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Fitton Field
Full name Fitton Football Stadium
Location Worcester, MA 01610
Coordinates 42°14′29.6″N 71°48′35.9″W / 42.241556°N 71.809972°W / 42.241556; -71.809972Coordinates: 42°14′29.6″N 71°48′35.9″W / 42.241556°N 71.809972°W / 42.241556; -71.809972
Opened September 26, 1908 (1908-09-26)[1]
Renovated 1912; 1924; 1986; 2016[1]
Owner College of the Holy Cross
Operator College of the Holy Cross
Surface Grass[1]
Tenants Holy Cross Crusaders (NCAA) 1908–present[1]
Capacity 23,500[1]

Fitton Field is a football stadium in Worcester, Massachusetts primarily used for College of the Holy Cross sporting events. The stadium opened in 1908 as the official home for the Holy Cross Crusaders football team. Before that, most games were played on adjoining the baseball field.[1]

Named after Reverend James Fitton, who donated land to the Archdiocese of Boston to found the college, it is an irregularly shaped three-sided horseshoe on the edge of the college's campus.[1] The northern football stands are shorter than the southern due to Interstate 290 being adjacent to the field.

Officially known as Fitton Football Stadium, the football facility is a 23,500-seat stadium, home to the Holy Cross Crusaders football team. The field itself was used as the football field, and termed Fitton Field, as early as 1908. A wooden structure was constructed at that time, but a more sturdy concrete structure did not appear until 1912. In 1924, the concrete was replaced with the steel structure that still stands today, increasing the stadium's capacity. It would remain identical until 1986, when the wooden seating was replaced with aluminum bleachers, further expanding its capacity to its current level. In 2016, new sod and new netting were installed.[1]


2008, home side of football stadium


2008, visitor side of football stadium

Fitton Field was used to film the movie The Game Plan in 2006.[2]

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