Chicago Bears–Minnesota Vikings
First Meeting September 17, 1961
Minnesota 37, Chicago 13
Last Meeting January 1, 2012
Chicago 17, Minnesota 13
Next Meeting Fall 2012
Rivalry status 102 meetings
Largest victory CHI: 52-35 (1961)
Smallest victory CHI: 10-7 (1977)
CHI: 10-9 (1981)
CHI: 10-6 (1991)
MIN: 10-7 (1993)
Current Streak CHI: W5 (2010–)
Longest Streak MIN: W8 (1972–1976)
Current Trend CHI/MIN: CHI Won six of last ten
All-Time Series MIN: leads 52-48-2 (CHI lead playoffs 1-0)
Post Season History
Only Meeting January 1, 1995
Only Result CHI 35, MIN 18

The Bears–Vikings rivalry is an NFL rivalry between two NFC North teams, the Chicago Bears and the Minnesota Vikings.

The rivalry began when the Minnesota Vikings entered the league as an expansion team in 1961. The first time these two teams met, the Vikings stunned the Bears 37-13. The rivalry has generally seen the home team win and has recently been the sight of thriller games with huge swings. For example, the Vikings saw a 14 point lead erased in less than 2 minutes but then rallied for a last second field goal in 2007. Similarly, the Bears, huge underdogs in the 2009 matchup versus the Vikings, saw a 17 point and later 7 point lead erased, as the Vikings scored with 16 seconds left to tie. But the Bears would too survive, winning on a Devin Aromashodu touchdown in overtime. The rivalry has also been home to seemingly improbable plays, like two special team disasters for the Vikings, which costed them 14 points in a 2008 48-41 loss to the Bears. Another crazy sequence of plays was the 4th and goal defensive stand by the Vikings, followed by a 99-yard touchdown pass to the former Bear Bernard Berrian on the next play, enroute to a 34-14 Vikings win in 2008.

Notable MomentsEdit

  • Signature moment: The first meeting between the two teams in 1961. The upstart Minnesota Vikings upset the dominant Chicago Bears 37-13 in the Vikings first game as a franchise. Also memorable was the meeting between the two teams in 1998 when former Vikings linebacker Dwayne Rudd taunted a Chicago player en route to scoring a defensive touchdown.
  • Signature Moment: On October 14, 2007 the Bears hosted the Vikings at Soldier Field. The game was scoreless until Devin Hester returned a punt for an 89-yard touchdown with two minutes left in the first quarter. But on the final play of the first quarter, Vikings QB Tarvaris Jackson launched a 60-yard touchdown pass to Troy Williamson. The Bears threw for 373 yards and Brian Griese threw three touchdowns and two picks, while the Vikings behind rookie RB Adrian Peterson's 224 rushing yards and three scores attacked on the ground to the tune of 311 rushing yards. The Vikings stormed to a 31-17 lead with five minutes in regulation, but two Griese touchdowns tied the game with 1:38 to go. The Vikings clawed into range for a 55-yard Ryan Longwell field goal on the final play for a 34-31 Vikings win.
  • Signature Moment: The highest scoring matchup in the two clubs' history came on October 19, 2008 at Soldier Field. The Bears triumphed 48-41 as Kyle Orton threw for 283 yards and two touchdowns while the Vikings' Gus Frerotte had 298 passing yards and two touchdowns but threw four interceptions, the last coming in the final two minutes. The Bears scored twice off botched Vikings punts; Garrett Wolfe ran in a 17-yard score off a blocked punt in the first quarter, while in the second the Vikings dropped a punt snap and Zackary Bowman fell on it in the endzone for a Bears touchdown.
  • Signature Moment: En route to the 2008 division title, the Vikings on November 30, 2008 hosted the Bears, and broke out of a close contest with a 99-yard touchdown catch by Vikings ex-Bear Bernard Berrian in the second quarter. The Vikings went on to win 34-14 as Gus Frerotte threw for 201 yards and Adrian Peterson rushed for 131.
  • Signature Moment: The 11-3 Vikings traveled to Soldier Field on December 28, 2009 for a Monday Night Football matchup with the 5-9 Bears. The Bears manhandled the Vikings in the game's first half, forcing a Brett Favre fumble and scoring on three Robbie Gould field goals and a seven-yard Jay Cutler touchdown to Greg Olsen. Adrian Peterson rushed in a six-yard touchdown in the third but the extra point was no good, and another Cutler touchdown (to Desmond Clark) put the score at 23-6 Bears entering the fourth. Favre had never won a game (in 42 previous tries) in which his team trailed by at least 17 points, but Favre connected with Visanthe Shiancoe in the third, then after a Ryan Longwell field goal Peterson ran in a second touchdown for a 23-all tie. The Bears clawed downfield and Cutler found Earl Bennett in the endzone, then Favre, on fourth and goal, hit Sidney Rice in the final thirty seconds to tie the game at 30. Gould missed a field goal in overtime, but Peterson caught a Favre pass and then fumbled to the Bears at Minnesota's 39-yard line; Cutler then finished the game with a deep bomb to Devin Aromashodu, ending a wild 36-30 Bears win.
  • Signature Moment: The scheduled December 20, 2010 meeting at the Metrodome was moved to TCF Bank Stadium after a snowstorm punctured the inflatable roof and caused collapse. The Bears clinched the NFC North title by hammering the Vikings 40-14. Devin Hester broke a tie with Brian Mitchell for most return touchdowns by scoring on a 66-yard punt, the league-record 14th of his career, while Jay Cutler threw for 194 yards and three touchdowns. Amid speculation he was trying to duck a meeting with Roger Goodell over allegations of harassment of Jenn Sterger[15] Brett Favre, initially ruled out of the game, suited up and started, but after a touchdown in the first quarter he was sacked and thrown head-first to the ground; he left the game and did not return.

