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Blue at the 2009 Pro Bowl.

Blue is the official mascot of the Indianapolis Colts professional American football team of the National Football League. He is an anthropomorphic blue horse who wears a white Colts jersey with a horseshoe on the front. He was first introduced on September 17, 2006 in the Colts' first home regular season game against the Houston Texans at the RCA Dome, in which they won 43-24. Indianapolis's victory over the Texans that day proved to be a sign of good things to come, both for Blue and for the team. That season, the Colts would go on to win Super Bowl XLI, defeating the Chicago Bears and winning their first Super Bowl since arriving in Indianapolis (second Super Bowl title overall). Since joining the Colts, Blue has served a valuable good luck charm for the team while also entertaining Colts fans.


Blue was born in the town of Jockey, Indiana. As a young horse growing up on a large farm, Blue's favorite hobby was watching his favorite NFL team, the Indianapolis Colts, play football every Sunday. Blue was originally training to be a race horse, but one day, he suddenly noticed a big blue spot on his fur. Eventually, he turned completely blue. He was ridiculed by all the other horses on the farm for his appearance. Blue decided he couldn't take any more insults, and chose to run away. He was able to make his way all around Southern Indiana hiding in barns and eating corn to survive. Then one day, while reading the newspaper, Blue discovered that the Colts were having tryouts for the team. He arrived at the Colts Training Camp Complex, but while filling out the employment application, he realized he didn't have a name. Because he didn't have a name at the time, he wasn't able to take part in team tryouts. However, Blue was discovered by Colts owner/CEO Jim Irsay. As Blue was telling him of his travels and struggle for survival, Irsay realized that the horse had serious potential to offer the team. He wholeheartedly hired Blue to serve as the Colts' official mascot. Today, Blue is a valuable member of the Colts family. Currently, he entertains the fans at Indianapolis' new home, Lucas Oil Stadium, and cheers along with them at every Colts home game.

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