The double-wing is an offensive formation which should not be confused with the Double Wing offense. The double-wing formation is used in many offenses from the youth level through college. The formation was first introduced by Glenn "Pop" Warner around 1912. Just a few offenses that use the formation are the double wing, flexbone and wing T offenses. It was the primary formation used by Ara Parseghian when he ran the wing T at Notre Dame University, winning National Championships in 1966 and 1973.
File:Double Wing Formation.png

The formation is not necessarily the same in all offenses and is often a broad term to describe any offense with two wingbacks. In the wing T the double wing formation is used to refer to Red, Blue and Loose Red formations.

File:Red Formation.png
File:Blue Formation.png
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The Double wing formation in American Football usually includes one wide receiver, two wingbacks, one Fullback, and one tight end.

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