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Team Cincinnati Bengals
Established 1968
Members 30
Defunct N/A
Captain 2
Ben-Gals (1968-present)
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The Cincinnati Ben-Gals are the official NFL Cheerleading squad of the Cincinnati Bengals of the National Football League. The squad performs a variety of dance moves at Paul Brown Stadium, as well as making off-field appearances at charity events, conventions, grand openings, and trade shows. The squad is one of the first NFL Cheerleading squads, having been created by Bengals founder Paul Brown in the 1968 Cincinnati Bengals season, during the team's time in the American Football League.[1][2] As of 2011, the squad has 30 members,[3] as well as 2 team captains. The squad also has a "Junior Ben-Gals" group, who performs with their adult counterparts at Bengals games.[4] Annually, the squad sends a Ben-Gal to the Pro Bowl at Aloha Stadium in Hawaii, along with cheerleaders from other squads.[5]

In 2009, 40-year old Laura Vikmanis joined the squad, making her the oldest cheerleader in the NFL.[6]

Notable members

  • Brooke Griffin, (2005–2009), personal trainer, author, and fitness model.[7]
  • Laura Vikmanis, (2009-present), currently the oldest cheerleader in the NFL at 43.[8]
  • Sarah Jones, plaintiff in the Jones v. Dirty World Entertainment Recordings LLC lawsuit and formerly tried for alleged sex abuse. [9][10][11]


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