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California playoff is a rare alternative set of American football rules implemented during overtime after two teams have a tied score after regulation. What makes "California playoff" different from other is because the winner is determined by field position instead of scoring.[1]

As the name implies, it originated in California. It is relatively uncommon and not recognized by the National Federation of State High School Associations as the more famous "Kansas Playoff" (the inning-style format preferred by the NFHS, NCAA and Canadian Football League) is. The California playoff is mainly performed in Pop warner and high school football due to the fact that it is quicker (and generally more decisive) than the Kansas Playoff and fairer[dubious ] than the sudden death used until 2011 by the National Football League.


The winner of the coin flip determines who will have possession of the ball first. The ball starts at the 50 yard line and then the teams alternate possession on every play. At the end of six plays, the team who has gotten the most yards in the opponents territory wins.[2]


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