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George H. McCaskey
NationalityUnited States
Alma materArizona State University
OccupationTicket office director (1991-2010)
Chairman (2011-present)
OrganizationChicago Bears
PredecessorMichael McCaskey (Chairman)
SuccessorLee Twarling (Ticket office director)[1]
Board member ofChicago Bears
Spouse(s)Barb McCaskey[1]
ParentsVirginia Halas McCaskey
Ed McCaskey

George Halas McCaskey is the current chairman of the NFL's Chicago Bears, who replaced his brother Michael McCaskey as chairman in 2011.[2]


McCaskey, the eighth-oldest child of Bears owner Virginia Halas McCaskey and Ed McCaskey (who himself was a former Bears chairman), was originally a assistant state attorney in Lee and DeKalb counties. McCaskey also worked in television after graduating from Arizona State University in 1981, and was a reporter for an NBC affiliate in Peoria.[1][3] He was the team's senior director of ticket operations since the Bears 1991 season,[4] and was a member of the team's board of directors since 2004.[5] In 2011, during the NFL lockout, McCaskey's brother Michael retired as chairman of the club after 12 years. Before he assumed his position, he met with Chicago Blackhawks owner Rocky Wirtz, as well as White Sox and Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf, with the first NFL owner he met being Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys.

“He was very gracious, very accommodating. He’s a fascinating guy. I really enjoyed visiting with him, getting to know him. We sat in a suite at Cowboys Stadium and looked out over the field. We then went downstairs and bumped into a tour group. As soon as they saw who he was, they were going crazy. They were taking pictures and he was chatting them up.”[2]
—McCaskey on his meeting with Jerry Jones

McCaskey and Ted Phillips both were also known for the firing of Bears general manager Jerry Angelo.

"The way I see it is in those three key hires, you evaluate the entire body of work and see whether the entire body of work merits having that person back for another season. It's not one game or one play. Again, look at the Giants. They had confidence in their people, their coach, their plan, and it bore fruit."[6]
—McCaskey on Jerry Angelo's firing

McCaskey eventually hired former Bears area scout Phil Emery.[7]


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