Butch T. Cougar
Butch T. Cougar, on his way to Martin Stadium
University Washington State University
Conference Pac-12
Description Anthropomorphic cougar
First seen 1927
Official website

Butch T. Cougar is the mascot of Washington State University. As his name indicates, Butch is a cougar.


Though the cougar was adopted as Washington State University's mascot in 1919 it was not until 1927 when a cougar cub was presented to the student body of Washington State that Butch T. Cougar was born.[1] The cougar was named Butch after Herbert "Butch" Meeker of Spokane, a football star of the day.[2]

Butch was represented by a live cougar until 1978; Butch VI, in declining health with multiple ailments and approaching age 15, was euthanized in late August.[3][4][5][6][7] That October, university president Glenn Terrell decided to discontinue the live mascot tradition.[7]

Today Butch is represented by a costumed student. Butch T. Cougar was the 2006 Capital One Mascot of the Year[8][9]


The primary duty of Butch is to be an ambassador of WSU. He can be seen roaming the sidelines at home American football and basketball games leading spirit chants and tossing shirts into the stands.[10] Butch also makes appearances at official University events and other events to promote the image of WSU.[11] The student playing Butch is anonymous throughout the school year. At the last home sporting event of each year, usually the last home basketball game, the student beneath the Butch mask is revealed.[12] Butch cannot only be seen at athletic events but also at other functions related to the university and its constituent groups. He is a source of pride for members of the cougar family and a means of promoting the university.

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