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Caroll Field
LocationWaco, Texas
Coordinates31°32′49″N 97°07′15″W / 31.546867, -97.120866</td></tr>
OwnerBaylor University</td></tr>
Capacity15,000 (1930s)</td></tr>
Renovated1915 (Lee Carroll Field's Athletic Building)</td></tr>
Baylor Bears 1906-1925, 1930-1935</td></tr>

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Carroll Field was owned by Baylor University; the Baylor Bears football program played games there from 1906 to 1925, and from 1930 to 1935.[1] Following the construction of the Carroll Science Building in 1902, the field was located between the building and Waco Creek; the field took over as the location of football games from an unnamed field adjacent to and northwest of Old Main.[2] Lee Carroll made a donation for the field to be constructed, and his father and grandfather had also donated to build the Carroll Science Building and Carroll Library.[3] From 1926 to 1929, Baylor football games were played at the Cotton Palace in Waco. During Baylor's first season, they were beat 33-0 by Texas A&M, but the Waco Times-Herald attempted to make the loss positive, saying, "For an eleven many of whose players did not know the shape of the oval until this season, Baylor put up a fair exhibition.”[4]

During Thanksgiving Day 1909, Carroll Field was the location of Baylor's first Homecoming football game; the 5,000 attendees to the football game paid US$1 each and, at the time, the crowd was known as the largest ever[clarification needed]. In the football game, Baylor defeated Texas Christian University, who had shut out Baylor in their last two games, 6–3.[5]

Student Union BuildingEdit

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In 1940, groundbreaking began for Baylor University's Student Union Building on the location of Carroll Field,[6] but since 1935, the new Waco Stadium had hosted Baylor football games. The Student Union Building now has the Carroll Field sign proudly displayed on a wall inside.


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