Template:Infobox sports award The Associated Press NFL Comeback Player of the Year Award is presented annually by the Associated Press (AP) to a player in the National Football League (NFL). While the criteria for the award is imprecise,[1] it is typically given to a player who has overcome adversity from the previous season—such as an injury or poor performance—and performed at a high level.[2] The winner is selected by a nationwide panel of media personnel.[3] Since 2011, the award has been presented at the NFL Honors ceremony held the day before the Super Bowl. In 2017 the award was presented by McDonald's.[4]

The AP first recognized an NFL comeback player of the year from 1963 to 1966, but these players are typically not included in overall lists of winners.[5] The AP did not give the award again until the 1998 season. The only player to be recognized multiple times is quarterback Chad Pennington, who received the award in 2006 with the New York Jets and again in 2008 with the Miami Dolphins.



Season Player Position Team Ref
1963 Martin, JimJim Martin Placekicker Baltimore Colts [6]
1964 Moore, LennyLenny Moore Halfback Baltimore Colts [7]
1965 Brodie, JohnJohn Brodie Quarterback San Francisco 49ers [8]
1966 Bass, DickDick Bass Fullback Los Angeles Rams [9]


Season Player Position Team Ref
1998 Flutie, DougDoug Flutie Quarterback Buffalo Bills [10]
1999 Young, BryantBryant Young Defensive tackle San Francisco 49ers [11]
2000 Johnson, JoeJoe Johnson Defensive end New Orleans Saints [12]
2001 Hearst, GarrisonGarrison Hearst Running back San Francisco 49ers [13]
2002 Maddox, TommyTommy Maddox Quarterback Pittsburgh Steelers [14]
2003 Kitna, JonJon Kitna Quarterback Cincinnati Bengals [15]
2004 Brees, DrewDrew Brees Quarterback San Diego Chargers [16]
2005 Smith, SteveSteve Smith
Bruschi, TedyTedy Bruschi
Wide receiver
Carolina Panthers
New England Patriots
2006 Pennington, ChadChad Pennington Quarterback New York Jets [18]
2007 Ellis, GregGreg Ellis Defensive end Dallas Cowboys [19]
2008 Pennington, ChadChad Pennington (2) Quarterback Miami Dolphins [20]
2009 Brady, TomTom Brady Quarterback New England Patriots [21]
2010 Vick, MichaelMichael Vick Quarterback Philadelphia Eagles [22]
2011 Stafford, MatthewMatthew Stafford Quarterback Detroit Lions [23]
2012 Manning, PeytonPeyton Manning Quarterback Denver Broncos [24]
2013 Rivers, PhilipPhilip Rivers Quarterback San Diego Chargers [25]
2014 Gronkowski, RobRob Gronkowski Tight end New England Patriots [26]
2015 Berry, EricEric Berry Safety Kansas City Chiefs [27]
2016 Nelson, JordyJordy Nelson Wide receiver Green Bay Packers [28]
2017 Allen, KeenanKeenan Allen Wide receiver Los Angeles Chargers [29]
2018 Luck, AndrewAndrew Luck Quarterback Indianapolis Colts [30]

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