"Game Results"Edit

Bears regular season victory Vikings regular season victory Tied Game Post Season Meeting

1960s (Bears 11-5-2) Edit

Year Date Winner Result Loser Attendance Location
1961 September 17 Minnesota Vikings 37-13 Chicago Bears 32,236 Bloomington, Minnesota
1961 December 17 Chicago Bears 52-35 Minnesota Vikings 34,539 Chicago, Illinois
1962 October 7 Chicago Bears 13-0 Minnesota Vikings 26,907 Bloomington, Minnesota
1962 November 11 Chicago Bears 31-30 Minnesota Vikings 46,984 Chicago, Illinois
1963 September 22 Chicago Bears 28-7 Minnesota Vikings 33,923 Bloomington, Minnesota
1963 December 1 Chicago Bears 17-17 Minnesota Vikings 47,249 Chicago, Illinois
1964 September 20 Chicago Bears 28-7 Minnesota Vikings 33,923 Bloomington, Minnesota
1964 December 13 Minnesota Vikings 41-14 Chicago Bears 46,486 Chicago, Illinois
1965 October 17 Chicago Bears 45-37 Minnesota Vikings 47,426 Bloomington, Minnesota
1965 December 19 Minnesota Vikings 24-17 Chicago Bears 46,604 Chicago, Illinois
1966 October 2 Chicago Bears 13-10 Minnesota Vikings Bloomington, Minnesota
1966 December 18 Chicago Bears 41-28 Minnesota Vikings Chicago, Illinois
1967 October 1 Chicago Bears 17-7 Minnesota Vikings Bloomington, Minnesota
1967 December 10 Chicago Bears 10-10 Minnesota Vikings Chicago, Illinois
1968 September 29 Chicago Bears 27-17 Minnesota Vikings Bloomington, Minnesota
1968 October 27 Chicago Bears 26-24 Minnesota Vikings Chicago, Illinois
1969 October 12 Minnesota Vikings 31-0 Chicago Bears Chicago, Illinois
1969 November 2 Minnesota Vikings 31-14 Chicago Bears Bloomington, Minnesota

