33</br>1935
1972 Hutson, DonDon Hutson * E/DB 1935–45
2003 Irwin, JimJim Irwin Sportscaster 1969–98 [k]
1972 Isbell, CecilCecil Isbell B 1938–42
1991 Jacunski, HarryHarry Jacunski E 1939–44
1984 Jankowski, EdEd Jankowski B 1937–41
1985 Jeter, BobBob Jeter DB 1963–70
1981 Lee H. Joannes Executive 1930–47 [l]
1997 Johnson, EzraEzra Johnson DE 1977–87
1981 Johnston, Chester "Swede"Chester "Swede" Johnston RB 1931</br>1934–38
2011 Jonet, FrankFrank Jonet Executive 1919–51
1975 Jordan, HenryHenry Jordan * DT 1959–69
1976 Carl Jorgensen Trainer 1924–70 [m]
1994 Dr. W. Webber Kelly Physician 1923–51 [n]
1976 Knafelc, GaryGary Knafelc E 1954–62
2010 Koch, GregGreg Koch OT 1977–85
1989 Kostelnik, RonRon Kostelnik DT 1961–68
1975 Kramer, JerryJerry Kramer G 1958–68
1975 Kramer, RonRon Kramer TE 1957</br>1959–64
1970 Lambeau, CurlyCurly Lambeau * B/Coach 1919–49
1972 Laws, JoeJoe Laws B 1934–45
1983 Fred Leicht Executive 1925–77 [o]
1972 Letlow, RussRuss Letlow G 1936–42</br>1946
1970 Lewellen, VerneVerne Lewellen B 1924–32
2009 Levens, DorseyDorsey Levens RB 1994–01
1999 Lofton, JamesJames Lofton * WR 1978–86
1975 Lombardi, VinceVince Lombardi * General Manager 1959–68
2005 Majkowski, DonDon Majkowski QB 1987–92
1988 Mann, BobBob Mann E 1950–54
1987 Marcol, ChesterChester Marcol K 1972–80
1974 Martinkovic, JohnJohn Martinkovic E 1951–56
1977 Mathys, CharlieCharlie Mathys B 1922–26
1992 McCarren, LarryLarry McCarren C 1973–84
1975 McGee, MaxMax McGee E 1954</br>1957–67
1970 McNally, JohnJohn McNally * B 1929–33</br>1935–36
1970 Michalske, MikeMike Michalske * G 1929–35</br>1937
1999 Miller, TomTom Miller Executive 1956–88 [p]
1973 Monnett, BobBob Monnett B 1933–38
1984 Mulleneaux, CarlCarl Mulleneaux E 1938–41</br>1945–46
1998 Murphy, MarkMark Murphy S 1980–85</br>1987–91
1978 Nitschke, RayRay Nitschke * LB 1958–72
1979 Olejniczak, DominicDominic Olejniczak Executive 1950–89 [q]
1998 Parins, Robert J.Robert J. Parins Executive 1982–89 [r]
1979 Pitts, ElijahElijah Pitts RB 1961–69</br>1971
1973 Ray, BabyBaby Ray OT 1938–48
1996 Remmel, LeeLee Remmel Executive 1940s–Present [s]
1974 Ringo, JimJim Ringo * C 1953–63
2011 Rivera, MarcoMarco Rivera G 1996–04
1982 Robinson, DaveDave Robinson LB 1963–72
1974 Rote, TobinTobin Rote QB 1950–56
1992 Al Schneider Supporter 1950s–1970s [t]
2001 Scott, RayRay Scott Sportscaster 1956–68 [u]
2002 Sharpe, SterlingSterling Sharpe WR 1988–94
1976 Skoronski, BobBob Skoronski OT 1956</br>1959–68
1977 Starr, BartBart Starr * QB 1956–71
1991 Stenerud, JanJan Stenerud * K 1980–83
1985 Svendsen, Earl "Bud"Earl "Bud" Svendsen C/LB 1937</br>1939
1972 Svendsen, GeorgeGeorge Svendsen C/LB 1935–37</br>1940–41
1975 Taylor, JimJim Taylor * FB 1958–66
1987 Teteak, DeralDeral Teteak LB/G 1952–56
1975 Thurston, FredFred Thurston G 1959–67
1979 Tinsley, PetePete Tinsley G/LB 1938–39</br>1941–45
2008 Al Treml Video director 1967–2001 [v]
1984 F. N. Trowbridge, Sr. Executive 1950–81 [w]
1977 A. B. Turnbull Executive 1923–27 [x]
1973 Uram, AndyAndy Uram HB 1938–43
1982 Jack Vainisi Scout 1950–60 [y]
2006 White, ReggieReggie White * DE 1993–98
1976 Whittenton, JesseJesse Whittenton DB 1958–64
1973 Wildung, DickDick Wildung OT 1946–51</br>1953
1997 Williams, TravisTravis Williams RB/KR 1967–70
2008 Winters, FrankFrank Winters C 1992–2002
2000 Wolf, RonRon Wolf Executive 1991–2001 [z]
1977 Wood, WillieWillie Wood * S 1960–71
1973 Woodin, HL "Whitey"HL "Whitey" Woodin G 1922–31


  • a Atkinson was a businessman who, in 1950, helped lead a stock drive that helped keep the Packers financially stable. He also served on the Green Bay Packers Board of Directors from 1950 to 1985.[3]
  • b Biever has been the team photographer since 1946, having taken an estimated 150,000 photos over his career.[4]
  • c Brault founded the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame in 1967, expanded it to its current location in 1976, and served as the Executive Director of the Hall of Fame from 1970 to 1994.[5]
