The Eastern Division is one of the four divisions of the American Arena Football League. It is one of two divisions in the "American Conference". It was first formed in 1995 as part of the National Conference when expansion brought up the current divisions.

Division lineupsEdit

1995 and 1996

Creation of the Eastern Division as part of National Conference. Albany moved in from American Conference. Connecticut Coyotes enfranchised.


Charlotte and Connecticut folded. Nashville, New Jersey, and New York are enfranchised.


  • Albany Firebirds
  • New Jersey Red Dogs
  • New York Cityhawks

Nashville moved to National Conference's Southern Division.

1999 and 2000

Buffalo Destroyers enfranchised. New York moved to Hartford, Connecticut as New England Sea Wolves.


As Indiana Firebirds, Albany moved to Indianapolis, Indiana as part of the American Conference's Central Division. Carolina moved in from Southern Division. Iowa Barnstormers moved to Uniondale, New York as New York Dragons. New England moved to Toronto as the Phantoms. New Jersey Red Dogs renamed the Gladiators.


  • Buffalo Destroyers
  • New Jersey Gladiators
  • New York Dragons
  • Toronto Phantoms

Carolina moved back to Southern Division.


  • Buffalo Destroyers
  • Detroit Fury
  • Las Vegas Gladiators
  • New York Dragons

Detroit moved in from Central Division. New Jersey moved to Las Vegas. Toronto Phantoms folded.


Buffalo moved to Columbus, Ohio. Dallas moved in from Central Division. Detroit moved back to Central Division as well. Las Vegas moved to American Conference's Western Division. Philadelphia Soul enfranchised.


  • Columbus Destroyers
  • Dallas Desperados
  • New York Dragons
  • Philadelphia Soul

Carolina Cobras folded.


  • Cleveland Gladiators
  • Columbus Destroyers
  • Dallas Desperados
  • New York Dragons
  • Philadelphia Soul

Las Vegas moved back from Western Division as Cleveland Gladiators. After the 2008 season, Columbus, Dallas, and New York folded while Philadelphia is suspended and the AFL is put on a one-year hiatus. Also, the Cleveland Gladiators joined the Central Division (now part of the National Conference) for the 2010 season when that division was known as the Midwest Division.


The Eastern Division moved to the American Conference as Southwest Division for this season. Dallas Vigilantes enfranchised while the other three teams come from the defunct af2.

2011 and 2012

The Southwest Division changed its name back to Eastern Division. Bossier-Shreveport moved to New Orleans as the VooDoo. Cleveland Gladiators and Milwaukee Iron (renamed Mustangs) moved in from the Central Division (known as Midwest in 2010). Dallas and Tulsa moved to Central Division. Oklahoma City folded. Philadelphia Soul returned. Pittsburgh Power enfranchised.


  • Cleveland Gladiators
  • Philadelphia Soul
  • Pittsburgh Power

Milwaukee Mustangs suspended opperations.

Division ChampionsEdit

  • 1995: Albany Firebirds (7-5)
  • 1996: Albany Firebirds (10-4)
  • 1997: Nashville Kats (10-4)
  • 1998: Albany Firebirds (10-4)
  • 1999: Albany Firebirds (11-3)
  • 2000: Albany Firebirdss (9-5)
  • 2001: New York Dragons (8-6)
  • 2002: New Jersey Gladiators (9-5)
  • 2003: New York Dragons (8-8)
  • 2004: New York Dragons (9-7)†
  • 2005: New York Dragons (10-6)
  • 2006: Dallas Desperados (13-3)
  • 2007: Dallas Desperados (15-1)
  • 2008: Philadelphia Soul (13-3)
  • 2010 (as Southwest Division): Tulsa Talons (10-6)
  • 2011: Cleveland Gladiators (10-8)

†Despite winning their division in 2004, the New York Dragons failed to qualify for the playoffs.

  • 2012: Philadelphia Soul (15-3)

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