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The Fort Worth Classic was a postseason college football bowl game played only once, on January 1, 1921 in Fort Worth, Texas, between Centre College and Texas Christian University.

Centre entered the game with a record of 7-2-0 with wins against Kentucky and Virginia Tech. Centre's losses came against Harvard (8-0-1 on the year) and Georgia Tech (8-1 on the year). Centre had outscored its opponents 469-55 and won its first three games of the year by a combined score of 241-0.[1]

Texas Christian entered the game with a record of 9-0, including wins at Arkansas (19-2) and at Baylor (21-9).[2] Texas Christian had attained its perfect record while outscoring its opponents 163-46.[3]

Centre won the game handily. Accounts of the final score vary; some sources say Centre won 63-7[4][5] and other sources give the final score as Centre 77, Texas Christian 7.[6]

This game should not be confused with the modern Fort Worth Bowl (now called the Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl).[7]

Game result

Date Winning Team Losing Team
January 1, 1921 Centre 63 Texas Christian 7

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