  • d Brusky was a general practitioner who coordinated the teams medical care.[6]
  • e Burke was the Band Director for the Packers, arranging the pre-game and half-time shows, while also leading the official Green Bay Packers band.[7]
  • f Calhoun is credited with being the promoter of the Green Bay Packers during its early years. He was the secretary of the Packers, created the Dope Sheet, helped collect money in his hat during football games, and named the team the "Packers."[8]
  • g Clifford was the original Green Bay Football Club as a non-profit organization in 1923 and was the club's attorney from 1922 to 1952.[9]
  • h Cochran was the offensive backfield coach under Vince Lombardi and Dan Devine, while also serving as a scout from 1975 to 2004.[10]
  • i Daley was a journalist for the Green Bay Packers Press-Gazette who covered the Packers for more than 35 years.[11]
  • j Harlan started out as the Packers Assistant General Manager, serving in that role from 1971 to 1989. In 1990, he was elected as the President, leading the team to 13 consecutive winning seasons. Harlan is Chairman Emeritus of the Green Bay Packers.[12]
  • k Irwin worked for the Packers flagship radio station, broadcasting Packers games for 30 years.[13]
  • l Joannes was the team's first security and was elected president of the Packers in 1930, serving in that role until 1947.[14]
  • m From 1924 to 1940, Jorgensen served as the Packers equipment manager. After the death of Dave Woodard, he became the Packers trainer, serving that role until 1970. The 47 seasons of service is the longest continuous service by an employee of the Packers.[15]
  • n Kelly was the team physician, Packer's President in 1929, and an executive committee member for 28 years.[16]
  • o Leicht was a Packers Executive Committee Member for 52 years and was a key player in the building of City Stadium and Lambeau Field.[17]
  • p Miller was originally a player for the Packers, and came back to the organization as the Directory of Publicity and Sales Promotion. He later became an Assistant General Manager and finally became an Assistant to the President, finally retiring in 1988.[18]
  • q Olejniczak started out on the Packers Executive Committee, and was credited with helping to build City Stadium and hiring Vince Lombardi. In 1982, he became the first Chairman of the Board for the Packers.[19]
  • r Parins was the Packers President from 1982 to 1989, helping to improve and expand the Green Bay Packers facilities.[20]
  • s Remmel started out his career as a sports reporter, having worked with every head coach of the Packers in the team's history. Remmel than joined the Packers organization as director of public relations, and is now the team historian.[21]
  • t Schneider was the chair of the Green Bay Chamber of Commerce Sports Committee, a supporter of the Packers, and helped establish the Packers Hall of Fame.[22]
  • u Scott was the Packers TV broadcaster for the Packers, having called the championships teams of the 1960s.[23]
  • v Treml worked as the first video director for the Packers, in charge of editing game and practice video.[24]
  • w Trowbridge was the Green Bay Packers legal council, treasurer, and part of the Packers Executive Committee.[25]
  • x Turnbull was the Packers first President, helping to support the then small team. Turnbull was also part of the Hungry Five.[26]
  • y Vainisi was a talent scout for the Packers who was credited with setting up intricate information gathering systems on players and also scouting many of the future stars of the "Lombardi Era."[27]
  • z Wolf was the Packers Executive Vice President and General Manager. He is credited with bringing the Packers back to its winning ways. Wolf signed Mike Holmgren and traded for Brett Favre, a combination that led to many successful seasons.[28]

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