1970s (Vikings 15-5) Edit

Year Date Winner Result Loser Attendance Location
1970 October 11 Minnesota Vikings 24-0 Chicago Bears Chicago, Illinois
1970 December 5 Minnesota Vikings 16-13 Chicago Bears Bloomington, Minnesota
1971 September 26 Chicago Bears 20-17 Minnesota Vikings Bloomington, Minnesota
1971 November 14 Minnesota Vikings 27-10 Chicago Bears Chicago, Illinois
1972 October 23 Chicago Bears 13-10 Minnesota Vikings Chicago, Illinois
1972 December 3 Minnesota Vikings 23-10 Chicago Bears Bloomington, Minnesota
1973 September 23 Minnesota Vikings 22-13 Chicago Bears Chicago, Illinois
1973 December 8 Minnesota Vikings 31-13 Chicago Bears Bloomington, Minnesota
1974 September 29 Minnesota Vikings 11-7 Chicago Bears Bloomington, Minnesota
1974 November 3 Minnesota Vikings 17-0 Chicago Bears Chicago, Illinois
1975 October 5 Minnesota Vikings 28-3 Chicago Bears Bloomington, Minnesota
1975 October 27 Minnesota Vikings 13-9 Chicago Bears Chicago, Illinois
1976 October 10 Minnesota Vikings 20-19 Chicago Bears Bloomington, Minnesota
1976 October 31 Chicago Bears 14-13 Minnesota Vikings Chicago, Illinois
1977 October 16 Minnesota Vikings 22-16 Chicago Bears Bloomington, Minnesota
1977 November 20 Chicago Bears 10-7 Minnesota Vikings Chicago, Illinois
1978 September 25 Minnesota Vikings 24-20 Chicago Bears Chicago, Illinois
1978 November 12 Minnesota Vikings 17-14 Chicago Bears Bloomington, Minnesota
1979 September 9 Chicago Bears 26-7 Minnesota Vikings Chicago, Illinois
1979 October 21 Minnesota Vikings 30-27 Chicago Bears Bloomington, Minnesota

1980s (Bears 10-9) Edit

Year Date Winner Result Loser Attendance Location
1980 September 21 Minnesota Vikings 34-14 Chicago Bears Chicago, Illinois
1980 October 12 Minnesota Vikings 13-7 Chicago Bears Bloomington, Minnesota
1981 October 4 Minnesota Vikings 24-21 Chicago Bears Bloomington, Minnesota
1981 December 6 Chicago Bears 10-9 Minnesota Vikings Chicago, Illinois
1982 November 28 Minnesota Vikings 35-7 Chicago Bears Minneapolis, Minnesota
1983 October 9 Minnesota Vikings 23-14 Chicago Bears Chicago, Illinois
1983 December 11 Chicago Bears 19-13 Minnesota Vikings Minneapolis, Minnesota
1984 October 28 Chicago Bears 16-7 Minnesota Vikings Chicago, Illinois
1984 November 25 Chicago Bears 34-3 Minnesota Vikings Minneapolis, Minnesota
1985 September 19 Chicago Bears 33-24 Minnesota Vikings Minneapolis, Minnesota
1985 October 27 Chicago Bears 27-9 Minnesota Vikings Chicago, Illinois
1986 October 5 Chicago Bears 23-0 Minnesota Vikings Chicago, Illinois
1986 October 19 Minnesota Vikings 23-7 Chicago Bears Minneapolis, Minnesota
1987 October 11 Chicago Bears 27-7 Minnesota Vikings Chicago, Illinois
1987 December 6 Chicago Bears 30-24 Minnesota Vikings Minneapolis, Minnesota
1988 September 18 Minnesota Vikings 31-7 Chicago Bears Chicago, Illinois
1988 December 19 Minnesota Vikings 28-27 Chicago, Bears Minneapolis, Minnesota
1989 September 17 Chicago Bears 38-7 Minnesota Vikings Chicago, Illinois
1989 December 3 Minnesota Vikings 27-16 Chicago Bears Minneapolis, Minnesota

