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The Cardinal at Madison Square Garden.

The Cardinal Bird is the mascot of the University of Louisville. The Cardinal was chosen as the mascot after 1913. It was selected because it is the state bird of Kentucky. The school colors of black and red were adopted later.

The Cardinal Bird appears at university sporting events, notably skydiving into Papa John's Cardinal Stadium for each home football game. He also attends other community events during the year. He is considered a part of the "Spirit Groups" and is a member of the Cheerleading team. In 2004, the Cardinal Bird was presented with the National Cheerleaders Association's Most Collegiate Mascot award.[1] On occasion, the Cardinal Bird will travel over to the school marching band's section to conduct the players from the band's podium.

The Cardinal Bird is nicknamed "Louie" in some circles. This is in homage its school name and city name, both, as they are sometimes pronounced as "Louie-ville." Others choose abbreviate his name, nicknaming him "C.B." His costume weighs over 50 pounds.[2]


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