Denver Dream
Based inDenver, Colorado, United States
Home fieldBudweiser Events Center
Head coachAdam Johnson
Owner(s)Lingerie Football League, LLC
LeagueLegends Football League
DivisionWestern Conference

The Denver Dream are a Women's American football team based in Denver, Colorado that plays in the Western Conference of the Legends Football League. Their home games are played at the Budweiser Events Center.

History[edit | edit source]

File:Denver Dream v LA Temptation.jpg

Denver Dream player in action against the L.A. Temptation

The Dream started as an expansion member of the Lingerie Football League in 2009. They play two dates at their home field, Dick's Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City, Colorado. The team was one of only two (the other being the Dallas Desire) to have played its home games in an outdoor stadium, and one of the few short-field football teams to have done so. League commissioner Mitchell Mortaza suspended the team's operations after the 2009 season at the same time as the struggling New York Majesty to keep the league at an even number of teams; it was implied that the league would be unable or unwilling to reach a deal to continue playing at Dick's Sporting Goods Park (the league is apparently skittish about playing in outdoor arenas when winter conditions are possible; the league canceled a Dallas Desire game in late 2010 because of the threat of winter weather).

In May 2013, the LFL reached an agreement to play 2013 playoff games in 1stBank Center, and hinted at the possible return of the Denver Dream.[1] The Dream were added back to the league for the 2017 season.[2]

Season Schedules[edit | edit source]

2009-10 Season Schedule[edit | edit source]

Date Opponent Location Result Record
September 18, 2009 Los Angeles Temptation Dick's Sporting Goods Park Loss, 20-26 0-1
September 25, 2009 Dallas Desire QuikTrip Park Loss, 6-20 0-2
October 9, 2009 Seattle Mist Dick's Sporting Goods Park Loss, 19-28 0-3
January 8, 2010 San Diego Seduction San Diego Sports Arena CANCELED 0-3

2017 Season Schedule[edit | edit source]

Date Opponent Location Result Record
April 29, 2017 Chicago Bliss Budweiser Events Center Loss, 6-93 0-1
May 20, 2017 Seattle Mist Showare Center Loss, 0-106 0-2
July 1, 2017 Seattle Mist Budweiser Events Center Loss, 0-101 0-3
July 29, 2017 Chicago Bliss Toyota Park Loss, 0-66 0-4

2018 Season Schedule[edit | edit source]

Date Opponent Location Result Record
April 27, 2018 Omaha Heart Budweiser Events Center Loss, 6-7 0-1
June 23, 2018 Nashville Knights Nashville Municipal Auditorium Loss, 20-94 0-2
June 30, 2018 Los Angeles Temptation Budweiser Events Center Loss, 7-44 0-3
August 4, 2018 Omaha Heart Ralston Arena Loss, 21-26 0-4

2019 season schedule[edit | edit source]

Date[3] Opponent Location Kickoff time Result[4] Record References
Friday, April 26 vs. Los Angeles Temptation Budweiser Events Center 7:00 PM MT Loss, 18-47 0-1 [5]
Saturday, June 8 vs. Seattle Mist Budweiser Events Center 7:00 PM MT Loss, 22-62 0-2
Saturday, June 22 @ Nashville Knights Municipal Auditorium
(Nashville, Tennessee)
7:00 PM CT
6:00 PM MT
Loss, 12-14 0-3
Saturday, July 13 @ Omaha Heart Ralston Arena (Ralston, Nebraska) 7:00 PM CT
6:00 PM MT
Loss, 13-32 0-4

Coaches[edit | edit source]

The 2009-2010 Denver Dream were coached by Head Coach Allen Watkins, and assisted by former Denver Broncos, New York Giants and Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Mark Jackson.

The 2017 Denver Dream were coached by Head Coach Carlos Bates, and assisted by Jason Jines and Mitchell Shipley.

Rosters[edit | edit source]

2009-10 season[edit | edit source]

Jersey Name Position Hometown
1 Heather Mae French RB Little Rock, AR
2 Jenny Yukich-Gardenhire K Denver, CO
3 Shallana Baillergeon RB Amery, WI
4 Erika Trujillo QB Denver, CO
5 Rebecca Main WR/QB Phoenix, AZ
6 Jamie Ford CB Flagler, CO
7 Melissa Mikkelsen S Dallas, TX
8 Tessa Burtwistle T Bartlett, NE
9 Jecole Hockaday CB Aurora, CO
10 Mallory Revard WR Aurora, CO
11 Trisha Lea C Denver, CO
12 Shannon Martin WR North Waterford, ME
13 Lindsay Fields WR Grand Junction, CO
14 Laura Santos CB Fremont, CA
15 Abbie Burrows DL Cheyenne, WY
16 Amanda Tobey S Roanoke, VA
17 Whitney Tatum RB Pottstown, VA
18 Comfort Agara CB Houston, TX
19 Talor Waldrop DL Arlington, TX
20 Listy Allen OL Yorktown, VA

2017 Season[edit | edit source]

Jersey Name Position Hometown
1 Sasha Cruz TE/LB
2 Alyssa Stongle CB
3 Stacey Haarman DE
4 Jessica Jones TE/LB/DE
6 Mallorie McDowell WR/FS
7 Nicole Duffield QB/LB
8 Mary Towner TE/DE
11 Jasmine Davies CB
12 Lindsay Q. Fields C/LB
13 Lauren Fogle RB/WR/SS
15 Zshaylyn Canfield QB
19 Hayley Ryan RB/WR/FS
20 Asiah Walker WR/CB

2018 Roster
# Name Position
1 Sasha Cruz C/LB
2 Alyssa Stongle CB/S
3 Britney Perea QB/WR
4 Vana Medrano WR
5 Liz Camack RB
6 Kelly Roquet WR
7 Breava Quintana LB/RB
8 Mary Towner QB/TE
9 Raphaelle French DE
10 Shay Baillargeon CB
11 Raechel Albrecht TE/DE
12 Lindsay Fields RB/K/WR
13 Asiah Walker S/CB
14 Brandi Forrester WR/TE
15 Kelsey Cristiano DE
16 Sophie Miller C
17 Nicole Curry S
18 Tiera Brown CB
19 Michelle Look TE
20 KK Phelps WR

Anthem[edit | edit source]

Blue Dog And Sponge Cake, a band from Aurora, Colorado, created an anthem for the Denver Dream.[6]

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