Charles E. Cassidy
Known forJustice of Supreme Court of Hawaii
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Charles E. Cassidy (September 11, 1901 – May 27, 1972) was a college football and lacrosse player for the Cornell Big Red, inducted into the Cornell Athletics Hall of Fame.[1] After graduation, he served as Attorney General for the Territory of Hawaii and U.S. Commissioner after Hawaii became a state.[1] He was a Justice of the Hawaii Supreme Court from October 5, 1959 to May 8, 1967.

Cornell[edit | edit source]

Born in San Francisco, California to John Cassidy and Eliza (Emmes) Cassidy, Cassidy attended Cornell University.[2] He was a prominent end and fullback for the Cornell Big Red football teams of 1921, 1922, and 1923, in the backfield with George Pfann, Eddie Kaw, and Floyd Ramsey.[1][3]

Cassidy received an LL.B. from Cornell University in 1925.[2]

Law career[edit | edit source]

Cassidy began his law career in New York City, moving to Hawaii in 1926 to work for the office of the United States Attorney there.[2]

After a year, he transferred to the City and County Attorney's office, and in 1929 he went to the Attorney General's office. In 1932 he joined the staff of the Public Prosecutor's office as a Deputy and later became Public Prosecutor. He served as a Judge of the First Circuit from 1943-1947. In 1947 he entered private practice where he remained until his 1959 appointment to the Supreme Court.[2]

Personal life[edit | edit source]

On June 30, 1930, Cassidy married Helen O. Moses,[4] a member of the 1920 United States Olympic swim team.[5]

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