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The Dick Suderman Trophy for the Grey Cup's Most Valuable Canadian is awarded annually to the Canadian player deemed to have the best performance in the Grey Cup game, the championship of the Canadian Football League.

No kicker has ever been the Grey Cup Most Valuable Player, but kickers have been the Most Valuable Canadian twelve times.

The winner does not necessarily have to play for the Grey Cup winning team in order to qualify.

The trophy is named in honour of Dick Suderman, a Canadian defensive lineman in the Canadian Football League. One year after winning the Grey Cup's Most Valuable Canadian award in 1971, Suderman collapsed and died from a brain hemorrhage after playing a game in Vancouver, British Columbia against the B.C. Lions. The trophy was subsequently renamed in his honour.

Dick Suderman Trophy winners

Year Player Club
2012 Ricky Foley (DE) Toronto Argonauts
2011 Andrew Harris (RB) BC Lions
2010 Keith Shologan (DT) Saskatchewan Roughriders
2009 Ben Cahoon (SB) Montreal Alouettes
2008 Sandro DeAngelis (K) Calgary Stampeders[1]
2007 Andy Fantuz (SB) Saskatchewan Roughriders
2006 Paul McCallum (K) BC Lions
2005 Mike Maurer (FB) Edmonton Eskimos
2004 Jason Clermont (SB) BC Lions
2003 Ben Cahoon (SB) Montreal Alouettes
2002 Pat Woodcock (WR) Montreal Alouettes
2001 Aldi Henry (DB) Calgary Stampeders
2000 Sean Millington (RB) BC Lions
1999 Mike Morreale (SB) Hamilton Tiger-Cats
1998 Vince Danielsen (SB) Calgary Stampeders
1997 Paul Masotti (WR) Toronto Argonauts
1996 Mike Vanderjagt (K) Toronto Argonauts
1995 Dave Sapunjis (SB) Calgary Stampeders
1994 Lui Passaglia (K/P) BC Lions
1993 Sean Fleming (K/P) Edmonton Eskimos
1992 Dave Sapunjis (SB) Calgary Stampeders
1991 Dave Sapunjis (SB) Calgary Stampeders
1990 Warren Hudson (FB) Winnipeg Blue Bombers
1989 Dave Ridgway (K) Saskatchewan Roughriders
1988 Bob Cameron (K/P) Winnipeg Blue Bombers
1987 Milson Jones (RB) Edmonton Eskimos
1986 Paul Osbaldiston (K/P) Hamilton Tiger-Cats
1985 Lui Passaglia (K/P) BC Lions
1984 Sean Kehoe (RB) Winnipeg Blue Bombers
1983 Rick Klassen (DT) BC Lions
1982 Dave "Dr. Death" Fennell (DT) Edmonton Eskimos
1981 Neil Lumsden (RB) Edmonton Eskimos
1980 Dale Potter (LB) Edmonton Eskimos
1979 Don Sweet (K) Montreal Alouettes
1978 Angelo Santucci (RB) Edmonton Eskimos
1977 Don Sweet (K) Montreal Alouettes
1976 Tony Gabriel (TE) Ottawa Rough Riders
1975 Dave Cutler (K) Edmonton Eskimos
1974 Don Sweet (K) Montreal Alouettes
1973 Garry Lefebvre (DB) Edmonton Eskimos
1972 Ian Sunter (K) Hamilton Tiger-Cats
1971 Dick Suderman (DE) Calgary Stampeders

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