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The Associated Press NFL Offensive Player of the Year Award (OPOY) is given annually by the Associated Press (AP) to the offensive player in the National Football League (NFL) deemed to have had the most outstanding season. The winner is chosen by votes from a nationwide panel of sportswriters who regularly follow the NFL. Multiple-time awardees include Marshall Faulk and Earl Campbell, both of whom won the award three times, each consecutively. Jerry Rice, Barry Sanders, Tom Brady, Terrell Davis, Drew Brees, and Peyton Manning have each won the award twice. The award is currently held by quarterback Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs, who received it for the 2018 NFL season after leading the league with 5,381 passing yards and 50 touchdowns.[1]

Every winner of the award has been either a running back or a quarterback, with the exception of Rice, who won twice as a wide receiver.[2] Running backs have been awarded 26 times, followed by quarterbacks, with 20 awards. Of the 47 winners, 28 were also named the AP NFL Most Valuable Player in the same season. Since 2011, both awards have been given out at the annual NFL Honors ceremony along with other AP awards, including the AP NFL Defensive Player of the Year Award and AP NFL Offensive and Defensive Rookie of the Year Awards.[3]

Players are often awarded after record-breaking or near-record-breaking offensive seasons. Running back O. J. Simpson won the award for 1973 after rushing for a record 2,003 yards, becoming the first NFL player to rush for 2,000 yards in a season.[4] When his record was broken by Eric Dickerson in 1984, Dickerson placed second in voting behind quarterback Dan Marino, who that year was the first to pass for 5,000 yards in a season.[5] Marino's 5,084 yards stood as the record for 27 years before being broken by Drew Brees in 2011, who won that season's award.[6] In turn, 2013 winner Peyton Manning set league single-season records for passing yards (5,477) and passing touchdowns (55).[7]


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Season Player Position Team Ref
1972 Brown, LarryLarry Brown Running backWashington Redskins[10]
1973 Simpson, O. J.O. J. Simpson Running backBuffalo Bills[4]
1974 Stabler, KenKen Stabler QuarterbackOakland Raiders[11]
1975 Tarkenton, FranFran Tarkenton QuarterbackMinnesota Vikings[12]
1976 Jones, BertBert Jones QuarterbackBaltimore Colts[13]
1977 Payton, WalterWalter Payton Running backChicago Bears[14]
1978 Campbell, EarlEarl Campbell Running backHouston Oilers[15]
1979 Campbell, EarlEarl Campbell (2) Running backHouston Oilers[16]
1980 Campbell, EarlEarl Campbell (3) Running backHouston Oilers[17]
1981 Anderson, KenKen Anderson QuarterbackCincinnati Bengals[18]
1982 Fouts, DanDan Fouts QuarterbackSan Diego Chargers[19]
1983 Theismann, JoeJoe Theismann QuarterbackWashington Redskins[20]
1984 Marino, DanDan Marino QuarterbackMiami Dolphins[5]
1985 Allen, MarcusMarcus Allen Running backLos Angeles Raiders[21]
1986 Dickerson, EricEric Dickerson Running backLos Angeles Rams[22]
1987 Rice, JerryJerry Rice Wide receiverSan Francisco 49ers[23]
1988 Craig, RogerRoger Craig Running backSan Francisco 49ers[24]
1989 Montana, JoeJoe Montana QuarterbackSan Francisco 49ers[25]
1990 Moon, WarrenWarren Moon QuarterbackHouston Oilers[26]
1991 Thomas, ThurmanThurman Thomas Running backBuffalo Bills[27]
1992 Young, SteveSteve Young QuarterbackSan Francisco 49ers[25]
1993 Rice, JerryJerry Rice (2) Wide receiverSan Francisco 49ers[28]
1994 Sanders, BarryBarry Sanders Running backDetroit Lions[29]
1995 Favre, BrettBrett Favre QuarterbackGreen Bay Packers[30]
1996 Davis, TerrellTerrell Davis Running backDenver Broncos[31]
1997 Sanders, BarryBarry Sanders (2) Running backDetroit Lions[32]
1998 Davis, TerrellTerrell Davis (2) Running backDenver Broncos[33]
1999 Faulk, MarshallMarshall Faulk Running backSt. Louis Rams[34]
2000 Faulk, MarshallMarshall Faulk (2) Running backSt. Louis Rams[35]
2001 Faulk, MarshallMarshall Faulk (3) Running backSt. Louis Rams[36]
2002 Holmes, PriestPriest Holmes Running backKansas City Chiefs[37]
2003 Lewis, JamalJamal Lewis Running backBaltimore Ravens[38]
2004 Manning, PeytonPeyton Manning QuarterbackIndianapolis Colts[39]
2005 Alexander, ShaunShaun Alexander Running backSeattle Seahawks[40]
2006 Tomlinson, LaDainianLaDainian Tomlinson Running backSan Diego Chargers[8]
2007 Brady, TomTom Brady QuarterbackNew England Patriots[41]
2008 Brees, DrewDrew Brees QuarterbackNew Orleans Saints[42]
2009 Johnson, ChrisChris Johnson Running backTennessee Titans[43]
2010 Brady, TomTom Brady (2) QuarterbackNew England Patriots[44]
2011 Brees, DrewDrew Brees (2) QuarterbackNew Orleans Saints[6]
2012 Peterson, AdrianAdrian Peterson Running backMinnesota Vikings[9]
2013 Manning, PeytonPeyton Manning (2) QuarterbackDenver Broncos[7]
2014 Murray, DeMarcoDeMarco Murray Running backDallas Cowboys[45]
2015 Newton, CamCam Newton QuarterbackCarolina Panthers[46]
2016 Ryan, MattMatt Ryan QuarterbackAtlanta Falcons[47]
2017 Gurley, ToddTodd Gurley Running backLos Angeles Rams[48]
2018 Mahomes, PatrickPatrick Mahomes QuarterbackKansas City Chiefs[1]

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