Florida State–Virginia football rivalry
First contestedOctober 31, 1992
Florida State 13, Virginia 3
Number of meetings18
Most recent meetingNovember 8, 2014
Florida State 34, Virginia 20
Next meetingSeptember 14, 2019 in Charlottesville
All-time seriesFlorida State leads, 15–3
1 FSU victory vacated
Largest victoryFlorida State, 43–7 (2001)
Longest win streakFlorida State, 9 (1996–2004)
Current streakFlorida State, 1 (2014–present)

The Florida State–Virginia football rivalry is an American college football rivalryTemplate:CN between the Florida State Seminoles football team of Florida State University and Virginia Cavaliers football team of the University of Virginia. The Jefferson–Eppes Trophy is awarded to the winner of the game. The trophy was created in 1995 and was named for former President of the United States and founder of the University of Virginia, Thomas Jefferson, and Francis W. Eppes VII, Jefferson's grandson and two-time mayor of Tallahassee, and president of the Board of Trustees of the West Florida Seminary, now Florida State University.

Although the game is played for a trophy, it is not considered a significant rivalry. Virginia's biggest rivalries are with Virginia Tech for the Commonwealth Cup and North Carolina in the South's Oldest Rivalry. FSU's most meaningful rivalries are with Florida and Miami. When the ACC split into divisions in 2005, the annual rivalry between Florida State and Virginia ceased, as the Seminoles were assigned to the Atlantic Division and the Cavaliers to the Coastal Division. Though each team in the ACC plays an annual game against one designated cross-divisional rival, both teams' more historic rivals were awarded these positions (originally Maryland but now Louisville for Virginia, and Miami for Florida State). As a result, Florida State and Virginia have not played on an annual basis since 2006.


The idea for the Jefferson–Eppes Trophy was conceived by Florida State University President Talbot D'Alemberte.[1]


The trophy is composed of an intricately wrought silver pitcher presented to the city of Tallahassee by Eppes in 1842 and set upon a wood base made of remains of the McGuffey Ash, which was once the largest tree on the Grounds of the University of Virginia but suffered a fatal tree disease in 1990. The trophy was designed by famed artist Ryan Parker.

Game resultsEdit

Florida State victoriesVirginia victoriesVacated wins
1 1992 Charlottesville, VA No. 6 Florida State 13–3
2 1993 Tallahassee, FL No. 1 Florida State 40–14
3 1994 Tallahassee, FL No. 4 Florida State 41–17
4 1995 Charlottesville, VA No. 24 Virginia 33–28
5 1996 Tallahassee, FL No. 3 Florida State 31–24
6 1997 Charlottesville, VA No. 3 Florida State 47–21
7 1998 Tallahassee, FL No. 6 Florida State 45–14
8 1999 Charlottesville, VA No. 1 Florida State 35–10
9 2000 Tallahassee, FL No. 6 Florida State 37–3
10 2001 Charlottesville, VA No. 21 Florida State 43–7
11 2002 Tallahassee, FL No. 5 Florida State 40–19
12 2003 Charlottesville, VA No. 7 Florida State 19–14
13 2004 Tallahassee, FL No. 7 Florida State 36–3
14 2005 Charlottesville, VA Virginia 26–21
15 2006* Tallahassee, FL Florida State 33–0
16 2010 Charlottesville, VA Florida State 34–14
17 2011 Tallahassee, FL Virginia 14–13
18 2014 Tallahassee, FL No. 2 Florida State 34–20
Series: Florida State leads 14–3

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