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University Auburn University
Conference SEC
Description Anthropomorphic tiger
First seen 1979
Official website Aubie
Hall of Fame 2006

Aubie is Auburn University's tiger mascot. Aubie has very animated characteristics such as his strut walk, quick turns, and exaggerated pointing. His style is to mix tiger and human traits such as using props, riding a moped, leading the band, and performing clownish pranks. Aubie made his debut in 1979 and is a popular beloved character among Auburn fans and one of the more animated mascots in the country.

Aubie has won a record seven mascot national championships (his latest coming in 2012), more than any other mascot in the United States. Aubie was among the first three college mascots inducted to the Mascot Hall of Fame, inducted on August 15, 2006.


File:Aubie Flag.jpg

Aubie carries an Auburn flag during pre-game in Jordan-Hare Stadium

[1] Aubie's existence began as a cartoon character that first appeared on the Auburn/Hardin-Simmons football program cover on October 3, 1959. Birmingham Post-Herald artist Phil Neel created the cartoon Tiger who continued to appear on Auburn program covers for 18 years. Aubie's look changed through the years. In 1962, he began to stand upright and the next year, 1963, wore clothes for the first time—a blue tie and straw hat. Aubie's appearances on game programs proved to be somewhat of a good luck charm for head football coach Ralph "Shug" Jordan's teams. The Tigers were victorious in the first nine games Aubie graced the cover and in his first six years, Auburn posted a 23-2-1 home record. Auburn's home record during the eighteen years Aubie served as Cover Tiger was 63-16-2. Aubie's regular appearance on the game program cover ended on October 23, 1976, when Auburn beat Florida State, 31-19, but Aubie returned to Auburn’s cover in the Iron Bowl against Alabama on November 30, 1991, Auburn's last home game at Birmingham's Legion Field.


Aubie at Jordan-Hare Stadium as a giant foam "#1" finger

In 1979, Aubie came to life at the Southeastern Conference basketball tournament. James Lloyd, Auburn spirit director for the Student Government Association, with help from the Auburn Alumni Association, contacted Brooks-Van Horn Costumes in New York, N.Y. The Company was provided with copies of the 1961 Auburn-Alabama and 1962 Auburn-Georgia Tech game programs to use for reference in creating a costume of the cartoon character. The firm, which also provided costumes for Walt Disney, designed and produced a Tiger costume for $1,350. Individual contributions from various Auburn clubs, alumni and friends helped pay for the first costume.


Aubie on his moped

Aubie was introduced at the Birmingham–Jefferson Civic Center on February 28, 1979, and helped lead first-year Auburn coach Sonny Smith's team to an upset of Vanderbilt in his first appearance as a live Tiger mascot. The following day, Aubie returned to the arena and the Tigers beat Georgia in the longest game in SEC tournament history, four overtimes. Before the weekend was complete, Aubie helped lead the ninth-place team in the regular season to the semifinals of the tournament.

National championships

File:Aubie UCA National Championship 2012.png

Aubie and supporters celebrate after Aubie wins first place at the 2012 UCA Mascot National Championship in Orlando

File:Aubie with Auburn University flag.jpg

Aubie with the Auburn University flag


Aubie with famed Samford Hall in the background

Aubie has claimed seven national titles for himself and was inducted into the first class of collegiate mascots in the Mascot Hall of fame. No collegiate mascot has won as many UCA National Mascot Championships as Aubie has.[2] Aubie won his first Universal Cheerleaders Association mascot national championship in 1991 and has won an unmatched seven overall.