1990s (Vikings 13-8) Edit

Year Date Winner Result Loser Attendance Location
1990 September 23 Chicago Bears 19-16 Minnesota Vikings Chicago, Illinois
1990 November 25 Minnesota Vikings 41-13 Chicago Bears Minneapolis, Minnesota
1991 September 1 Chicago Bears 10-6 Minnesota Vikings Chicago, Illinois
1991 November 11 Chicago Bears 34-17 Minnesota Vikings Minneapolis, Minnesota
1992 October 4 Minnesota Vikings 21-20 Chicago Bears Minneapolis, Minnesota
1992 November 2 Minnesota Vikings 38-10 Chicago Bears Chicago, Illinois
1993 September 12 Minnesota Vikings 10-7 Chicago Bears Minneapolis, Minnesota
1993 October 25 Minnesota Vikings 19-12 Chicago Bears Chicago, Illinois
1994 September 18 Minnesota Vikings 42-14 Chicago Bears Chicago, Illinois
1994 December 1 Minnesota Vikings 33-27 Chicago Bears Minneapolis, Minnesota
1995 January 1 Chicago Bears 35-18 Minnesota Vikings Minneapolis, Minnesota
1995 September 3 Chicago Bears 31-14 Minnesota Vikings Chicago, Illinois
1995 October 30 Chicago Bears 14-6 Minnesota Vikings Minneapolis, Minnesota
1996 September 15 Minnesota Vikings 20-14 Chicago Bears Chicago, Illinois
1996 October 28 Chicago Bears 15-13 Minnesota Vikings Minneapolis, Minnesota
1997 September 7 Minnesota Vikings 27-24 Chicago Bears Chicago, Illinois
1997 November 9 Minnesota Vikings 29-22 Chicago Bears Minneapolis, Minnesota
1998 September 27 Minnesota Vikings 31-28 Chicago Bears Chicago, Illinois
1998 December 6 Minnesota Vikings 48-22 Chicago Bears Minneapolis, Minnesota
1999 October 10 Chicago Bears 24-22 Minnesota Vikings Minneapolis, Minnesota
1999 November 14 Minnesota Vikings 27-24 Chicago Bears Chicago, Illinois

2000s (Bears/Vikings 10-10) Edit

Year Date Winner Result Loser Attendance Location
2000 September 3 Minnesota Vikings 30-27 Chicago Bears Minneapolis, Minnesota
2000 October 15 Minnesota Vikings 28-16 Chicago Bears Chicago, Illinois
2001 September 23 Chicago Bears 17-10 Minnesota Vikings Chicago, Illinois
2001 November 25 Chicago Bears 13-6 Minnesota Vikings Minneapolis, Minnesota
2002 September 8 Chicago Bears 27-23 Minnesota Vikings Champaign, Illinois
2002 October 27 Minnesota Vikings 25-7 Chicago Bears Minneapolis, Minnesota
2003 September 14 Minnesota Vikings 24-13 Chicago Bears Minneapolis, Minnesota
2003 December 14 Chicago Bears 13-10 Minnesota Vikings Chicago, Illinois
2004 September 26 Minnesota Vikings 27-22 Chicago Bears Minneapolis, Minnesota
2004 December 5 Chicago Bears 24-14 Minnesota Vikings Chicago, Illinois
2005 October 16 Chicago Bears 28-3 Minnesota Vikings Chicago, Illinois
2006 January 1 Minnesota Vikings 34-10 Chicago Bears Minneapolis, Minnesota
2006 September 24 Chicago Bears 19-16 Minnesota Vikings Minneapolis, Minnesota
2006 December 3 Chicago Bears 23-13 Minnesota Vikings Chicago, Illinois
2007 October 14 Minnesota Vikings 34-31 Chicago Bears Chicago, Illinois
2007 December 17 Minnesota Vikings 20-13 Chicago Bears Minneapolis, Minnesota
2008 October 19 Chicago Bears 48-41 Minnesota Vikings Chicago, Illinois
2008 November 30 Minnesota Vikings 34-14 Chicago Bears Minneapolis, Minnesota
2009 November 29 Minnesota Vikings 36-10 Chicago Bears Minneapolis, Minnesota
2009 December 28 Chicago Bears 36-30 ot Minnesota Vikings Chicago, Illinois

2010s (Bears 4-0) Edit

Year Date Winner Result Loser Attendance Location
2010 November 14 Chicago Bears 27-13 Minnesota Vikings Chicago, Illinois
2010 December 20 Chicago Bears 40-14 Minnesota Vikings Minneapolis, Minnesota
2011 October 16 Chicago Bears 39-10 Minnesota Vikings Chicago, Illinois
2012 January 1 Chicago Bears 17-13 Minnesota Vikings Minneapolis, Minnesota

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