The Art McNally Award is an annual award created in 2002 by the then National Football League (NFL) Commissioner, Paul Tagliabue, and given to an NFL game official who exhibits exemplary professionalism, leadership, and commitment to sportsmanship, on and off the field. This award is presented at the Pro Bowl.

The award is named after Art McNally, an NFL game official from 1959 to 1967 and Supervisor of Officials from 1968 to 1990. Since 1996, he has served as an assistant supervisor of officials in the NFL during the season. Tagliabue said of McNally, "Art McNally truly represented the qualities that are inscribed on the award. His dedication to the game and his professionalism and class on and off the field set the standard." [1]

Award winners[edit | edit source]

Awards are formally presented the day of the Pro Bowl game.[2]

Year Official Position
2002 Bob McElwee [3] Referee
2003 Ben Montgomery [4] Line Judge
2004 Tom Fincken Side Judge
2005 Gerald Austin [5] Referee
2006 Larry Nemmers Referee
2007 Bill Lovett Field Judge
2008 Bill Carollo Referee
2009 Bill Schmitz Back Judge
2010 Bob Lawing Back Judge
2011 Ronnie Baynes Line Judge
2012 Dick Creed Side Judge/Field Judge
2013 Al Jury Field Judge
2014 Pete Morelli [6] Referee
2015 Red Cashion Referee
2016 Jerry Markbreit Referee
2017 Jim Tunney [7] Referee
2018 Ron Botchan Umpire
2019 Bill Leavy Referee

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