Championship Years "Friends of Aubie"
1991 Michael Jernigan, Chris Wood and Rob Thompson
1995 Trey Humphreys, Mike Murphy, and Billy Stephens
1996 Billy Stephens (Metairie, LA), Mike Griffin (Auburn, AL) and Josh Agerton (Auburn, AL)
1999 J.G. Carver (Huntsville, AL), Jeff Holoman (Dallas, TX), and Justin Moore (Oxford, AL)
2003 Taylor Griswold (Detroit, MI), Jeremy Legg (Franklin, TN), and Trey Mock (Marietta, GA)
2006 Evan Thomas, (Dothan, AL), David Smith (Ozark, AL) and Chris Delvizis (Brentwood, TN)
2012 Will Noel (Birmingham, AL), Kameron Kendrick (Hoover, AL)

Former Friends of Aubie

Year Head Aubie Aubie
1979-80 (I) Barry Mask Bob Harris, Viki Leach McGinty
1980-81 (II) Jim Mayo Danny Richards, J.T. Thomas
1981-82 (III) Danny Richards Mike Loncono, Greg O'Neil
1982-83 (IV) James Taylor Mike Irwin, Bart Harmon
1983-84 (V) Mark Loveless Jimmy Graves, Greg Stone
1984-85 (VI) Ken Cope David Barrett, Carl Gleghorn
1985-86 (VII) Jack Clark Warren Weeks, Jef Arnold
1986-87 (VIII) Randy Davis Rob Jameson, Laurence Cartledge
1987-88 (IX) Rob Jameson Troy Howard, Andy Sokol
1988-89 (X) Troy Howard Michael Jernigan, Walter Ownbey
1989-90 (XI) Bob Short Chris Wood, David Derrer
1990-91 (XII) Chris Wood Michael Jernigan, Rob Thompson
1991-92 (XIII) David Reynolds David Harvey, Tim Jordan
1992-93 (XIV) Harry Heigl Tim Arnold, Eric Langley
1993-94 (XV) Eric Langley Tim Arnold, Trey Humphreys
1994-95 (XVI) Trey Humphreys Mike Murphy, Billy Stephens
1995-96 (XVII) Billy Stephens (Metairie, LA) Mike Griffin (Auburn, AL), Josh Agerton (Auburn, AL)
1996-97 (XVIII) Josh Agerton Eric Krausse, Brannon McKim
1997-98 (XIX) Eric Krausse Brannon McKim, J.G. Carver
1998-99 (XX) J.G. Carver (Huntsville, AL) Jeff Holoman (Dallas, TX), Justin Moore (Oxford, AL)
1999-2000 (XXI) Jeff Holoman (Dallas, TX) Joel Darby, JD Simpson
2000-01 (XXII) Joel Darby Damian Shepard, Drew Rodgers
2001-02 (XXIII) Drew Rogers Taylor Griswold, Jeremy Legg
2002-03 (XXIV) Taylor Griswold (Detroit, MI) Jeremy Legg (Franklin, TN), Trey Mock (Marietta, GA)
2003-04 (XXV) Trey Mock (Marietta, GA) Matt Grainger (Homewood, AL), Chris Keenan (Spanish Fort, AL)
2004-05 (XXVI) Chris Keenan (Spanish Fort, AL) Matt Grainger (Homewood, AL), Evan Thomas (Dothan, AL), David Smith (Ozark, AL)
2005-06 (XXVII) Evan Thomas, (Dothan, AL) David Smith (Ozark, AL), Chris Delvizis (Brentwood, TN)
2006-07 (XXVIII) Chris Delvizis (Brentwood, TN) Shelton Tate, Justin Shugart (Fairhope, AL)
2007-08 (XXIX) Justin Shugart (Fairhope, AL) Brandon Bodie (Mobile, AL), Michael Young (Atlanta, GA)
2008-09 (XXX) Michael Young (Atlanta, GA) Brandon Bodie (Mobile, AL), Tyler Weldon (Birmingham, AL)
2009-10 (XXXI) Tyler Weldon (Birmingham, AL) Andy Gilliom, Logan Matthews, Matthew Layton
2010-11 (XXXII) Logan Matthews (Huntsville, AL) Matthew Layton (Hoover, AL), Will Noel (Birmingham, AL)
2011-12 (XXXIII) Will Noel (Birmingham, AL) Kameron Kendrick (Hoover, AL)


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