Frank Murrey
Princeton TigersNo.
Quarterback Graduate
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Career history
Princeton (1918–1920)
Career highlights and awards
*All-American (1918)
  • Princeton's All-Century Team 1900-99

Frank Murrey was an American football player and track athlete. He played quarterback for Princeton University from 1918 to 1921 and was selected as an All-American quarterback by Walter Camp in 1918.[1] In 1920, Murrey ran 77 yards for a touchdown in Princeton's 14-0 victory over Navy. The New York Times described the run as a "nerve-tingling moment" and a "dazzling serpentine gallop."[2] In 2000, Murrey was named as one of the backs on Princeton's All-Century Team 1900-99.[3]

In 1921, he won the Elks Grand Prix, a 600-meter special invitation race featuring the nine top college stars.[4]


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