Black Hills Brawl
First contestedNovember 28, 1895 (disputed)[1]
1900 (official)
Black Hills State 18-0 (disputed)
South Dakota Mines 1-0 (official)
Number of meetings133
Most recent meetingOctober 6, 2018
SD Mines 62-14 [2]
Next meeting2019
All-time seriesSouth Dakota Mines 63-59-11
Largest victoryBlack Hills State, 58-0 on October 6, 2007
Longest win streakSouth Dakota Mines, 9 (November 29, 1906 to October 7, 1916)
Current streakSD Mines, 1 (2018–present)

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The Black Hills Brawl (also rarely called the West River Rivalry) is annual football game between Black Hills State University and South Dakota School of Mines and Technology.[1] The winner of the game receives the Homestake Trophy.[2][3][4] The current venues the game is played in are Lyle Hare Stadium since 1960 (Black Hills State) and O'Harra Stadium since 1938 (South Dakota Mines). First played in 1895 and played 133 times, the Black Hills Brawl is the most played in NCAA Division II and tied for the oldest rivalry in DII (alongside the Battle of the Ravine); it is the 4th most played rivalry nationwide in any division (behind only Harvard–Yale football rivalry, Princeton–Yale, and The Rivalry (Lehigh–Lafayette)).

First GameEdit

The first meeting in November 28, 1895 was between SDSM&T (then known as the Dakota School of Mines) and a now-defunct and unrelated Methodist college in Hot Springs known as Black Hills College, after BHSU (then known as Spearfish Normal) turned Black Hills College down. Despite this, both current schools generally include this game in the rivalry's chronology, but do not count it against their records; the first official meeting did not come until 1900.[1]

Game resultsEdit

Results sources: [5] [6] Script error

Note: SDSM&T was known at the Dakota School of Mines until 1889, when it became the South Dakota School of Mines; it became SDSM&T in 1943. BHSU was known as Spearfish Normal until 1941, when it became the Black Hills Teachers College; it would be renamed Black Hills State College in 1964 and BHSU in 1989.

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