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The Edmund Orgill Trophy is awarded to the winner of the annual football game between Rhodes College and Sewanee: The University of the South. The rivalry between Rhodes and Sewanee was reported by Sports Illustrated in 2012 to be "the longest continuously running rivalry in college football in the Southern United States"[1] – though the first game was played in 1899, the teams have not met in every succeeding season. The Orgill Trophy was added to the series in 1954. Rhodes currently leads the trophy series 32–27–1, and is tied with Sewanee in the overall series. The 2016 contest was a 36–21 Rhodes victory at Sewanee in which the Rhodes offense set a conference record for total offense with 684. Most recently, Rhodes defeated Sewanee 28–10 to retain the trophy for a record sixth consecutive year.

Since 1999:

Year Winning Team Score Location Winning Coach
2018 Sewanee 27-14 Sewanee, TN Travis Rundle
2017 Rhodes 28–10 Memphis, TN Jim Ryan
2016 Rhodes 36–21[2] Sewanee, TN Jim Ryan
2015 Rhodes 28–10 Memphis, TN Dan Gritti
2014 Rhodes 40–22 Memphis, TN Dan Gritti
2013 Rhodes 50–23 Sewanee, TN Dan Gritti
2012 Rhodes 14–10 Sewanee, TN Dan Gritti
2011 Sewanee 34–7 Memphis, TN J. Laurendine
2010 Rhodes 20–16 Sewanee, TN Joe White
2009 Rhodes 19–16 (OT) Memphis, TN Joe White
2008 Rhodes 17–0 Sewanee, TN Joe White
2007 Rhodes 15–13 Memphis, TN Joe White
2006 Rhodes 14–7 Sewanee, TN Joe White
2005 Sewanee 25–22 Memphis, TN John Windham
2004 Rhodes 28–14 Sewanee, TN Joe White
2003 Rhodes 34–14 Memphis, TN Joe White
2002 Sewanee 36–31 Sewanee, TN John Windham
2001 Sewanee 21–14 Memphis, TN John Windham
2000 Sewanee 32–6 Sewanee, TN John Windham
1999 Rhodes 23–21 Memphis, TN Joe White


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